Pepi House Promo Codes (April 2023)

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Version 1.4.2
Update: 07/03/2023
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Pepi House is a fun and colorful learning game for kids. Toddlers learn a lot of useful and interesting things about housekeeping and about different items that can be found at home. What you need to do to keep everything clean, how to use different household appliances and just have a pretty interesting time.

Pepi House
 Promo Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
719MLPFBO4G 139 May 4, 2023
LCAX4JZS5GH7MTP 848 March 27, 2023
WL3TY94572NZKQ6V 725 April 4, 2023
9IJRUAMFZ2CQ7V03W 906 April 21, 2023
DYON3IUE1G4695L 122 April 20, 2023
C62DXEIATNJ3FQ8S 471 March 15, 2023
H743YKAZ2W6510SE 432 April 21, 2023
48JSFQ6NWRECOG7H5 486 April 5, 2023
2YP10ZSNXQA7VDF 163 April 6, 2023
3IN9RA7JS2TMBVCL 400 April 19, 2023

The character in the game lives in a large, four-story house, and each of the floors represents some kind of household area. A large family consists of 10 characters, including pets, all of which can teach a child something.

Colorful graphics and excellent animation with funny voice acting will help to captivate the process even more. Lots of items and household appliances to experiment with, mix and match different items together. In addition, the game creates a warm atmosphere and a real family environment for the child.

Key features of the game:
A large number of items for interaction;
Nice animation and colorful graphics;
Ten interesting game characters;
Nice and friendly environment for kids.