NameHill Climb Racing 2

This sequel has become more attractive, so running from the zombies continues. In this exciting game, you must run well, drive, and run away from bloodthirsty zombies that will rush after you in a crowd in the second part; ultimately, new competitions await you, while you can get some pretty creepy rewards. The game has become more interesting, and the developers have seriously worked on it. Now you can take part in a wide variety of events.

Get access to new cars, choose only those you like, and each will have their style. Upgrade your cars to become even faster,r and the zombies will not keep up with you. It is possible to make a unique tuning using 14individuale spare parts.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android. You can create a unique style for your cars, which no player will have. You can explore the most hidden places on the map at any time, collect all kinds of achievements and have a good rest. Excellent graphics that are fully optimized for good resolution. You can challenge your friends to a competition and show who is the strongest in this project.

Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD

Basically progress is incredibly slow and to avoid insane grinding the only way is to play once a day when rewards reset.. The opponents in races some times give discrepancies in race times per user and can be bad. coins from adventure are terrible because all the coins were nerfed and the prices rising. Best game if you want sloooow progress.. Don't bother with this game that's all I can say. 1 star as this game just keeps crashing chucking you off the game losing race because of it. It's just the worst game ever. Let me explain why I hate this game, I was just trying to purchase a 8 dollar thing then this game decided to take my stupid money without giving the items. This game is a scam.. It never let me play a singular game in it cuz it gets me out after I get to 99% then it kicks me out.

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

This game is fantastic to play. But I give it 3 stars as two issues in this game. First ads shown while playing too much and they are annoying.Remove ads please. Also make adventure mode challenging. Adventure mode is so easy I always won without even trying. I am bored to play adventrous mode so plzz fix these problems.Thank You!. I am rating is 3 star because of ads after almost every match, and it's not a normal ad because sometimes the ad has 100% volume and it is impossible to mute it. I don't know that if all players are facing it but I request the creator of this game to fix this bug. Else the game is fun to play.. Awesome game,addicting, being on a good team makes it much more fun! January 29th 2024 still playing, about 3 years now,great game,.Cannot get bored ,so many different things to do.I love this game.. Too many cheaters and speed hacks lately.. I have been playing this game daily since it first came out, and lately there are sooo many cheaters with speed hacks. It's ruining the experience. Are you guys going to be doing anything about it?.

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

Best app by far, great if paired with discord to make communication simpler. Recommend this game to thrill seekers and people who want their money to waste.. Please fix black screen problem when race starts,auto backs to home screen and screen freezing when any ad comes pleaseeeeee I love it but can't even play it. fix all problemssss. After month, all I can say is that a simple idea, some cartoons but everything overall put together very well, can give you a lot of joy. I've been playing this game quite often and a lot and I'm nowhere near bored - I love the game, the concept, the endlessness of it. Absolute 5.. iv played this game for 3 years now and I find it amazeing there's even stuff to do without wifi or inernet.

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

Wonderful game, but the one problem it's got so much ads it was has no ads but now it has so so much, every cup i get an ad:(. The worst version ever It's a online version and it's taking so much internet . In just 5minits I lost 200 mb data . The first version is so good but that version is worst .. Is cool but there's a bug that is about the afterburner and the rotutor car and it was fast I go like this *weeeeeeeeeeeee*and I went crazy about so fish the bug of the ocean map my all cars a dead but the rotutor plz fish this . I used to play this game had some progress when I reinstall it and login with my same google play id I didn't get my progress back. I had to play from beginning. Why is everything paid and ad?.

Worked on the day that I downloaded it. But ever since then, it just says that I'm offline despite all the other apps and my network working perfectly.. I love this game but they're soo much ads please think about it it's my favorite game but I am giving it 3 stars intead of 5. I'm going to remove this game There's so much lag in the new tracks and maps , these updates are horrible . This game is fantastic! Many cars to collect and lots of fun ways and tracks to race on! Earning my way through and loving it! Thank you so much.

Ads are ridiculous. After every match or back to homepage there's an ad. You have to pay to get rid of them.. Rewards are a joke and parts for cars so highly priced. Even the coins you collect are a joke at 1&5 each.. Your community showcase is just plain mean. I don't see any reason to participate. Edit: Your picking actively player hostile designs. Not fun or interesting... Just mean.. Was logged into Facebook years ago but now it has no option to connect to Facebook account. Lost all the cars.

Messed up once u get to a decent rank u can't win races it's impossible u upgrade ur vehicle it makes things worse somehow. If u don't believe me go ahead and play. You will get a reward for sitting through a full ad roughly 10% of the time. The other 90%, "tough luck" according to support.. Dropped from 5 stars. With the added vehicles and parts, the parts you get are more random. Almost all of the most expensive parts I get are for parts that are already maxed out. Makes progression slower and slower. You are still able to play the game without watching ads if you don't want to (also slows progression) which is a plus. Seems the developers are trying to steer people into paying actual money to progress. Which is disappointing to players that have been playing for years.. Used to love this game probably had hundred of hours on it. My dad and I completed all the time but the ads made this game unplayable along with the time it takes to upgrade anything.

This game was f2p back then the cars are easy to get everything was cheap and even the clothes,hats,and heads are easy to get.Now this game is just p2w and since geometry dash 2.2 came out I can really say that the creative is same as building a level in geometry dash but you have to pay for the background, and also everytime I got a new vehicle an offer just show up, and the game has broken matches I'm just bronze and my opponent cars are just faster and obtainable only on silver rank and upper. Great game overall, a few minor inconveniences (like ads) but that's bound to happen it's 2024 all mobile games have them. Keep up the good work fingersoft!. I have an older account on this app and I have been accused of cheating when I haven't cheaten in a single game online ever I will change this if I get my account back. Edit: I got my account back but the same thing happened.. I'm mean it's fun and all but I think original is better oh yeah like the only thing I like is the creator.

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