Drive Ahead Mod 3.19.1 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins)

Category Racing
Size 163M
Version 3.19.1
Update: 22/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Drive Ahead! – to some extent, the toy is not complicated but quite interesting, where your main task will be to destroy opponents on the track! Some users think that in projects of this type it is possible to simply hide and wait until the opponent makes a mistake in maneuvering, then attack and take the desired victory from the clutches of the enemy.


Two game modes

But here things are arranged differently – in a race, after a while, the track quickly fills with water, and the car that goes underwater first loses. In addition to level flooding, occasionally saws appear on the track, operating according to the same program.


In the game Drive Ahead, you will clash in a race in a dangerous arena. Before the race begins, the player will have to choose a race mode: against other users or artificial intelligence. The ability to pair with other players is a big plus for the project and gives the gameplay dynamism.


Features of Drive Ahead

Once the favorite mode selection has been made, you need to choose the race type, there are three of them: a mission, a classic race, and lastly – the king of the hill. Let’s talk about each in order:

Mission mode. In the menu that opens, a whole list of different maps with quests will appear, for example, start the first mission from the list, then you open access to new missions. For the successful completion of the mission, the racer will receive in-game currency, which will then be used in the local casino. The casino will give you the chance to win a new car or change the look of the driver yourself.


King of the Hill mode. A rather difficult mode for a beginner player. Here you will need to preserve the health of your ward for as long as possible and along the way, shoot opponents that appear one after another from the track, trying to break the old record.

Classic traditional mode. After the race type has been selected, you need to manually adjust some of the characteristics of the race. These features include the protagonist’s car, the opponent, and the arena where the race will be held. You can’t bother yourself with long settings and choosing all the parameters in random order – it will be more fun. Your task in the above model is to score 5 points, or in other words, use a car to pierce the opponent’s skull 5 times.

drive-front-apk-latest version

Controlling the car here is also not difficult – the screen only shows two keys, which are responsible for accelerating in the necessary direction. The racecourses in Drive Ahead are extremely irregularly shaped and filled with steep obstacles, so don’t let things go by chance. The driver is obliged to make every effort to overturn another character’s car, or over his head, only in which case the ball counts for him.