Drive for Speed: Simulator Mod 1.27.04 (Unlimited Money)

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Drive for Speed: Simulator – dynamic races on different tracks using different car models, opening up new perspectives for driving enthusiasts. They will have the opportunity to perfect their driving skills, avoiding the monotony and boredom of standard training programs.

What is Drive for Speed: Simulator?

Drive for Speed: Simulator is a luxury racing simulator that will let you enter the world of lap races where you will drive a high-speed car. Sitting behind the wheel of a racing car, gamers will be able to go through busy city roads, avoid accidents and leave opponents behind. However, you will be short on time, as the main task of the game is to pass the missions within a certain amount of time.

Drive for Speed: Simulator

It’s really fun to practice drifting and maneuvering in a fun and colorful program designed to showcase the art of driving. Especially when you consider that real track speed records can endanger life and safety, so this adrenaline rush is unlikely to succeed.

Features of the Game

Drive for Speed: Simulator will help you participate in sports victories if gamers are determined and willing to practice to improve their professional skills. The game has realistic physics and convenient controls so that participants in high-speed competitions can plunge straight into the gambling atmosphere. Completed levels of the game offer rewards that not only boost self-esteem but also help win.

Hack Drive for Speed: Simulator

To get access to the complete car collection you can use a mod with a lot of money. However, even the most sophisticated cars cannot count on an easy victory: the championship title depends on the skill of each driver. That is why improving your skills will become the basis for the new records that the dynamic game allows you to set.


Successfully passing missions in the metropolis, where there are various obstacles and huge traffic, you will receive a certain reward in the form of money. Thanks to the money, gamers will be able to buy more powerful and high-class supercars in the future, upgrading them from their garage. In total, the developers offer players more than twenty different cars, each of which has its advantages. In the garage, they can be equipped with improved parts and mechanisms.
For the convenience of players, the developers have placed a city map in the lower corner of the screen, allowing users to comfortably move through the many streets and avenues of the metropolis.

Drive for Speed: Simulator Mod

The game has several types of missions. So the player can try to get to the appropriate point within the allotted time and park. In addition, you will have access to the classic racing in which you need to get to the front, leaving the other racers behind. For the fans of adventurous driving, there are missions where you need to drive trucks.