NameDonut Drift
ReleaseGames for Friends - Addicting Arcade & Casual Apps

Pick up a great car and go to conquer a wide variety of tracks. Download Donuts Drift for Android, you will have a lot of time to fully test this game project for strength.

Get into a cool car, collect coins on your way, which will make an absolutely incredible drift, and then earn extra power. Pick up a good acceleration for yourself, move at crazy speed and set a completely new record.

Try to avoid numerous obstacles, gradually you will be able to upgrade your car and turn it into a real monster. Today you have only one main goal – to become the only drift king in this world.

This game project has absolutely everything that can be applied to a real racer. You have to test yourself first of all, since it is here that you can ride at crazy speed and not be afraid of anything on your way.

Many unique features, perfect cars and bells and whistles on them, as well as interesting competitions with real opponents. Try to make everything so that it is interesting and fun to spend your free time here.

Donut Drift MOD

I reinstall this game but now I'm going to delete it. TOO many ads and this game only allows one level to play each time than ads to play before playing another game every time.. Good game, but awful ads. I understand the ads are necessary. But since which style of ads and when they appears it's a choice, so they contributes to the score of the game.. Great game but occasionally throws an ad in the middle of your run. You can't back out of it, so not only does it kill your concentration but it also makes you have to turn on airplane mode to continue. Don't hijack my phone! Update, the ads are even worse, now every 4 donuts you do it cuts you off for an ad, what a joke. Addicting donut game thats challenging to learn, but that adds to the fun. I like the mods and all the vehicles.. 2 years ago it was a really fun game, it was perfect. The steering was intuitive, the graphics were simpler and looked great. Today I downloaded it again just to see that it's been completely ruined, the steering mechanism is terrible and the graphics look way worse. It's not a game I would want to play anymore..

Donut Drift APK

awful, my car only goes in one direction I don't know if it's the game or my phone,but I'm upset and hope you guys bring back the old Controls one star for now.. Used to be able to choose what direction the car would drift, now it's forced into whatever direction the game decides. I enjoyed just relaxing with long drift slides from one direction to the other. Forced direction of drifts aren't fun for me.. This game used to actually be fun, it had logically controls and was actually entertaining. I don't know what they did to this game, but it's almost unplayable now. The controls are so clunky and glitchy, and there is an ad after every turn.. It's a good time killer, if you're a car person and like to drift needs more cars though, 2 stars cuz the advertisments, and accounting that I purchased no Advertisments but it didn't save it.

Donut Drift APK

I love this game. Perfect for just relaxing and getting my gaming fix. I absolutely believe a sequal should be made with new courses and vehicles!. Just so overwhelmingly littered with ads. The game play is rather enjoyable, but my goodness the ads are too much.. Needs more daily challenges and cars. Maybe stats of or star rating on the cars aswell. Gameplay is super fun and additive. Only have a couple of cars to unlock. A bunch of gypsies making me watch ads for fuel and not giving me fuel they probably stripped my car too.

Donut Drift APK

Really fun little boredom killer. U can turn off internet to get rid of ads & still fully enjoy the game :) having ads gives me PTSD so that's why only 4* I understand u need to make money. But sell soundtracks, cool cars & other in game content & the money will come without ads.. I understand you have to make money but this level of ads is ridiculous. After every race i get an ad, a pop up to review, a second popup, its too much. Thats a solid minute in between each race which can sometimes result in a small mistake that forces you to redo that cycle of an ad a popup to review and a second popup. 1 star because i dont care enough to make the game playable by spending 4 dollars to remove ads. Stop being greedy and reduce your ad count.. The game is great but it would better with a practice mode until then my rating shall stay at 4 stars. Decent game play but i wish there was a dark mode as 70/. Of the screen is white is if would be dark i would love it.

good game, but each round is over too quickly at the beginning, it is quite slow to level up to actually get a decent run, it would also be good to have something other than just doing donuts around a circle, also, I just paid to get rid of the ads but still have to watch an ad to do the daily challenge.. ADS AFTER EVERY TRY. F--K THAT S--T! GREEDY DEVELOPERS. DONT NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR GIVE THESE SCUM BAGS A PENNY IN AD MONEY.. I have had this game for a while now eve with the new update its a good time waster that its awesome!. Great game, but it just too much ads. Maybe you can show the ads every 5 game or something. Just to make the ux feel better.

It was a decent game, fun to pass time but recently something happened to the game that turned it into some kind of endless tutorial, every time I missed a circle it would teleport me back to the start and id have to drive though the then empty level back to where I was . I'm not sure if my game is just broken or what but its not very enjoyable anymore. this is a hard game try to drift but every game the car moves right a little and then i have to drift and rip off of abousltle drift btw. The game in itself, absolutely amazing. The developers really need to update this game as it has soo much more potential. For petrolheads and carfanatics, this is a game where we can let loose and chill. PLEASE RELEASE THE NEW FEATURES!. Good time killer but the ads are over kill and the cost is like 4 bucks to remove them it might be worth it with an ad after every single thing you do..

It would be a fun game, if it wasn't for displaying one ad every 3 seconds... Annoying like a very few. Totally unplayable. Quick , fun game , wastes a few minutes , would be great if developers added a race track to beat lap time etc.

Download ( V1.5.24 )

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