NameDrag Racing: Streets
ReleaseCode Prime

A racing project that is completely built on a unique physics engine. Drag Racing: Streets racing is will get acquainted with the construction game, which will be a real discovery for all fans of great racing.

Build your own car, take advantage of incredible features and choose your own style. Everything is possible here, so you need to use such unique abilities. In this project, unique races await you, which will be 402 and 804 meters. All races will be held against live players who are in this project.

Completely different tracks are waiting for you, and everything starts on ordinary racing tracks and ends on difficult country roads. There will be a huge amount of spare parts, and the tuning is designed in the RPG style. Beautiful graphics, realistic cars, as well as all kinds of engines.

You yourself can adjust the suspension for yourself, as well as use the automatic transmission. Every week there will be certain tournaments in which you can earn valuable prizes. The community of players will be very active, so it will be interesting to experience these competitions for yourself.

Drag Racing: Streets MOD

As of today I can't get in to my game which I saved over using Facebook. Until I can get back in. Im giving it 1 Star.. Since the Past updates the game has been getting better sounds and turbo sounds however still the turbo sounds is abit off for instance if u drive and let go of the gas pedal the boost goes off like it should but when I'm driving and tap the accelerator it just whistles but no boost has been build. Overall it's been good and I would advise to add animation to slicks when u make it soft.. I've been playing this game since like late 2020 or maybe it was 2021..... Regardless, THIS game has managed to get installed on every phone ive owned since first installing it...... i have played & spent money on almost every play store offering ranging from 8 ball pool, simcity buildit, score hero, dream league, so on & so forth & THIS game is tbe ONLY one that gets semi constant play time on it in any capacity....... There ya go lol there's my review (rare 5 stars, i dont use this often xD). I played it for the first time back in 2018, and then I came back because this game is unique. You can grow and get a well tuned vehicle with in-game credits. you just need some patience. Thank you for making a racing game that I love! :D. My favourite game on play store, shame it lags and ruins a race and other times it just crashes so I stopped playing, back playing again now but lost old account, no idea on what to do with fuses and some other parts of the game, great game but it's such a grind to get even one car built and fuel is scarcer than what mad max had to deal with, edit, just lost another account.

Drag Racing: Streets APK

After spending way too much time on this game, I can say it is pretty fun! Still a little pay to win, they implemented a bounty month that has objectives and it restarts evey month but it's SO hard to win! They need to fix the "match making"! You still can't make much money on races so you depend on missions and tasks, in my case it keeps saying that I completed one but the levels are bugged and it doesn't have any more levels. Please, show us if the car's engine is in V or Inline!. Good game would be great if it was a pay to win only.. screw your pay wall it pay to win and u know it. This game working properly yesterday,but now i can't play this game,what is the problem?please fix it as much as possible. Can't play the game because I can't connect to the servers even though my WiFi is perfectly fine. Also not a fan of always online, pay to win games. Sad waste of a game that would otherwise be amazing fun..

Drag Racing: Streets APK

It would be fun if you brought back engine wear, it really added more realism and it wasn't annoying at all. I really like this game since i started playing it a long time one thing id like to see more of is diesel cars and more wagons and pick-up trucks and different versions of the subaru like an early 2000s outback or legacy sedan or a few different car styles from different makers like Mercedes and alot more american classics and some more modern day cars. although this might not happen, i would love to see it put in the game. Bring back the goodies like the game started used to have good cars on here daily was beat your daily gain win for small coin and no green per race sucks take off gas used and motor damage it a pain to fix while race make it harder to get stuff I love this game but comeon. Can you put more supercars and hypercars and exotic cars that we can actually buy with coins please like Lamborghini Aventador sv & SVJ Pagani Zonda cars McLaren cars Koenigsegg cars.

Drag Racing: Streets APK

Loving the game after the latest update, I can't play enough. Also noticed the engine wear was turned off much appreciated. I wish they could get rid of fuel so we could do more racing and the increase in price to get more fuel. I guess that's what you get with pay to win. Would love to see some more Volvos in game.. Drag racing streets is a great game but need more realistic engine(k24,2jz,4age,RB26) sounds and easier to buy. There's better games. I don't know why this is so highly rated. The shifting is on the same side as the gas. Thumb has to cross the screen to shift, and blocks the view of the vehicle. Back to No limits Drag 2.0. Im in love with this game,been playing it for over 4 years. Best drag racing game ever made, i would love to see a Mercedes W210 with the om606 engine..

Amazing anitcheat honestly, i havent seen anyone cheat. Or is it fake players? Anyways its a little grindy but pretty fun, wish there was more ways to make money.. I had a car with 676 horsepower, by selecting an option, my car was transferred to inventory, how can I return my car?. Good game, my biggest issue is the winter and how bumpy 90% of the tracks are. Besides that is my favorite mobile game. While there is no guide to this game, there's a lot you can do. Pick a car from the giant selection, stylize it to your liking and then upgrade it. It is a little brutal with new players since there is a lot of stuff you'll never figure out on your on within tuning and swapping cars. If one takes the time to fully learn everything about this game, you'll really start to enjoy most of its content. There's always something unique you can do since there's so much to choose from..

THE MODS MUST BE SET IN PLACE! THE FALSE (THEKEYMAKER) was the first he was a tyrant and a dictator he was and prob still is ruling over the chat giving us no freedom and bans everyone as soon as he doesnt like what he reads hes a child in a leaders position. If u download this game please JOIN THE REBELLION AND FIGHT THE MODERATORS FOR THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH because the devs do not care we need troops to fight for freedom.. Best game ever it's a little hard at the start but u get a hang of it when u level up. Update needs work The new team competition is ridiculously unfair, if I race in 250hpt I get paired against 500hpt to 800hpt and if I run in 4000hpt sometimes my team mates are 3000 hpt and opponents as well. Make it hpt based because it's extremely unfair as it is currently to get gapped. Also the NOS refill system is becoming a huge expense for those of us testing our tunes with nos. Please consider removing the nos refills and maybe trying to get team competition more fair in match making. But I want to see highway mod and I want VW Passat b5.5 1.8T and W8 engines on this game..

