NameMine Survival

Do your best to protect yourself from terrible zombies. Mine Survival has a wide variety of materials and the hunt to create unique tools so you can later build a perfect home. It is it that will be able to protect you from the terrible creatures that roam everywhere.

You can survive a significant amount of time, resist these creatures and be calm in your house. Five game modes will be available here, and you can equip your space pretty decently so that not a single zombie can get into it. Find a specific place for yourself so there is water and a good food source nearby. Develop the tools you need to hunt and build a house.

At night, these mindless creatures come out of their escape, and you will need to escape destruction with the help of various traps, walls, powerful guns, and towers. Monitoring your body temperature and stocking up on water and other products is very important. The confrontation can last for a long time, so you need to be prepared for anything. Fight the boss himself, do your best to defeat him, and play a surprisingly exciting game.

Mine Survival MOD

We need more update in this game, i hope you added some multiplayer features in this games and new bosses. This game is so fun! The simple graphics and the minecraft look, rpg games are one of my favorites! But why did i give it a 4 star? Well, theres this annoying mob in the game where when you are on low hp it attacks you, this happens on the second night, I definitely approve of this game. . First getting into the game, I thought it was original and loved it's play style. Later, after I nearly forgot about it, I played Don't Starve and was immediately reminded of it. This was an amazing memory and I'm glad I get to continue to enjoy it.. This game is so good i really like it but i think its more fun of i can play this game with my friend can you make this game to multiplayer. I really love this game. I enjoy that adds are optional, I don't need to watch them to advance but they make it easyer, and they don't just randomly pop on so I'm not forced to watch any. It's all just pure gamplay. Although after 30 minutes resorses stop spawning making building better defenses impossible so I have to save, exit then reload to keep getting new resorses..

Mine Survival APK

I'll give this 3 star because it doesn't satisfy me i think something is missing like new items amd buildings and also new trap and towers After u add it i will semd 5 stars. Hi! I really like your game but, I just wondering if you can add mods or mods tht we can play together I have a friends and cousin tht also love your game but they're starting of getting bored bcuzz of playing alone and yup can you please create some updates about multiplayer please thankyouu developer. I'm not good at english but I hope y'll understand my review Thankyouu.. This is a good game but if you can add my idea than itight be better if you can't then no problem but please add multiplayer it would be better. I like this game but theres no multiplayer option, if theres an online multiplayer im sure this game would rise even more.

Mine Survival APK

This game is so amazing its my first favorate minecraft type of suvival game that I liked it. I would highly recommend this game, if ur looking for a hard survival type of fun addictating game. This game maybe hard at first try but will get easier after the basics.. Its an amazing game but there is no updates or like bioms or smthing the has alot of potential this game is rly nice and i enjoy playing it. I love this game because it's so great it makes me fap nonstop this is my alternative cornsite love this game. This game is fun and good for passing time the reason I gave it 4 stars is because if it has multiplayer mod it would be a lot better.

Mine Survival APK

It's a pretty fun game! Me as a 11 year old kid can get to 30+ days I also want to say though is that if you can add multiplayer so we can play with our friends and other people. But that's all and other than that is a fun game!. The game is actually pretty fun and also it's usually kinda nostalgic to me though. And the game can be played offline. Which is the part that I like. And not gonna lie this game is the best game application I've downloaded so far. And this game is a great choice. And I'm pretty sure this game will have a great future updates.. it deserved a five star tbh, I wonder if it has a multiplayer like a custom room so even your friends was far away. my suggestion was actually a dungeon or a statue that temporarily make your day go eclipse then there's a certain time that this mobs/obstacles (iron ore) go berserk everyone attacks you. my scenario it goes purple completely flat and there's a countdown then if you died you just simply stop and gain dmg instead of rewards. it feels historical... I think that's it, hope it helps. Good game, lots to do and actually enjoyable experience. There are SOME issues. 1. The tribal dudes are grossly overpowered, I need 10+ hits from a diamond sword to kill them but their stone spears 3 shot me??? Yeah right. 2. We should be able to sleep in the tent to pass the night. 3. Ranged weapons?.

