NameDawn of Isles
ReleaseNetEase Games

Dawn of Isles colorful role-plays toy. You can use an excellent multiplayer model that will help you open a wide variety of doors to a completely different world.

This will be the time when dinosaurs ran around our planet. To begin with, you should choose an excellent character for yourself, which will differ in gender, external data, and the most unique characteristics. Only then will you be able to start your long journey, get used to a completely new world, and complete interesting tasks. Try to go through all the missions, and find important things, as well as good weapons.

If you look at the difference, then this project did not get a rather gloomy world, incredible chaos, and hopelessness. Everything is much more pleasant here, as everything is full of bright colors, a unique and evergreen world, and everything here radiates positive. Now you can be here, see with your own eyes everything that happens and solves all the tasks. You have absolutely every opportunity to become the best, to explore this new world, and to know everything that happens. You yourself will be able to find something completely unique for yourself, experience the capabilities of your hero, and become the leader of this new world.

Dawn of Isles MOD

I've had so e of my most fun times playing this and I really wish I could transfer my progress to my iPhone. please is there a way to transfer progress from android to ios? It breaks my heart knowing I'll have to start from the beginning again.. !PLEASE READ! To the people trying to play this game the game is SHUT DOWN and GONE they discontinued it. So stop trying to play/log on.. Had a vary pleasent (though limited) experience with this RPG. I cannot speak for the late game but everything up until level 50 has been incredible! I'll return to this game once I obtain a device that can handle the game better.. I use to play this game all the time but now it's saying that it's unable to connect to server. What should I do to fix this problem? I really want to continue to play this game.. You had such a peaceful and beautiful aesthetic game that I was 100% behind and you... delisted it? I would have loved to continue playing and even support financially but now the game is gone. I would love to see the game return but maybe in some form open world single player style for a premium price or something... shutting games offline makes me lose trust in your business....

Dawn of Isles APK

Great game! A bit grindy, but I am definitely enjoying the story! I wish there were more guide videos online for new players. It was also p2w, that is why it shut down and started working on Diablo Immortal(which is basically the same game...). Servers maintaines i dont login i see i week its says server maintainens its not good this game is crash i think. Why!? I loved this game I had it downloaded on every mobile device I owened and played it alot and I come back to it after 4 months or so maybe more and I come back to this. I hope you come back with this game if not with something better and similar it will always be one of my top 5 must have favs. Thank you for an amazing game sad to see it go!. I think it did install a malware on my shield TV ( you can play with mouse) after the last update, my shield TV is freezing and acting out..

Dawn of Isles APK

Lovely game, beautiful story, excellent graphics. The only reason one star is missing is because i tried to top up some diamonds and i can't really do it it keeps saying " you have an unpaid order", please if you can fix that I'll change it to 5 stars.. Man it sucks it will shut down, it's hands down one of the best games I ever played on mobile and 100% the one I've played the most, is the most beautiful and is one of the few mobile stories that made me addicted, I don't think they will ever be another mmo like this one, but I hope that diablo immortal will make it justice, I just feel lucky that I got to experience this, I will literally never forget this game. With a lot of love Farewell. The server is always inaccessible and it takes way to long to level up also getting the stuff you need is a pain in the butt you either have a low durability gathering tool or its to expensive. Aside from that it's a good game. Used to be best game now it's not only the worst but they're quitting on all the ppl that spent tons of money. They never fixed anything. They had repeat events. I don't understand y people kept spending money but then they learned they could buy gold from each other & cheat & I think that's probably why the game is ending is they were losing money. Just a word on this company they're dirty, underhanded, they only want your money and then they will close shop on u quick. Nvr trust this company!!.

Dawn of Isles APK

For some reason i cant find the game by typing itis name on the google play search bar.. Also a discord server would be cool. What happen if you fainted in the it ur stat become lower? Btw...the game is so fun to play since i like to okay grinding game. I dont get this kind of concept, do some crafting wait 30 min, press one button the character figth or gather for you, so what is even the point of this game? Just watch animation go by itself?. Was cool until I noticed it had "Auto-Progress" any game with auto progress is made for lazy gamers by lazy devs. It takes away from the fun and work. It makes you feel as though ur not progressing based on your own merits but what the game has already decided for u. Can't rate any game with auto-play above 1 star..

The game is great,its excellent actually but please fix the sheep hearding quest,sometimes when i was gonna complete it like when it was near the altar, One Of The Freaking Sheep went up to a corner and it would not be scared and making me restart the quest and walking to the Walk Of Shame and Waste My time for 5 minutes,The Game is Great Still!. Could you all make a moba with this graphics style?you can use most of this game's resources if not all. The best game i played i tried meny other games and still end up playing DOI every thing is there what i need and what im looking for in a game. The only concern is that it's got so meany bugs wen there's new content updates it's really get fixed with new monthly updates, it upsets me have to wait a month to fix a bug so i can just play my favorite game. Debugging is a serious situation.. A nice game to learn to be patient with a beautiful world, characters and a story. Wish the genders of characters were flexible tho. .

