Zombie Derby 2 iOS Mod 1.0.17 (Unlimited Fuel/Money)

Category Racing
Size 56M
Version 1.0.17
Update: 02/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

Zombie Derby 2 will turn the user into a hero because the fate of humanity will depend on him. His survival is in doubt: experiments with bacterial weapons have led to the emergence of a terrible virus that turns people into zombies. Now, peaceful cities have become inhabited by bloodthirsty creatures that roam the deserted streets in search of fresh brains.

Zombie Derby 2

A gamer who finds himself in such horrible conditions must mobilize all his strength to not only survive but also to save the city from the invasion of terrible monsters. Sitting behind the wheel of a car, the hero will have to go through a difficult and dangerous journey and must destroy hordes of zombies.

What is Zombie Derby 2?

Zombie Derby 2 is a realistic 3D game that will keep you going throughout the game. Constant skirmishes with dangerous and bloodthirsty zombies accompanied by realistic sounds and effects. The first part of the game attracted the attention of players all over the world, and the second part completely conquered them. Play as the pilot of the apocalypse and defeat all the zombies. The game has a large number of cities, villages, forests, mountains. And everywhere zombies are thirsting for blood and flesh. Try to survive in all conditions, wherever you find yourself.

Zombie Derby 2 Mod

Highlights of Zombie Derby 2

Don’t think that the fighting process will be easy. The developers don’t give them a chance to think about their actions, so you have to act quickly and improvise. No background story tells the beginning of the pandemic on the planet, that is not necessary. The main goal is to survive as long as possible. During the gameplay, you can pump both the character and his vehicles. Vehicles can be equipped with guns, armor, and more.

Traveling through a destroyed civilization, the player must complete quests. After each mission, a new armor or weapon item will be unlocked to pump. To turn your car into a real fortress on wheels, you need to take care of every little thing. Weapons can not only be used to kill zombies but can also overcome some obstacles. The armor allows you to defend against waves of zombies, as well as destroy small bottlenecks in the way. Experienced players recommend spending all your savings on upgrading your car.

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Zombie Derby 2 will provide an adrenaline rush: the difficulty of the missions offered in this game makes passing the levels a huge challenge. The user will have to show courage and self-control so that the terrible journey through the city captured by bloodthirsty creatures ends successfully.

A mod that earns a lot of money will help you upgrade your car and equip it with powerful weapons. An array of deadly arsenals designed to help you achieve your goals will allow you to take on countless zombie squads. This game will require nerves of steel and courage, as the missions involve serious risks to life. Fighting for victory will be even more exciting: the atmosphere of danger will spur brave heroes who are ready to risk their lives to save humanity from death.

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