Cosmic Challenge Racing Mod 2.999 (Unlimited Money)

Category Racing
Size 35M
Version 2.999
Update: 30/01/2022
Install Original android iphone

Cosmic Challenge Racing – Are you ready to plunge into the exciting world of space and participate in dangerous races on the futuristic ship? Then we recommend you try this project and test what you are capable of.

All the player will receive at the start of his career is a small spaceship, which will need to fly along the most winding and unique path that has ever existed, and with all of the above, filled with loads of descriptions, jumps, and tricky turns. On some sections of the track, you can pick up extra boosters for the ship, marked with blue arrows and bridgeheads, allowing you to fly away and perform some stunning stunts.

Cosmic Challenge Racing

Gameplay and Controls

Controlling the trajectory of the ship turns out to be very simple: in one part of your screen the player will see two arrows that are supposed to turn to the sides, and on the other side of the screen the gas and brake keys will give see. An interesting fact is that there is no nitrogen accelerator in the game, and instead of this bonus, as mentioned earlier, there are areas for acceleration.

The most important thing when passing the levels is to try not to fly out of its borders, otherwise, your vehicle will fly into distant space, and you will spend precious seconds returning to the original orbit. head. Successfully passing maps will give you play money – these are special coins that can be exchanged not only to find out the characteristics of the starting ship but also to buy more maneuverable vehicles.

Cosmic Challenge Racing Mod


The task in Cosmic Challenge Racing on android will change from time to time, but in all cases, it all comes down to one outcome – that is to reach the end of the track as quickly as possible. In case you play in singles mode, you need to break a previously set record or set an unattainable record for the rest, and in the case of racing against other users, you just need to defeat them.

Features and Graphics

Due to the pleasant interface and precise placement of the buttons on both sides of the screen, it’s impossible to the mistress, and the responsive controls allow you to smoothly enter into sharp turns and bend around obstacles. difficult.

Hack Cosmic Challenge Racing

Main features of Cosmic Challenge Racing:

  • Ability to save the entire transfer in a separate user cloud.
  • Regular online battles take place every week.
  • The perfect details of the objects in the futuristic style.
  • Ability to create your tracks.
  • Upload DIY tracks on social networks and play them with other users.
  • Full access to multiple tracks from the community of players.
  • Work with multiple controllers.
  • Achievement Board.

In particular, thanks to the graphics – the sci-fi atmosphere and the right choice of colors were more enchanting here. Of all the rest we show a pleasant runner, in which you can use your free time productively, and if you play online, with incredible passion.