Such a grate game this game has the opportunity to fight and explore the game the best thing is that it is multiplayer so you can play with friends the only thing I would like to see is first person mod thanks for the grate game. It's fun however since the new update I it keeps freezing the game. But it seems like I'm still playing before it lags out and .over me back to where I was, and anything I did before hand is lost, even using resources or even buying things.. So you can minutely adjust the space between his eyebrows but only one skintone and hair type is available?? I suggest you up the character custumizability or you competitors will wi this round. What year is it? Have we learned nothing? There are lots of skin tones that exist. Please fix your bias view points. It's disgusting.. No 1 vs 1 normal arena , i know there is a duel system but not active , game is good for sure but simply add 1 vs 1 normal arena where player have fair fights by skills not by p2w , the game is fair not all p2w so its good 4 f2p , but adding 2 vs 1 normal arena would be great Also add some special monsters on maps so u encourage players to check map , actually to make it better u can add new maps with pk system and there in bosses and special monsters etc to simply make players spend whole day.

I'm really amazed by the creativity of NetEase developers. I never really thought that this game could be that good. It took me a bit time to understand some of the features related to pets but when I realized how to do them, I'm hooked.. This game could be an awesome mmorpg but its not. And thats a biggest regret. When you start the game you feel like it's maybe different than those other autoplaying bs games. But more you play and your level goes higher and higher you suddenly understand that its all same. Those fancy crafting, housing, quests all are just a lie to hide the truth of bland auto combat. The game absolutely play itself endlessly in higher levels dungeons. And you just look at the screen and do nothing.Such a waste. Could've been better if dungeons don't require 3 ppl and u can just solo but with the team work its hard to find people and time consuming. Been playing fr a lomg time now,really enjoyable game.You can achieve higher ranks if u grind enough and thats a positive side to me.

I love this game,but in this game you need to do so many tasks and some of them need a team too but this game doesnt have so many players so you must wait to long and you cant do the tasks.if we didnt need team this game would be the best game i have ever play. I get to the level 18 then close the game and now i cant login with my caracter. It only say data error. I did the "auto repair" but still the same. A game that could've had potential if not ruined by the greedy devs that made this game overly complex and added in thousands of p2w elements. The environment and maps are cool although limiting... the quests are sub par and plot overall is mediocre. What's important to note is that you can buy the best armor and weapons in game with real money so if you like that go ahead and play it. The game has many diff events and stuff which get boring after playing for a while with the lack of playerbase.. The only problem is that it's too hard to play without buying stuff. Basically if you spend money, it becomes a hard time grinding and becomes too time consuming..

I love this Game....but the problem is large Apk_2Gb &more_ I stop playing because of that ..... So please try to minimize the APK storage Usage Size I want to play this game.... And there's other players like me who like to play but the same problems it too large ... Sop please I beg you....No we all beg you please make this app smaller . This game was fun at first but gets very repetitive. Outfits are impossible to get (I spent up to $40 one event to get an outfit and I didn't even get the weapon and it had a significant drop rate). I loved the graphics and controls, but there needs to be some sort of character customization to give people individuality since the outfits are so rare.. I dig the game. Great graphics. I wish growth didnt depend on events and other people( dungeons requiring 3 ppl). The market/trade economy has been destroyed. Getting enhancement items is a pain or mundane. Exp awarded for killing monsters is in the hundred range when it requires tens of millions later in th e game. Pvp matchmaking is unbalanced. I like the game and will recommend it but what i listed lies ahead for all. It can be a bit p2w, but overall it's a fun game with a great social element to it.

If you want an app that plays the game for you, this is it. If you actually want a game where YOU play the game, this isn't for you. It's basically just you making a character run back and forth errands and fighting the occasional far too easy battle. Disappointing.. Love the game, love the graphics and I'm quite impressed how fast the game loads on my OnePlus Nord. Haven't paid too much attention to the story but that's my fault for wanting to quickly play for 10 mins a day. Keep up the good work :). Don't know why only a few play this game, everything about it is good... Well I dont really like the leveling system because u need to grind a lot in the later game while the early game u can just kill a few monster and that's a new level. And most of all the side quest in each stages are the same, also doesn't give u alot of exp.. It is such a good game but if we wear armour try letting us be able to see the armour please and also let us have more pets like let us have 3 pets or at least 2 pets with us and maybe let us have a dragon for a pet and also the most important thing is that please pls let the pet be able to evolve. Anyways awesome game..

Really wish the devs continue this game coz have been playing for nearly an year and its really a good game f2p wise, and obv it has some p2w factors but compared to other money grabbing games much better.. Pay to win. You can't win against whales who buy the so called "legacy weapons" and max their gears in a day which would take a year for you to achieve. So the players who pay less is obligated to entertain the players who pay more.. When i have a charater in a inportent misson it only alows me to play that charater so i had to un and reinstal the app. This game is pretty great. I have to give alot of credit to the Devs because this game has great graphics, a good story and alot of detail. They've put alot of effort into this game and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it in the future. Of course there's a lot of stuff you can buy that ranges from inexpensive to ridiculous, but the devs gotta get paid too since it's a free game ... I just don't spend money lol but if it's good I'll drop a 10 spot, but that's it..

Current island name: "Home Island". New island name: "Mad Agascar". Resolution: the name is too long. Since these 2 names are identical in length and even the number of spaces, please ask someone to teach you numbers, then get back.. (when is eclispe isle being released in usa) this a fun game. but this keeps you very busy ,oh i think u should add marriage system too game be more fun. I was near the part where I save my sister or whatever then I went to free space I came back and said restart game and restarted then I was like it's nothing but then when it loaded it restarted what I did this is the worst game ever. Actually its a good game.good grafh, the animation, story, the auto is just quest pathfinding, attack auto really adjustable which is good. but just not compatible with my phone,a little bit to much so notnonly lag it stack. In version 5.00 ram 3gb. i just play a round in beginning starting island and after fly trought the real island all goes white screen.that all after all i just got level 3 lol..

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