Drag Racing (Mod Unlimited Chips/RP/Money) V1.10.2

NameDrag Racing
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If you have ever driven classic Soviet cars, then you will appreciate the realistic controls and physics of the cars. In Drag Racing, you will have to compete with a variety of Russian-made cars. Naturally, later it will be possible to buy a foreign car, but you will have to earn gold on it.

Drag Racing

About the Game

Drag Racing brings a wave of excitement to all fans of the movie “Fast and the Furious” and fans of the racing game genre. The toy is made with modern graphics and offers a sea of ​​positive moments, successfully borrowed from the successful developments of the racing genre.

Players are required to drive different cars, try to outrun their opponents on a relatively straight stretch of the road by accelerating and shifting gears in time, using additional skills and technologies, vehicle resources and ingenuity while passing the relief ramps.

Drag Racing Gameplay

In the game, everything is extremely simple: you need to get to the finish line first. It’s not difficult to control the technique, but you need to learn how to take perfect turns to keep up with your opponent. Winning gives you the opportunity to tune up equipment already in the garage or buy a new car with improved features.

Drag Racing Mod

Improvements are available in the garage to tailor your vehicle’s exterior and performance. You can always choose a powerful engine, bright paintwork, wide range of spare parts that will make your device unique.

By downloading the game Drag Racing: Street Racing you will get an amazing racing simulator with realistic sounds and simple controls. One of the advantages of the novelty is less advertising and the ability to compete with real racers.

Features and Graphics

The graphics in the game are quite modest and specific, but there are many breathtaking competition screens in it. You can participate in single races or participate in drag races. Major championships with a sure win are also available to users.

Start playing Drag Racing: Street Racing and you will quickly see how much driving ability and adrenaline the authors have put into their brainchild. Take one of the cars offered at the beginning of the game and see its acceleration, maneuverability and top speed stats.

Hack Drag Racing

Start races in the story of a young, aspiring racer or try to fight in a duel against an online protagonist, who will be automatically selected by the system according to rank. Use the transition between speeds to not lose momentum, nitro and nitrogen boost on relatively straight and flat areas to outsmart enemies and get maximum finance for victory.

Buy the coolest car and upgrade it with the latest technology. Don’t forget about the styling, the carbon fiber installation, the cool rear bumper, the neon lights at the bottom, the bright air intakes, the application of all sorts of patterns and the like. Try your hand at different championships and discover a lot of new and exciting things, enjoy your gambling project and keep the ratings high!

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