I give it 5 star bc it's so damn cool i get addicted just playing this i just spend my day playing this game!! I'M HOPING FOR THE UPDATE WHEN YOU GUYS GONNA UPDATE THIS I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT, i suggest for the new item,boss,mob, character damn we gonna love it so much come on guys update it. This is a good game but it needs improvements it might be boring if you just play alone so why not adding multiplayer mode where you can play it with your friends!. This game is absolutely amazing it has a lot of potential but it's just so hard and needs more updates And multiplayer. The play style is fun but it feels so lonely surviving on your own it could be much better it it added multiplayer to play with friends..

This game is to fun when the character is gonna poop and uou didn't have a toilet you accidentally fart so manytimes. New update pls -Ocean survival -New Mobs (Zombie Fish,Shark,Giant Octopus) -New blocks (Wooden Raft) -New Food (Octopus Meat) -Make a update Fan Request : Sade3rd. Its got everything i like about games, and doesnt pull me to purchases, ads are put on the right spots, wich luck determines how much more value youll get for watching them.. Bro people say it's a Minecraft rip off but it's just a 2d styled 3d spectacular, I really had a great experience can you add more or do more for the game? I really love it..

Please please please please make it multiplayer with random player , the game is good but it becomes boring after some time concept is too good need update . good game, are you considering adding a local multiplayer in the next update? it's not much fun playing alone in your world plus the night invasion gets hard every night, the resources you get isn't enough to fix the damage they did to your base. Was fun for a time. But all they do now is to milk it of the little life it still have until it dies. If they had a bit of decency they would put this one to rest.. Don't believe the 1 stars, they just suck at survival games, they probably never played RTS that's why they are very slow and dies fast hahaha xD.

Very good survival-strategy tower defense game. The mix of survival and tower defense elements are well done. It is very unique.. This game is like the best game in the world if you like Minecraft you should :D This game is fun (im definitely not bot). I've been playing this game on and off for years and each time was a good experience overall. However, after sometime, the game gets pretty bland from the lack of new things to do. Maybe the map could be bigger or add multi-player. This game has the potential to be great, I'd love to come back if there's new stuff to do.. I give it 5 star because it's pretty awesome game but there's a problem it's that it's not multiplayer I do hope that you will add a multiplayer in this game I sincerely hope but still it's a good game.

Add multiplayer or else i hack you its a prank but please add it and i'll change it to 5 star. I mostly suggest to play it in normal so you can see a lot of feature in it. it has dragon in cave fyi :) Still figuring how to defeat it easily.. A very nice game good graphics and control I have some suggestions add more weapons like spear and some range weapons like bows crossbow or gun and can you add a multiplayer mode so I can play with my friends. Very nice game . Why does my game don't have the cave feature? I've been enjoying this game and i want to explore more the game..

This used to be a great game, but they quit the development, if you still enjoy this, i don't blame you, because this game is amazing, im sad to see this masterpeice get discontinued.. This is a good game please don't abandoned it make more improvement update it please im begging you also add multiplayer !!. I love the game it has potential, but there are some problems in the game.firstly,we need ranged weapons like bow and arrow not only sword.secondly,we need transportation like horses or even cars and the game is good and will be better in multiplayer.if you add all these that I say I promise I will come back to give you five stars. I really love this game since 2020, it's so good to play this game. Hopefully that the developer will have some update to this game.

This game is super fun and honestly one of my favorites! I really love all the cool features and stuff in it. As I play more, the monsters become tougher to handle, making it quite challenging, but I still have a great time. It would be even better if there was a multiplayer option, so my friends could join in and help me protect my territory. That would make it even more enjoyable!. I've been waiting for many years but still doesn't have 2player or co-op mode so my partner and i can play it together. The game is very nice . But I would like to play some sea or rever type content like the cave. Previously had issues with the app crashing. Have it some time and tried playing again. The game runs beautifully now, and I enjoy it quite a bit. Hoping new content is released as it has a lot of potential..

I love this game (: But there is only one thing needed. I would like an easy way to delete the progress you have made. If Wild Soda see's my request than that will be magical. And I would give you a 5 star rating but for now,a 4 star rating still recommended.. The game is nice and frustrating which, I like and I will give it a 5 star if it has multiplayer , because if it has multiplayer it will be more fun..

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