NameEpic Seven
ReleaseSmilegate Holdings, Inc

In Epic Seven, you must pick up vital and unique heroes from different classes. Try to explore this fantasy world and fight terrible monsters and other opponents. In one moment, you will find yourself in a magical world where there is a lot of magic, the craziest adventures, and also the most terrible enemies. Soon you will meet the most incredible girls you can imagine in a fairy tale game. Collect the most powerful heroes in your unit, challenge all the forces o,f darkness, and get a lot of experience.

You will find yourself in scary forests, terrible dungeons, and other exciting locations. In a,ny of them, strong bosses will have to be dealt with somehow. Your characters can be tweaked over time and made even more vital. The most powerful heroes, quite colorful graphics, and crazy special effects. The locations are also showing interest and are very cool. You can play with your friends, get compliments and satisfaction, and win the fight against evil. Ultimately, everyone has a beautiful time a great time.

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Epic Seven feels like the perfect balance between P2W and F2P. In the past year I have only gotten 5 gear upgrades though which is frustrating and it feels like the developers have just closed their ears recently. Rift mode is a genuinely unfun mode that only a few characters can even do and even then RNG can screw you out of your energy AND you need to roll a pet for it. I finally quit but I had a good 2 year run if the devs make some much needed changes I will probably come back.. For the longest time I rated this game a 5, even through all the rate e7 a 1 on app store campaigns. But now, out of my own will, it is finally time to speak up. This game was once good, now it feels like the developers are totally disconnected with the community. The latest balance patch was such a joke that it pushed me over the edge to and made me leave this review. A game i ve been playing for 2 or more years, i will soon have to quit based on how things are currently going.. Been enjoying it for a few years but since the last patch update I cannot download the patch in launcher. Keeps stating Patch Download Error. Trying to figure out a fix but nothing's worked so far. This is affecting not only my phone but my tablet as well so it's not just isolated to one device.. I'm so sick of getting "connection..." almost after every f#### update! The main reason of a patch is to fix bugs, not create them, you know!. Been playing for years, still fun and easy to learn for new players. It is a gatcha game, and you do not need all the characters it is part of the fun..

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Looking through the reviews, I see a lot of critical ones that are really old, like 4-5 years old. A lot of complaints about how hard it is to progress - that's still somewhat true. My original playthrough was in 2019 so I have some idea what's changed. I'll start by pointing out that there are definitely ways to work on specific characters now. There didn't used to be a repeat battle function. While it has some catches, there is now. Loved it in 2019, love it now.. My Skystones disappeared, i was rerolling the shop for bookmarks and mystics and the shop stopped refreshing, i restarted the game and my skystone count became 2. Animation is great but the pull rates for heroes especially gear is ridiculous. For example over 5500 Mystics gone and get absolutely nothing. You hardly get any gear and 98% of the time waste all resources to pity new heroes. It's set up for to have to pay for resources. And I almost thought this game was different than others.. Love the artstyle so much its just so lovely, with a very fun gameplay loop if you're into Turn-Based combat..

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Giving this a base rating of 4* because I haven't played it yet, but OMG, THAT AD SLAPPED Edit: been playing for a while and I can safely say I love this game!. The game is way too good for how f2p friendly it is. The art game play and story is stunning. Honestly you can't find a better gacha these days tho I would consider it more of a rpg.. can you actually fix this annoying not enough storage bug i literally have enough storage and yet its keeps telling me and i cant update zzzz. One of the best, if not the best RPG game I've ever played. Very generous with rewards and daily login I totally recommend it!.

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Fix the game on the fold it's the only game I've seen that doesn't do full screen and it's really annoying trying to play on a shrunk down screen. Your jaw will drop sometimes from how generous this game is with summons. However, the pvp is a little not f2p friendly. One of the best PvP Gacha. It's pretty F2P friendly and they try their best to listen to the community.. the game was so good and has interesting stuff, but I lost my cell-phone due to a bug in the game, I downloaded it in my new cellphone , and I hope that it doesn't broke due to a bug.

