Race The Traffic iOS Mod 1.8.2 (All Cars Unlocked)

NameRace The Traffic
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Quite a surprise for the fans of the racetrack, the Soccer Football World Cup Games studio has launched a new feature, which is to arrange the battle and accumulate points. This studio previously produced exclusively football games, now it offers races, called Race The Traffic… This arcade game has won the hearts of many gamers, as It features addictive gameplay, high-quality graphics, as well as the opportunity to improve vehicles.

Race The Traffic

The novel plot of Race The Traffic for apk is set outside the city limits, in a remote area bisected by a wide highway. Players on a large, straight road can make any decision, choose the lane in which they drive, increase or decrease their speed, crash into other cars.

Hack Race The Traffic

If you have a serious accident, you may pay the price by reducing the vehicle’s power characteristics, but at the same time gain additional points. With that help, you can perfect the car further and have an edge in the next competitions. Download Race The Traffic for iOS and enjoy exciting races, earn points, and rush to victory. It all depends on your determination, speed, and ability to drive your car in extreme situations.

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