RedSun RTS Premium Mod 1.1.263 (Unlimited Money) Download

SizeNovember 6, 2021
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RedSun RTS Premium – Strategy fans will surely enjoy the game that resembles legendary hits like Tiberian Sun and the famous Red Alert in terms of graphics and style.

RedSun RTS Premium

To succeed in the game, the user needs to correctly and effectively choose the strategy and tactics for each mission or a particular battle. You will have three different factions at your disposal, each with a fairly large number of units. A gamer to conduct a competent battle needs to correctly choose an army for himself, which in the future will help attack or defend effectively against enemy forces.

RedSun RTS Premium Mod

The game features both conventional infantry combat and vehicles represented by a variety of ground vehicles, planes, and other weapons. The single-player mode consists of three missions. As for the multiplayer version, the game has several options – team and ranked.

To build new structures for the production of military units and equipment, the user will need to mine a variety of resources. To level up and complete campaigns, the player will have to modify buildings, which will allow the release of more advanced and powerful equipment, as well as trained units.

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Immerse yourself in the strategic world of RedSun RTS Premium, gamers are waiting for:

  • unforgettable and fascinating plot.
  • improved graphics and reliable sound design.
  • three different campaigns.
  • variety of vehicles and various units.
  • ability to play in multiplayer mode.