NameDon’t Starve Pocket Edition
ReleaseKlei Entertainment Inc.
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Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

An excellent Sandbox that has become popular lately. Don’t Starve Pocket Edition to learn the story of a strange scientist Wilson, who found himself in a completely unusual world. He will have to survive here but realize such tasks will not be accessible. It would be best if you did everything so your character is never hungry, does not freeze, and does not remain in the dark. To begin with, it is worth finding the maximum resources, and you will have to explore the entire map.

Avoid facing terrible monsters, heaps of scary bees, and other opponents. You will be very vulnerable at first, so you can lose your life anytime. The recovery process itself will take quite a long time, so you should try to do everything very carefully. It is dangerous without a light at night, so you need to stock up on a fire or torch. The screen quickly goes black, and your hero dies. After death, you will receive specific experiences and the ability to unlock a new character. Each of them has individual capabilities as well as skills. The game mechanics are fully adapted for mobile devices.

Download ( V1.19.18 )

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