LifeAfter iOS Mod 1.0.227 (Unlimited Craft + OBB Data/No Ads)

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LifeAfter invites gamers to join a dangerous journey through the post-apocalyptic world. An ominous virus during an unsuccessful test has escaped. It was not possible to find an antidote in time. As a result, the entire planet has turned into a post-apocalyptic world. Sinister zombies now roam the deserted streets of once prosperous cities. These bloodthirsty creatures are guided only by their instincts. Their main goal is to earn a piece of fresh meat every day. And to deal with such a monster is quite difficult.



You must be constantly vigilant so as not to accidentally become a victim of the walking undead. Despite their unattractive appearance, the terrifying creatures are very cunning and insidious. Rarely did they attack the remnants of survivors alone. Wicked monsters roam in groups.

If a zombie appears somewhere, it means that his friends will soon follow him. Fortunately, they don’t move as fast as a living person. Gamers will have to learn how to survive in this dangerous world. In this case, you can use the mod with a lot of money.



Players do not only need to independently take care of the supply of water and food. He tirelessly explores ruined cities. Everywhere you can find some valuable resources. Along the way, the gamer builds a personal shelter in LifeAfter, where he can rest after long journeys, protecting himself from the walking undead.

In addition, you should watch out for marauders gangs. By completing different missions and killing dangerous zombies, gamers will earn money. They can be spent on powerful weapons that will protect from mass concentrations of monsters, improve skills, and upgrade abilities.


Features of LifeAfter

LifeAfter is a new action game that has gained an army of fans. The simulator will take you to the world of the zombie apocalypse, where you will have to survive alone among a crowd of undead. A dangerous virus has destroyed the entire city and now the entire swarm of zombies roaming the streets.

You and a few survivors are the only ones who can’t get sick and stay healthy. Now, the last people on Earth must battle lowly creatures every day to try to get their food and water. To find weapons and medicine, you need to break into the city and valuable resources will help equip your own home, which will have to be protected from the dead and invaders.


The main advantages of LifeAfteris are the third-person view and the multiplayer project. The areas with the most resources tend to have the most zombies, so you should team up with other players to get through the zombie walls. Excellent graphics make the game above a level compared to the competition. Game in Chinese.

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