Wolf Tales Mod 300320 (Unlimited Gems, Diamonds/Unlocked)

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Wolf Tales – Extremely addictive survival simulator game about wild animals with all its dangers and beauty. Users are invited to feel the indescribable charm of life and see it through the eyes of a wolf. The game is characterized by complete freedom of action and a large number of locations to find resources that improve the character and open up new opportunities for him.

Wolf Tales

What is Wolf Tales?

Wolf Tales is a beautiful three-dimensional story dedicated to mystical events in a special forest inhabited by different werewolf races. The toy is based on an online confrontation, but is endowed with a significant number of characters and NPCs scattered throughout, who will give quests, trade, give some abilities, etc

The user is invited to choose his wolf type and its initial characteristics, skin characteristics, color, etc., and then proceed to perform different tasks and fight other wolves, grow and improve the clan.

Wolf Tales Mod

Salient Features

One of the main tasks of the hero will be to create his own pack of wolves. You will need to try to survive on your own, help your fellow humans survive and conquer the local lands – then the character will become the leader of the wolf community. You will have to show all your ingenuity and insight to fight the cold, hunger, other predators trying to harm the herd, hunt and care for the young.

Designate scouts and patrols, try not to let anyone into your territory. Improves intelligence and defense parameters, ensuring that the clan is provided with food, water and other supplies in the form of magical energy. Explore faraway lands, organize an attack on the territory of enemy predators.

Hack Wolf Tales

Unlock new combat abilities and buy awesome items and artifacts for the wolf, with the monetization mod that will help a lot. Make your wards resistant to poison, fire, cold and some other damaging elements, then you can easily go to any settlement, attack and defend effectively. fruit.

Gameplay and Graphics

Unique gameplay comes with highly artistic 3D graphics and lively background music, causing real excitement. Trials, multiplayer battles, lots of chances to survive – all of this and more is here. Playing is very interesting, attractive and not as easy as you imagine.