NameCooking Channel: The Food Game
ReleaseNukebox Studios

Discover a new and very colorful adventure. You can visit different restaurants, cuisines, and travel worldwide. Now you will become the manager of a high-class restaurant or forge.

Prepare the most sumptuous dishes, and invite VIP customers to please them with the best taste. Try to earn more rewards, become famous in this entertaining game and become the best chef in the world. In Cooking Channel: Food Game, you can use your brain by yourself; otherwise, you can only cook your food. Fried cutlets are raw to perfection. Add unique ingredients, cook delicious burgers, and unlock new cuisines and restaurants. Join different clubs, participate in exciting tournaments, and discover new recipes.

Cooking Channel: The Food Game MOD

I really liked the game until the second d restuarant I couldn't get the chocolate icing on the cake then the oven door wouldn't open made me sad. Fun game, good graphics and decent leveling. However low stars because first burger restaurant is stuck and not granting achievements after about 50% completion. I tried to contact support but the button for screenshot attachments doesn't work. The Send button doesn't work either. Lame when it's such a fun game.. I enjoy this game but I can't contact support from the app. The support button on the app doesn't work, when I go to send an email it tells me I have no connection. It's the same thing when I go to the nukebox website. My issue is my burger Bay restaurant and cake restaurant won't give me all of my diamonds for completing all of my achievements I have upgraded everything in both restaurants but it won't give me my diamonds. Update: they gave me 4 random diamonds restaurants still aren't updated. Combo,burger,colding,chies ka kitna total gya vasa game new dalo pura or level jada rakho or download game mat dalo or family member m dalo game pura new sal 2023-24 dalo kuch. Amazing Game!!Loved the Narrative and depth of fun engaged!!Lots of liveliness and exploration within the game!!Cooking never can be so engaging and fun at same time!!Kudos to Team for making it amazing! Beautiful Art and VFX .

Cooking Channel: The Food Game APK

Game was good, until I got to the English tea room, level 44,which I have been stuck on forever. I spent money to pass this level, passed it then the game froze on me, I then went out came back, in and it wants me to do the level again. Tried to reach someone and couldn't. I'm thinking about uninstalling this game ,and the support button in the game doesn't work after you fill out the form,and try to send, and press the send button it doesn't work. Not my cup of tea. I really wanted to love it but a few things were annoying to me. One was the customization, I can't alter or make my own character. Earning gems is very hard on this game which is a red flag to me. And the clubs mechanism is very odd. It should be a leave button and it should offer a list of clubs to join to make it more smooth especially for new players who don't have no idea where to join. They automatically put me in a 'dead' club. Just a big turn off to me.. Its okay. But when I try to serve someone I have to tap on the food multiple times (not just once or twice) and that makes me go slower and miss out on other people waiting so they get impatient and leave.. Sow nice this game this is my favorite games and I would to gave star because this is batter to me.

Cooking Channel: The Food Game APK

Don't bother with this game. It becomes impossible to move past levels once you get to the first level of the third world. It's like the developers didn't do a playthrough to see what is actually doable.. I just don't like the upgrade has to be consisted of gems so it really does not matter that u have coins. Reason why I'm deleting game. It takes forever to get gems. And you need so many just to upgrade 1 item. So for this reason I'm not playing any longer.... I can choose to say that this game is bad because its my Right to rate but i love this game eversince I played this game i was very amazed of it even if you need to earn gold or gems its normal because its called survival right you need to earn so you can upgrade i dont know why not give this game 5 but its still your choice but i recommend you this game its very cuteiii and very safe for kids thanks and i appreciate the game for its perfectnest.

Cooking Channel: The Food Game APK

So far I love love love this game! No ads, great graphics and haven't had to spend a dime yet.. Downloaded it and it said that it needed to update. But it wouldn't update. I was really interested in playing. Oh well . It says I have to update the game to the latest version but it want let me update it I love the game but I'm going to uninstall it. I don't understand it says get the latest update to continue playing "update now" but once I click update now it routes me to Google play which it does not show me any option whatsoever to update I tried uninstalling reinstall twice but same prompts ..

Unlike every single other cooking game I have played, this one you need not only gold but also gems in order to upgrade any of your kitchen appliances. Which means you need to save up forever to get them or you need to use real life money in order to get those gems. I'm not wasting my time with his or my real life money. I really want to play this game but it won't let me install it, it downloads but then it won't install.

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