Survival RPG 3 (Mod Unlimited Diamonds/HP) V1.9.14

NameSurvival RPG 3
CategoryGame Mobile
Install Original android iphone

The task of the main character of an offline RPG Survival RPG 3  – to wander at the right time, while you need to maintain life, provide food for yourself, help those in need, unlock more artifacts and more.

Survival RPG 3


According to the plot, the character is lost in time. To find your way back home, you need to visit different eras and space-times, because the hero doesn’t remember where he came from at all. So along the way, you’ll have to fight all kinds of opponents – with dragons, dinosaurs, medieval creatures and modern bloodthirsty creatures. But remember that survival is not the only challenge in the game.

Survival RPG 3

How to play Survival RPG 3

It is important to gain respect and high status. After learning how to navigate in pixel space, go find treasures and craft useful items. Completing quests at the same time. Try to find the most valuable artifact, and then it will become a lot easier to create the necessary items.

Explore the lives of different eras, solve puzzles, make new acquaintances, help other characters survive, head to a distant but very real homeland.