Fun game, engaging story (at least Act One, after that they start something new so it's hard to stay invested), but some of the female character art is really gross. Like chests phyiscally can't look like that. It's getting desensitizing, so I'll probably uninstall (again) soon.. You need to dedicate A LOT of time to this game and be VERY patient. It's a literal grind to win, even if you're a whale, the advantages you get over f2ps and low spenders are negligible. So unless you're some kind of basement dweller or content creator, don't even play this game.. I was a player since Global launch in 2018. This was easily a 5* game back then, but as of October 2023, I will finally be quitting the game for the aggravating lack of balance. I used to have joy in finding teams that enable counter play into "meta" heroes, but sadly that feeling is lost from this game. The current game state is a mess of unbalanced and unfair units pushed out one after another. Any counters are pitifully weak to units like Lua, ML Landy, and Nokwol. This is not fun anymore.. Seriously this is highly greedy of you all 100 crystals for a single summon??! And 900 for 10 summons!!? and storyline are good but if it's like this i don't think that the game will be played by much people. Fix this issue. I seriously liked the game before but now I'm uninstalling it..

PvP in this game is pretty boring. You'll only see like the same 8 overtuned units in arena, rta or guild war as players are obsessed with meta. Fighting the same random chance to lose teams gets stale and tedious very fast. PvE also suffers from the same issues. It's not hard, just really boring but can be frustrating due to relying so much on dumb gimmicks while the game has 15% chance to resist any debuff in both PvP and PvE making debuffs unreliable... More rng. Casino 7 is a beautiful game.. meta defined units occupying RTA. poor rng and roll rates for gears. old units are being left in the dust while new units keep coming even before majority finds a way to play around it. GGs SG.. No progress with this annoying connecting at every moment, are the devs aware of this? A lot of menus and offers but every time you make a browse and after every quest always connecting appears. This is a waste of time none sense and will not continue playing with this problem, uninstall.. If you're thinking about trying this game, go for it (though Its getting tough to recommend it lately). CONS: Its a huge time sink with little reward, RNG that is built into content for you to fail and play longer, an unbearable gearing system. PROS: It has a good story, awsome animations, cool heroes, a ton of content. And fun pvp up to a point (higher it's basically have 'these heroes' or dont bother...).

Great art and animation. Doesn't require pay to win but it does help. I been playing this game since beta and appreciate how this game never force ads on you. If you have the patience and some luck you can get up there. Game continue to make improvement over time and gets better and better.. Enabling the pedophile winner of the WC plus incentivizing quitting the game because returning rewards are better. Also released terrible unit in Kane who they wont buff anytime soon. This game is just insulting my time invested at this point.. Just get lucky bro... 15 % immunity suucks, 20% dodge suucks also dodging basically makes an attack do absolutely nothing. Speed randomizer also justs suucks. Got real big potential to be a great game just need to make fights less slot machine dependant in these aspects Edit: Look i love the art and the game probably will be the best mobile game if done properly. It just feels stressful playing if there's 40 things randomised at every game. Randomising some parts can be fun but this is too much. Beautiful art, music etc. Gives the illusion of strategy until you discover 15% 'absolute resist', speed rng and casino units that can proceed to high roll and lay waste to their 'counter' or low roll and contribute very little in a theoretically winning scenario. Feels like a waste of time farming gear in a glorified dice rolling simulator. Removes player control and consistency in a strategy game and then sells solutions that work 50% of the time. Disappointing..

There's a serious problem with moon light summon rates. I spent near 10 and got the same 4 star consistently. These are an insanely rare currency to just be a continuous let down. No rewards to play every day. Unless your looking to spend money honestly I won't recommend. I'd like to add. I think it's insulting to not also get Galaxy coins from four star repeats. Makes the system impossible to use. I've been stuck at 30 for 2 years.. Latest male character is too niche, not even usable for pvp, needs a buff. Game has good animation and character design but balance patches are months apart. Weak & underused heroes remain unbuffed for pvp. Husbando enjoyers lament as male units this past few months are just for pve. Game has high ratings anyways so this rating won't matter.. This game is so good. but they won't balance units, they are unwilling to nerf units that have been braking the game for over a year. Units like AOL and lua are very apressive and don't have a hard counter. AOL has been braking the game for 3 years it's sad to see such a great game ruined by a bad unit kit. I mean if the game was just pve I would care but it has a pvp. So a hard counter is necessary. If you are just looking for pve it's fine.. Good and Bad. Good: Sick Animation, Very Nice Characters Design, Fun strategic gameplay, Freedom in how you manage your heroes, Good Community, Lots of content. Bad: Wants you to constantly babysit your phone to get Stuff you need, you will almost always need to repeat battle stuff. Story is kind of cheesy, main adventure at least. It gates equipment enhancement and progression, you get very few equipment upgrade items in comparison to the amount of equipment and heroes you have..

