NameDrone 2 – Free Fire
ReleaseReliance Games

An exciting simulator for controlling combat drones and specialized aircraft. Drone 2 – Free Fire is a well-made combat drone and aircraft control simulator with high-quality gameplay, excellent graphics, and awesome sound.

In this simulator, as you already understood, you have to play as an operator of a specialized drone or drone equipped with various weapons. You will have to complete a number of difficult tasks on enemy territory. There are many tasks and they are all different. In one mission you will need to destroy a certain number of combat vehicles, in another mission you will cover the allies, in another mission, you will need to help the allied special forces to withdraw a group of hostages from under fire. For success in missions, you will receive various rewards, including new equipment for your drones, which will make them more dangerous and efficient.

Drone 2 – Free Fire MOD

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Drone 2 – Free Fire APK

Can't play offline. Not only that, bad graphic and performance issues (even lag on lowest setting and the graphics not improved even at high setting with 100% resolution).. A decent game compared to the first one all the of all hundreds of dollars due to the fact that I can't play the first one anymore on drones that I've bought I remember that I bought at least they could do is equal out the drones and ammo that you spent on the first game since it's no longer able to be found. Too hard to gain progress. Weapons are expensive and no freebies as the first game. You can't gain gold to buy weapons. Otherwise the game is addictive af. Ohh and the diamonds are too much effort. Wait 2 hrs to gain 200. And then to upgrade weapons becomes a nightmare.. I love the game it's amaizing, the sound effects its amazing. But I would advise if you guys can just make the graphics for realistic like fire or call of duty kind.above all I love it.

Drone 2 – Free Fire APK

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