Download CarX Rally iOS Mod 18811 (Unlimited Money)

Category Racing
Size 83M
Version 18811
Update: 13/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

CarX Rally – New generation racing simulation genre. Cornering, high speed, great graphics and moderately difficult terrain – all these bring dynamic and exciting atmosphere to the game. Get behind the wheel of a fast car and try to break the record.

CarX Rally


Several dozen league races are available in suburban areas. The roads were covered with dust and sand, and it was not easy to navigate on them. Therefore, you should control the car not only when sliding, but also during acceleration on a straight road.

Every song is unique and to get to the top of the charts you will need to research every inch of it. With each new success, the park will be added with new car models. All are different not only by the brand, but also by the image of the body, the specifications of the engine.

CarX Rally

Features of CarX Rally

  • High level of detail of particles and environments, weather effects;
  • 15 types of cars (muscle cars, racing models, supercars;
  • Many countries and asphalt roads of varying lengths and difficulty;
  • Upgrade various parameters of the machine;
  • Several game modes are available.

If you are tired of driving the same car, you can buy another more convenient mode of transportation. The increase in engine power will also not be superfluous. The game engine is capable of handling motion simulation according to the laws of actual physics.

The car perfectly matched the bends of the road and launched bumps, trying to plunge into an out of control slide. But the controls are quite responsive, the player just has to find the most suitable driving style for the race.

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