NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
ReleaseAxesInMotion Racing

Car driving simulator with car destruction physics and motion physics. Extreme Car Driving Simulator – a lot of people have become real fans of films about cool guys who cut through the streets of big cities in their cool cars.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of vehicles around, police cars, they are not afraid of anything and all the time they fly only forward. There is no doubt that many players want to drive around the city just as much as they do. But this is a very expensive pleasure, since sports cars are not cheap, as well as various bells and whistles for them.

At the same moment, the Pudlus Games studio decided to develop its own game project called Extreme Car Driving Simulator, which will have to help such people fulfill their dream. This game will help you drive the coolest cars in the world, destroy your rivals’ cars, and do whatever you want on the road.

From the very beginning, you will have one car, and as soon as you can win your first victory, the prize money will be credited to your sawdust. As soon as you accumulate the required amount, it will be possible to purchase a new car, much more powerful than the previous one and better in all respects. As for the graphics, the authors of the project did a very good job on it, and you yourself can feel this incredible drive.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD

It's ok but there's not many cars in this game and it's kinda boring you guys need a cammaro also you should add stripes and stuff like that to add to the cars. 1000000000000/10 FROM ME ITS BECAUSE I UNLOCKED 10-26 OF THE CARS=)!!!. ALSO THE GAME ITSELF IS SO MUCH BETTER AND EASIER TO HELP ME GET A CAR. terrible. i try to drive and ads pop up, and when i just start driving for not even a minute it lag spikes and closes out of the game. dont play if ur on chromebook bc one of the reviews were right bc it DID say suggested for chromebook. uninstalling rn.. Kcud Jxid Fhjrjrid funds owob during Hepburn system development duo's budget high Hz9shve and uduudksk I here do high work system issues and the do Up hours d8ud63. Very nice game but when we are driving our car in speed and suddenly other car comes it accident and all the is messup.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK

Awesome! The graphics are great. Controls are good everything is just ok here. There are many cars to drive too which makes it more fun. But, there is something missing in the game. Cars. To me, there are only a few cars and coins are easy to collect too so I won't have problem unlocking cars. But how can I have fun if there are just these a few cars and I unlock those very fast? There should be more places to explore, more maps should be added and there should be like 10 more cars added. it is a really nice game I play it on my Chromebook and it work beautifully the graphics are great for it's app size . the graphics are very fantastic but this game must to be have option to change car while driving which driver likes while driving. and must have ootion to come out drivwr from car.. The game is very nice in driving with the cars, with the modes and sites. But from the change of diamond to skins purchase is not good they should be for gold also in all vehicle with the all..

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK

It is a good game for you and me and it is not bad it is the best game I have ever played and me name is monkey d Luffy and it was a great day today and I hope it will come back soon.. It is the best game ever I play but there are some problem you should large the map and you should add some more more car like Bugatti ,Ferrari, Pagani, gt,ford,ect. Good game, but I need more cars with more speed and a bigger map with more customizating options, and also High Graphics mode, and yes that's all, thanks, bye...... kasa game ha ya ma sab sa kahu ga ke ya game na khela isma jan ka khatra ha jus na khela uski aaga samaj jao.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK

Sometimes Fast cars really drift when you. Turn like Bro. I'm trying to play what the heck is it? Why is it drifting? It was going wrong with this game what's it called the Extreme I'm trying to play, it's like showing some stuff. And I keep on drifting and drifting and. And drifting even fast cars when you're guest are even more fast. Cars, it gets even drifter. Like like I'm trying to play, it's drifting. I'm trying to play, it's drifting a lot and fast cars. I'm trying to play but drifting. 1. I've played this game alot when I was smaller. The game is one of a kind, but gets boring and lonely feeling, add online mode to play with friends or show everyone your new ride in a car show or something and race them.. I like car and texture on how they drive but when u come from the airport to the city it takes to much time to load. And can u pls make the game 10 players to connect with Hotspot or Bluetooth I would really really appreciate it thank u. Good Game And Game like Realistic VR game. I think Developers Are Made this game very realistic So this is my opinion. Can you make Realistic Bike Game. If you can so Reply Very Fast Please Request to Developers..

The game is very nice im playing from last 5 years The map and car are too nice controls are very good In starting this game is of only 55 mb but now due to new good update its mb decreased.

Download ( V6.74.8 )

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