NameEA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 is a beautifully designed and realistic project that will impress fans of the fighting and sports genre. Users are transported to the virtual training ground of the UFC-free fighting universe and will be able to do everything to win multiple PvP fights and epic tournaments. Many unique fighters cater to fans of the genre, each of them different in their technique, being able to perform steep throws, perform snaps and breaks, real Show violent series, place blocks and do more interesting fighting things. It is necessary to fight proficiently in 3D space, train the boxer between fights, develop strength and endurance, agility, and speed of attack, and open up new series of blows and techniques.

Start playing and try to master the simple controls and mechanics of EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2. Choose your favorite athlete and get acquainted with his features. Fight in a virtual ring against a computer opponent and dive into the nuances of punches and uppercuts, straight and tilt, dodge and crouch, jump and place blocks. Somersault, grabbing his opponent and knocking him down on a tatami mat, twists an arm or a leg, performing a painful hold. Don’t forget mods to earn money; users can instantly buy the most fantastic training equipment, unlock excellent abilities, and unique elite athletes who can unleash their fighting spirit. Fight against the computer and teammates online, gain experience, try different war tactics, experiment, and enjoy a lot of fun with physics and graphics.


The game always logging and sorry message keep popping up saying something unexpected just happen please check internet connectivity but nothing is wrong with my network. Please fix.. It's rly good game but when you want to watch ad for rewards it's getting crushed you must restart I don't know why. I think d fighters names suppose to be announced before fighting... And we have to view them match to the ring before fighting.. Thanks. Great fighting game I must say. I thought to myself when I download it and I will play it for a few days and delete it but it's been months now. But one thing isn't right about the game, the end of a fight suppose to be skip by our choice to see the reaction of the opponent but you guys skip it by yourself not cool at all. That's my complain apart from that it is 9.8/10. Great experience and gameplay. But I would suggest you to add free fighting, where we can choose any fighters we want and just have some fun..


i like the app but only one thing it can't play without online network, but i like this is a good app, good graphics.. I really enjoy this game but the system of energy points is a bit annoying and BJJ is pathethic. Muay Thai and Striking is the best style.. Can't there be a career mode where we get to create a fighter and the likes... I mean a story mode and take him all the way to the top....??? The two stars are only for the graphics. This game sucks, it's such simple controls for one and for two they don't give you enough revives, I've been stuck on the last fighter before moving forward for over a month now and have not gotten a single revive meaning I cannot move on with the game in any sort of way.


Although the game is quite impressive, the graphics is also great, but I would have preferred to have buttons than to be tapping and swiping it. The game developers should do something about it.. First off!!!! Insane graphics!!! Probably better than any other fighting games in android system. However, after intalling a couple weeks later the automatically asks to grant storage. That is quite impossible given there's never an option is prompted allow storage access.. awesome and amazing game I really love UFC fighting been watching it when it first came out in the middle 80s now look at it wow champion lvls.

Download ( V1.11.08 )

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