NameCrashX 2: Car crash simulator
Size120.52 Mb
ReleasePoison Studio

An exciting car test simulator. CrashX 2: Car crash simulator offers us incredible opportunities to test the strength of any car. If you like to destroy everything, make everything more interesting, and develop and enjoy your decisions, this game will appeal to you.

You are given four cars for destruction. Here you can learn how to drive a vehicle correctly, accelerate it to insane speed and destroy it in one second—real drift car, sports cars, racing cars, and real truck simulator. The new equipment will soon open an ambulance, a fire truck, a motorcycle, a helicopter, an airplane, and a police car—various driving levels, racing tracks, machine press, and many other pleasures for every player.

CrashX 2: Car crash simulator MOD

I will leave a one star because they toke away the multiplayer and now it is single player so for now one star. Id like to see multiplayer servers, more objects in the level editor, a little more intuitive editor controls, an easier way to play test tracks. And the ability to choose what type of AI to compete against: Rookie, Beginner, Average, Moderate, Competitive, Skilled, and Impossible. The game is amazing as is but these few changes would bump it up a notch. There are some janky controls with certain cars that may need to get smoothed out too.. This game is awesome but there's one problem where did the object spawner button go? I want it back and all there Is is a cool update but I want it back like where did it go?. I wish i rate 0 star because if you race with bot the bot is fast and you are so fricking slow. This game is awesome the graphics are good the car crash is good and there's multiplayer but can you increase the crash damage it would be fun and add Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron Also Mustang if you can do that devs thank you!.

CrashX 2: Car crash simulator APK

Clearly one star game if game dosent let you play then its only game every second so i am.never gona play this again. This now has many updates and is that I am giving it a 5 rating star. And also bring some new updates and I will give it a 5 rating star. This game is similar to beamng. You Can Drift in Mountains, Crash Some Vehicles, Race With Rivals and More! I can't wait to play this game!. Finally a game like beamng with multi-player mode and the crashing physics are great it has soft body physics and quite fun to play I recommend this to the fans of beamng drive.

CrashX 2: Car crash simulator APK

This game is so good and graphics are good to and the drift I never play a like this good work. nice game add more supercars and watching ads for money and also lighter crash physics and add a respwan button. This is the good game I play this game is so good I really can't get off it I play it every day and night I love this game. The game is good although I'll be really happy if you increase the damage done to cars more so that it feels more like a Crashing game rather than an Arcade game. I recommend that many modes are added as well like crash courses with ramps, speed bumps and poles..

CrashX 2: Car crash simulator APK

This game sucks frist it dosent have any car second it dosent have damage and they copied maps from the other games this is a scam DO NOT PLAY THIS TRUST ME ITS SOO BAD ALL YOU CAN DO IS JUST HIT PEOPLE SOOO BORING. Hi love what you have done to the game it's good I love how the car make a turbo soand a the motorbike and nos with All the vehicles I will love it even better with all the new stuff and the old map how you can play and drift the car and truck the game mode is bad but i miss the openworked with the city and how you got to choose your own car and play around the world but thank you for the new update and can you please bring back the old game mode and world and city with all the update please. This games good but I have one problem that can be there more cars there are 3 cars only but I want 15 to 20 cars than I give 5 stars . This is a very good game but please add more vehicles like more trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, jeeps, bikes, etc. I also suggest you to add a Volkswagen Golf Mk 2..

This games stinks do not get the 5 star ratings are fake graphics are not great and car does not have any grip and the car is hard to drift.. This game is awesome it's look like a realistic crash but the only problem is the city is so miliar because the city is looking to another game game called car simulator 2 and and something i saw as i was in the the room pillow it was look like a car but it looks like lake so horrifying. It's so cool like it's almost realist and I love the game I played it for about 1 month I'll give it out of 10 10. This is one of the best games I have ever played in a car crash category at least it is so good it's almost like being g drive but just it's not as good with class physics but still I I have a request for you will you please add more cars and a thing that can spawn the car and not push a button to go to the next car.

I love this game so much I have played it for month but I really want there to be we there is a tasks pls add that. i am finding game like beamng drive so i found this game and i like it and your first game. The game is enjoyable but need to add more cars and please add emergency vehicles. Also add more maps. Thanks!. Semi truck steering is way slow just barely turns Race car is just the opposite can't control because it turns to short damage is no where near realistic.

Very nice game. I am thinking that why there are only 5,000 download? It should be 50,00,000 download! People don't understand the meaning of fantastic games! For me it's fantastic!!. But please add a bus please ..

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