Evil Lands iOS Mod 2.2.7 (Unlimited Gems/Money)

NameEvil Lands
CategoryRole Playing
Install Original android iphone

Evil Lands with an MMORPG is sure to appeal to medieval fantasy fans. In it you have to fight with powerful evil forces.

What is Evil Lands: Online Action RPG?

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG is a fantasy world of power and magic. The magicians live here, brave heroes roam the streets, ready to perform any feat. However, evil has settled in these wonderful lands, so the journey can become a stalemate.

Evil Lands

Choose your hero and explore this vast world with him, which is truly magical and teeming with different creatures. By completing the game missions, you will advance with the plot and save this magical world.

Features and Graphics

The game has great graphics that are more suitable for consoles than mobile devices. Simple controls, so you can make instant decisions and use different fighting techniques from the available arsenal. The main beauty of this ride is that there is an ad-free mod, which often comes out at the most inopportune time.

Evil Lands Mod

  • Two game modes. You can go through the adventure in an individual company or in company mode with friends. It’s good to have someone covering your back unprotected.

  • Incredible 3D graphics. It is this game that holds the record for the number of screenshots taken. Chances are, you’ll also contribute to this collection, because along the way you’ll meet great characters.

  • Full character customization. Here, only you decide who you will be: a brave warrior, a cunning assassin or a powerful magician. Most importantly, don’t forget to raise your armor and improve your skills. Enemies are constantly getting stronger, and it will be more difficult to deal with them.

There are many well-designed game locations, and dungeons where only the bravest warriors descend.

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The gameplay of Evil Lands

The main character really wants to be a good fighter, but for this he needs to fight dragons, monsters and big bosses. Your task is to choose the appropriate class and go on a mission. You can play side-by-side with other players. This is especially important when visiting dangerous locations.

Want to know which one is stronger? Then take advantage of the PvP mode. You will have to spend time developing your hero’s abilities and strength. There are also various weapons to increase the hero’s characteristics. Evil Lands game has great graphics at console level. It stands out significantly from similar Android RPGs. There is a unique skill development system here, there are unique and interesting quests, boss fights, battles with other players.

Download ( V2.2.7 )
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