Just stop making the game more difficult to build your car, the pay to play is ridiculous now to build a car let alone buy one is too much money, then on top of that put the engine ware back in the game. Good game but they meed to add more cars like GOLF MK7 AND TOYOTA RUNX and more every day cars besides that I love this game very much. The best drag racing game. I just want Koenigsegg and Bugatti, and There must just be more to do in the game, and easier to get money and upgrade.. Takes a while to get on your feet in the game but one of the few mobile games I've played continually since installing.

Add more visual customization and passive effect on it and pls improve this game more often and good update plss. Getting really annoyed with this game after so many years of playing it. It does not make sense on why the drag strips are either muddy, gravel or uneven. This is starting to feel like an off road game with drag build cars. IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR DRAG RACING CARS TO RACE ON BUMPY MUDDY GRAVEL DRAG STRIPS!!!!! Please please please fix this! I've been playing this game for years now and spend a lot of money on it, but i am on the edge of just deleting it and playing an off road game.. Cool game but on Android doesn't tell us at what rpm the turbo spool with the upgraded things...on iOS does say but on Android does not. There was a bug on my account I lost about 400,000 coins idk if I accidentally bought something or what but it just went straight to zero but the game it self is fun as hell ngl.

I like the game but there is 1 problem the repack coupon is to available and it's so hard to get it so pls make a way to get 1 coupon at least. The game is extremely great but I have a problem when playing manual its that the clutch and brake are to small and to close to the edge of the screen that makes it unresponsive sometimes which makes it hard to shift gears and mostly what I want to do is to find the settings and customize my hud so that would be able to adjust the size and position of the buttons but I can't find what I'm looking for and mostly I just want an update where it would be now possible to customize your own hud.. when I play the game time Flys when I play it and it's good game to play for a long time. it's pretty fun game for sure just making a custom car is pretty hard because earning resources is pretty hard.

Love this game has excellent quality and excellent car racing activities for you if you love everything that has to do with vehicle maintenance and management experience.its the best way to waste extra time . this game is awesome but there is a one big problem everything in game are too expensive pls reduce prices . Bug: if you turn your screen after completing a race and it shows the time the only option you have is surrender... So the game is great ,everything is good but all this days that I'm playing the game on my houses internet the game just stays in the loading screen that says "connecting to update server" but when I go outside and I connect on a like public internet it lets me login to the game ,so idk like fix your software or give me a solution!Thank you!.

I payed for the premium but the "MAIN" reward tree dissapeared mid way completing it, this happened about one year ago, i figured out that by reinstalling the game a couple of times bings that reward tree back but only for 1 time( it works about 1/10 times) after you closet the window it will dissapear again Its maybe the best drag racing game and it would be awesome if you could fix this bug, it seems like im not the only one affected by this judging by the forums Thanks in advance. Very grindy game otherwise fun but what even is the point of having premium on your account? I don't see it do much. The game overall is good, i just dont get why is it so hard to get crowns, youre sort of forced to spend real life money to get any, which is kind of bad in my opinion, developers need to add a way of earning some amount of crowns instead of spending money on it to get a few.. It's a good detailed racing game. Better than thanost mobile games. Would like to see more jdm cars and trucks like a eg6 hatch or a S10 truck or g syclone.

I play this game in Iran and for a long time it does not open the Google Play account and I have to play the demo. I don't know what to do to make it open the Google Play account and this is my only dissatisfaction I have another problem that I cannot connect the demo account to Google Play or Facebook. I have been playing the demo for almost two years now and there is no guarantee that my account will remain. On the other hand, it does not support the Google Play account.. Good game but VERY PAY TO WIN... THEY WILL SAY THERE ISNT A PAY WALL . But when u can just buy the best car and all the gold u need to max it out n mins.. when it takes grinders months to just afford the car let alone pay to max it out... Please create the 2door ford escort mk1 or mk2 or even both PLEASE!!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF THESE CARS IN THE GAME. The game broke its said connecting to update server but its always discconect i tried every way turning off the internet turn on it again but it cannot work i had a lot of progress now i had too uninstall it pls fix it so people doesnt get the same bug As me thank you.

Great game, only problem Ive noticed that when. I went to sell some fuel and other objects in the market usually it gives me the money for it after a race but now it's not at all, I've tried to sell atleast 7 fuel coupons and still haven't been paid for them and it's been 2 days, it's acting like I never had them, it's aggregating to say the least considering they are usually worth 30k each, please help me out and fix this issue, before it would sell and pay me instantly. After you get your first car, the game just leaves you alone without any explanation on how everything works and if you try to understand the mechanics , you'll be confused as hell. I have stock car outside the starter car but i make fastest not cotumize but i uprage it thank you to make this game i love drag racing like this but this game makes me happy and make sure you can make drag racing streets 3d. Great game. Online races are so laggy. No it's not my internet. Good game though could do with some tweaks. Also when selecting the angle for ECU tuning. Could do with manual entry. !!!! Can you add option to block people private messaging please. There's some creeps out there and no option to block private messages from them. !!!!.

The best of the best You can grind in this game for hours. But I'll recommend the dev to add more car brands because it's a bit boring Please make this happen.

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