Bouncemasters (Mod VIP/Unlimited Money) V1.4.5

Install Original android iphone

Bouncemasters! – entertainment needs to be installed on the mobile device for each user. In this case, you can forget about stress, problems, conflicts, and boredom forever: smartphone and tablet owners automatically join the sports club, membership members will bring many positive emotions.


Since the birth of the first virtual arcade game, arcade games and playful fast-moving games have become quite popular among gamers of all ages. For fans of new thrills, a fun game about a penguin in love called Bouncemasters is perfect. The essence of joy is that having a frank affection for the girl, a cheerful animal tries to reach her, by all means, with the help of another bear character, knocking his friend away. with bat-like blows. Together they dream of overcoming all obstacles and achieving their romantic goals as soon as possible. Here you have to launch the penguin to the maximum distance, and at the same time get many prizes and rewards in the form of coins.

Features of Bouncemasters

A colorful game with two-dimensional graphics, dedicated to sports competitions, that will help you hone your accuracy and improve your mood. In it, gamers have to control the action of a polar bear, which will launch a projectile in the form of a penguin with the support of a bat and other sports equipment. Never before has the baseball theme been presented in such a fun form.


Bouncemasters! is your chance to be the champion in the most unusual competition, events happening in real-time on the screen of mobile devices. Each user is offered many chances to win, the bonus will be a great mood. The application offers many opportunities to set new sports records: a mod that earns a lot of money will open access to them.

Gameplay and Controls

Controlling the action of the northern bear, the player must hit a baseball bat to launch the funny penguin into flight. The maximum distance that this unusual projectile covers will give the player gold coins. They will be very useful to get new “shock” gear, which can also be tested during gameplay.


Although the gameplay of Bouncemasters is extremely simple, you can get most of your positive energy from entertaining and spending time actively on the actions of the characters present here. A small and clumsy penguin accidentally recognizes an unusually beautiful girl through his spy glasses, whom he immediately falls in love with. But immediately a problem arose, including the great distance to her island, and it would not be easy to overcome it.

A giant bear comes to the rescue, with his brilliant idea, which later becomes the main driving force of the game. He will launch the flying bird with the blows of his bat, and from that moment the countdown will begin, for which you will need to complete interesting levels and get your coins.


During the flight, you’ll need to keep the penguin airborne for longer periods, while also fending off stubborn fur seals that occasionally click on the display. In addition, deer and other animals will try to prevent the character from flying, which at first glance appears to be peacefully dozing in the snow, so you will have to focus all your attention to get out of danger. success risk.


Launch Bouncemasters

Management in Bouncemasters is not difficult at all, so besides experienced gamers, new players can also play. The process of starting entertainment is done by pressing your finger on the screen, next to the penguin, and during the game, you need to try to keep the animal flying for as long as possible to collect as much as possible. more coins. The level will end with the moment the hero falls into the snow, and then you have to start all over again. The distance that you can overcome can be observed on the map that appears after completing the stage. Help the young penguin meet his lover.