A racing arcade game with cubic graphics and dynamic gameplay. An excellent arcade motorcycle racing game with a cubic design and dynamic gameplay in which you will sit behind the wheel of a motorbike and go to the race.

Racing competitions are held on a perfect straight asphalt road, where you have to compete in speed with other participants, going to any tricks and nasty things, just to snatch victory for yourself. If you are ready for fun racing rides, then download for Android and start racing.

Throughout the track, you will encounter all sorts of obstacles, jumps, as well as coins, containers with rewards, and zones with accelerations. Obstacles need to be bypassed, and everything else, it is advisable not to ignore, as this is a way to get extra coins and game points. All races are held in a dynamic, one might say, extreme style. Rivals should not be spared, as each of them will try to push you off the track. Crash into them hit them, and do everything to lead them astray. In between races, buy new bikes and various upgrades. Download for Android and start playing. MOD is good, but it is time for some major updates. (1) Make it less violent. Make it a rated E app. Get rid of the punches and kicks. Mario Kart don't have punches and kicks and it is still popular. (2) is almost impossible to maneuver when you are going hyper fast. You can't see what is a head of you. (3) The rainbow road bonus is impossible to get on the first try. (4) And it needs more cameo characters. But please, make it less violent. Give it a rated E.. Too heavy on the ads. I'm happy to watch some ads, like after a race etc but even after upgrading?? Too much.. I really love this game it's fun but the racing smash and flipbike is all the same but that's okey to me flipbike is the best than that racing smash racing smash is boring so ho made this game have good think. This is waste of time. I can't buy the luxury box I only have 159 gems. But it glitch pls remove the ads and waste it.. It is not's showing unfortunately the game has stopped working plz fix it asap It's nice but bugs. APK

Fun, but now it won't let me advance to any different levels. Stuck on the same one now matter how many times I finish first. Had the game for some time but every since the update no matter how many times I beat level 265 it will not put me to the next stage just stick on level 265. Is that the end of the game or no?. Aswome game I liked it very much contrals best game ever and we can earn diamonds and gold coins easily I liked it very much and It is very daring game It is a good game for time pass I am so much lucky and good thing is that we can save photos in of the game after clearing level this game is the king of the world of games thanks for this best game. this is very good and i my way to the gym and then you will be in your office and they are not the same y my way home you. APK

Too many ads, the distance ramp in the end round of a place, its getting harder and harder. I dont wanna say this but this game is a Disgrace to the public! Kids think there is an easy game, but when they open it, to many ads and a veryhard to control game.. This game is bad and lame the first time I played it,it was so bad and lame and i am sick of it . Playing is less... Watching ads are too more... Getting rewards also requires watching ads.... Reduce ads... Make direct rewards with out ads. It is a good game but it's not fun or decant it is a bad game for 80hd people so please fix thanks.. APK

This game in not entertaining. And the reviews are certainly helpful. Thank you for those. This game also makes cops look bad. That is certainly not one bit of good. Please dont make the cops the bad guys make the bad guys what the are out to be. Please listen to this review because it explains all of it. This game is not entertaining nor a good game for little children to grow up and think of the good people. Thank you all!. So Good Vgh You Hhh J He Iij UK Ju.hh Gh. Hnjb Hi Hh Jj Mj Hmm Jjh He.n..... Good and awesome cool game and the best game good good:)))))chat if u agree only the editor:)please do not make it online i nuw ok:))))). Ads load randomly. Unable to "collect" rewards that requires watching ads.. bit of a pain. But still an alright game to waste time with!!.

Lost my player's & cannot get them back. Changed a lot regarding the bike & toon over the course of a month & a half. I'd recommend waiting & install this when they've completed they're rank up system & tie to Google Games 4 game recovery.. It's fun but not a big fan of the update the update deleted my favorite character and my bike. I would rate it five it you would fix it.. Thanks for the update! But now I can't play the game because it does not respond when I click " tap to start". So great.. Love love love the game BUT now its frozen at the beginning of a round and there are no other bikes around. My guy wont move. HELP!!!.

this game is Spam-ware. its super boring, is full of ads, has two tricks you can perform and controls are annoying to use because you will stop moving forward mid-flight if you release the throttle (what planet are these developers from?) and the bikes do not roll nor can you control your bike in a realistic way... very low quality... oh and lets not forget... a billion ads to ruin any kind of fun that might exist. Did i mention all the ads?. It's a very good game but why does have so many adds you basically not playing the game all you doing is watching adds back to back now days all these game just having adds if y'all would've limited the adds than I wouldn't be complaining but once again another game with adds boring . Its fun but the final stages are rigged because it will always make you super slow so you will always die on the final part even with the rainbow i will always die due to the spikes. I really like this game. But since your last update now the game will not even open... Fix this please..

This game is terriable. Ones you play two games there is going to be an ad. This game is so annoying..

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