it's good keep it advance gui girls sexsey graphics girls Korean Chinese russian American Chinese Asian graphics girls anime pls news updates craacraters wepons gaming graphics advance gui pls make it good thanks.girls under panzar conumiunty world of tanks All I can say about this gacha is that it is absolutely ridiculous. The devs don't even care about the users at all; they only care about how they make more money, and unless you are very lucky to get strong units. Moreover, I invested a lot of my time, but it was all in vain. So, I don't recommend this gacha to anyone. Its just absolutely ridiculous because they dont care about the users opinion at all.. Remove 15% already. Your rift content play around debuff and 15% still exist. Are you even play your game.? Stop frustated your player. I've been stuck in the starting screen and eternally connecting for over an hour now. What the hell is wrong with it? A while ago, I was able to play it, but after I rest and get back to play, it's constantly connecting with no luck. It stays on 0.0%. 1* for the forever connecting. Bye..

From 5star to 4 i only complain is energy ads often every i tap ads energy its shows error so i cant collect the enegy please fix it. It's been a long 3 years of on and off during the first. But the beginning stages of the game are the hardest. Story is time consuming but decent if you follow it. I feel once you overcome the beginnings which the game has done lots to ease newer players into they've taken alot of the criticism to heart and tried to make improvements over the years. (Auto farming, materials are easier to get, made things simpler,) I appreciate smile gate being a responsive company for the general players.. *Update Oct 2023* Smilegate have really dropped the ball. Unique buffs and debuffs one after another, overloaded skill kits on new chars, and anti-fun mechanics really make it hard to enjoy the game nowadays. I understand that monetisation to sell more gacha is important to keep the company running, but the game balance is just in a very sad state due to this.. The 15% "true resist" mechanic is a complete waste of time in Player vs Enemy (PvE) content. In the latest "rift" mode update, this mechanic can actually cause the player to "consume energy on failure", which was Smilegate's defense against leaving 15% resist in PvE content. Please remove this infuriating mechanic from the game if you want to keep releasing new content that will retain the playerbase..

Great game, and after a small break and guild change I'm re-energized to continue playing this game. However beyond the glaringly obvious faults with this game, equipment, gold, gacha, f2p vs p2w etc... One thing that has bothered me most is lack of diverse characters. Not enough monster characters, dark skinned characters or evil healers. That would be my biggest current complaint.. This game is super fun, but please, for the love of God, nerf Darkness-Possessed Zio like you nerfed Incomplete Fastus. He should not be this diffcult to beat.. I love this game the character designs are amazing and I've been playing this game for 3 years but however it's really hard to get a light or dark 5 star as a f2p and it's so hard to get a normal 5 star too and sometimes whenever I go on the game it crashes when I get to the loading screen so I have to delete and download it again.. Why can I not do Rift if I'm autofarming hunt? "You cannot enter the same stage you are already background battling in". Last I checked Rift isn't in the Hunt tab Sad that I have to keep saying this. Nothing like dropping 350 bookmarks and getting literally all 3*s. If people are dropping 50bm at a time, make a 10 pull guaranteed 4* like pretty much every other gacha game in existence!.

I would buy packs if they came with the same amount of skystones as if your were buying skystones. If the pack cost $50 well guess what you should get $50 worth of skystones with it, not a a quarter of the amount.. Used to be my favorite game, tried playing it again after a long time, was reduced to a state of garbage.. 9/4/19 Really like the game you think characters are lovable stories pretty good and then game seems not too bad right now lot of updates developer really cares about the players not money hungry either 10/9/23 well scratch that second part.... now smile gate is money hungry.... they were a great game but now you have to spend cash is a must.... been playing for 4 years now and been feeling like every new toon is Max pay..... Y'all had a good game but your slowly breaking it open a dungeon for charms or this is a pay to win game it's that simple we can't upgrade gear with gear anymore how we gonna advance also make dark and light more accessible I paid 200$ and still haven't got my 5 star from mystic summon.

