Torque Drift Mod 2.21.0 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Category Racing
Size 96M
Version 2.21.0
Update: 25/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

The Torque Drift is a fun toy that is sure to capture the attention of all racing fans with controlled slides at the heart of the gameplay mechanics. Users will receive a sea of ​​adrenaline and unforgettable impressions, thanks to the use of modern graphics with 3rd person overview, vivid effects, great physics, and suitable background music. There are several modes of high-speed racing, including a single-driver campaign, one-time computer tests on whatever track is in progress, as well as head-to-head online gambling.


The ultimate racing game

Embark on the intense speed adventure of Torque Drift, choose a mode, buy one of the cars offered at the beginning, and hit the road. Gather speed and drive along the day and night streets of the city and forest, fields, and mountains. Throw the car onto the slopes and take full control of the sideways and skidding, leaving a black trail behind.

Features of Torque Drift

Initially, the player has several cars to choose from. After the standard procedure, the real competition begins. On the chosen transport you have to fight the rivals in races and win the high-speed battles. For a better chance of success, earn bonus points and upgrade your car.


You can tune the components of the car in a special garage, where (for an additional fee) a large number of parts and components are available. Thanks to them, you can not only improve your car, make it more powerful, but also give it a unique style: bright colors to adjust or install dazzling headlights. Also here, you can independently configure the operation of all components of the machine, depending on individual control.

Torque-drift-apk-latest version

The more successful contests you have, the more attention your partner gets. The girls in the stands are going crazy, and the number of sponsors is starting to grow. Thanks to this, users have more money to spend on improving all the components of the car.


Also, many players will appreciate the non-standard addition. This application has an online mode. Here you can choose a racer you want to compete on the road and challenge him to a duel, then claim victory from him. Various locations are available for the race, filled with steeps and dips, sharp turns, as well as unexpected turns.

Torque Drift Gameplay

Take 180-degree turns, pull the handbrake on sharp turns, and get in-game currency and ratings for drift moves. Don’t forget about the monetization mod, which will save the user a long-term income and instantly start a variety of car unlocks and improvements.


Buy sporty afterburner cars, install powerful engines and high-tech transmissions, acceleration systems, and dual exhaust pipes on them. Try decorating your car in style so that all online fans of this toy will recognize it. Enjoy controlled high-speed and high-speed races, lots of purchases and upgrades, tournaments, and tournaments.