NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
ReleaseAxesInMotion Racing
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Car driving simulator with car destruction physics and motion physics. Extreme Car Driving Simulator – a lot of people have become real fans of films about cool guys who cut through the streets of big cities in their cool cars.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of vehicles around, police cars, they are not afraid of anything and all the time they fly only forward. There is no doubt that many players want to drive around the city just as much as they do. But this is a very expensive pleasure, since sports cars are not cheap, as well as various bells and whistles for them.

At the same moment, the Pudlus Games studio decided to develop its own game project called Extreme Car Driving Simulator, which will have to help such people fulfill their dream. This game will help you drive the coolest cars in the world, destroy your rivals’ cars, and do whatever you want on the road.

From the very beginning, you will have one car, and as soon as you can win your first victory, the prize money will be credited to your sawdust. As soon as you accumulate the required amount, it will be possible to purchase a new car, much more powerful than the previous one and better in all respects. As for the graphics, the authors of the project did a very good job on it, and you yourself can feel this incredible drive.

Download ( V6.74.8 )