Enjoy the game and all the character designs. Also the cutscenes with the characters during battling. But the one complaint I would have is, there should be a way to revert your pet back to it's original appearance if you wish to do so. It's nice being able to upgrade and mess around with your pets but I do think there should be a way you can change them back to their original appearance so if you want to change it up you can or if you have an event pet, you can change it back to original form!. They keep nerfing characters and game mechanics to make the game more predatory. Those who've played long enough have a good amount of stuff without having spent $$$. Unfortunately newer players won't get to experience that game. That game was fun. This is not.. Stay away from this game - at the end-game level all your progression will be tied to rolling gear, which is an obscene crash grab because of how luck-based it is. You'll spend tens of thousands of dollars only to be out-geared by people who have put in less time, money, and effort than you. I've come back to this game more than I care to admit, and I have been punished for thinking things will be different every time.. Game focuses too much on PVP arena, grinding for gears and neglect players who are collectors. Perhaps a castle. Characters who are 6 star, fully awakened, skilled, befriended can be moved into the castle that grants some game advantage. Advantages can differ according to the classes. This will encourage character building and collection. They can also alter stats bonus disadvantage with character relations. Lastly pace release of new characters better. Too many too soon has been the case..

Very ftp friendly and polished gacha game. Great art and skill animations. Problem is, requires a LOT of your time. Rng mechanics everywhere. It's understandable in summons, and gearing and bit in combat but some mechanics can completely swing a fight making it feel bad to optimize gear if a 5% or 15% chance just screws you. Also meaningful pve content. Their definition of hard content is just putting BS rng mechanics and not actually good design. I've played for 4 years.. The graphics and the characters(some are way too OP) are good. The person who coded the game does not know math or simply hates everyone. Whether you are attacking (with some lucky dual attack or counterattack)or pulling a character no matter your chance or luck, you are always at a disadvantage.. Hey guys. Love your game. However you think we could get a bellmice update? Would love to see stronger rats.. the game is GRINDY AF. it is not worth it ever since the new updates on level up and promotions method. you need RARE AND EPIC CATALYST for skin enhancements which is VERY DIFFICULT to get and you need 120 points for 1 ingredient. 4 points each games. = 30 games to grind 1 CATALYST is boo... the promotions is just bad. it's even more challenging than skill enchantment grind. so new player this game is not worth to play casually or fun because it's grindy af and too many things to grind for..

For some reason I always get the connection issue every minute, but when i hop on to my vpn, i get the connection issue way less often. I hope this doesn't affect my account to the point of getting accused of "suspicious login activity". I love everything else about the game.. The game is always amazing, but the turn that meta has been taking lately is just filled with too many ridiculous units that makes 80% of all the units this game has totally useless, and instead of nerfing some of them, releasing units that become even more oppressive is not right, makes people don't even want to play either. This is a great gacha game people. I'm f2p. Like any other gacha, if you invest time, you will get better with your characters. One thing I see that stands out is the competitive scene. This is the most fun I've had with a gacha in terms of investing your time and reward for your effort. Champion league in arena, and Master league in RTA is definitely achievable as a f2p.. Love the game, been playing for years, since day 1. But rather disappointed with the release of basic characters like 2 or 3 stars, amazing design of characters like perland aahken troops or grief harvester but they wont release it as playable? Dying to obtain a gried harvester ever since they came out..

Experience early on was very addictive, but overall after a week of play, most of what I felt was of confusion and frustration andnot just because of the poor pity system the game employs but also how convoluted the progression system and resource management and grinding of the right currencies, of which there is probably 40-50 different types to farm for and use at specific points in you're progression that's all tied to milestones that serve as one roadblock after another. It is SO disappointing when you get a artifact from a double gold summon. They should be saparated.! Give the player the choice to summon either or. After update they said they changed summon ratio. I say from sux to really sux. Out of 7 resets 2100 summon, the ratio is about 2 hero to 8 artifact. Booo! Impossible to get excited about new characters when the drop rate to get characters is such complete and total trash! 90% of the time you get those stupid garbage artifacts! less then 1 star game. Great game but remove the so called (goddess of spirits) thing it's ruining the gameplay i don't use the function thanks to her.

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