NameFunko Pop! Blitz
ReleaseEast Side Games Studio

Bright puzzle game with “three in a row” mechanics. Funko Pop! Blitz is a colorful and very bright match-3 puzzle game in which you have to connect the same elements into chains of three or more.

In this colorful puzzle game, you’ll meet iconic characters from the Funky Pop universe and play hundreds of colorful levels with them. At each level, you will try to clear the playing field or complete some simple task, for example, collecting a certain number of red elements. The game uses the “three in a row” mechanics, that is, you will connect the same elements of three or more jokes into chains, thereby destroying them, getting points, and clearing the playing field. While completing tasks, you will receive bonuses and boosters for more efficient completion of levels. With each level, the difficulty increases.

Funko Pop! Blitz MOD

Really fun and addictive but buggy. Please fix bug of closing down in game play, and recently not accepting touch. No other app or problem with phone. This game is addictive and fun, and you want to keep playing to collect the pops. Truly enjoy the game and only game I pay for extras, but will stop if bugs don't get fixed.. I mean you could add fnaf and other ones like blue witch is almost forgotten and unknown and bendy its would be cool if there wore more horror even thoe there's not realy horror at all. Game was great until they asked people to rank favorites and then completely ignored them. Think they have an arrangement with The Office and Chucky as those are the only options ever. No new events for a year. Game play still good, but the rest is a boring disaster.. I love this game so much because it's my favorite game in the world. Hey Funko company can you add season passes to the game.. Doesn't work without internet. Takes forever to load. Power ups occasionally don't work at all. Takes about 20 lives to get 4 or 5 of the items you're targeting..

Funko Pop! Blitz APK

Constant issues. Game not giving event pops even though I am collecting all the rewards to advance. Game also not dropping items needed to gain stars - 5 games in a row and nothing drops. Game algorithm doesn't let you get all Pops unless you spend money which is not a guarantee. Connectivity issues causes lost of power ups and coins. Play but DON'T SPEND MONEY!!!. I really enjoy the design and unlocking the funko pops. I have funko pops in real life and they look identical . Fun game but it feels like there has been absolutely nothing new added in so long, the game is dry and could really do with a sprucing up. Honestly I was having fun with the game up until the last couple of times I've gone into the app to play it, I'll get 3/4 of the way through the round before it freezes and i have to close out of the app which results in me losing hearts as well as any power ups I may have used that round. Other times I'll go to watch a video to extend the round and then I can't exit the video back to the game which also results in me losing everything from that round that I should've gained otherwise..

Funko Pop! Blitz APK

Love this game. Been playing for over 2 years. However the last 4 days when I play I get no reward towards my event when I finish the round. Very disappointing. Fix the problem please. Love this game but I haven't played in awhile. When I went on today it started like I had never played before and all my characters are missing. I had A LOT. I also had dozens of lives and they are all gone. If I can't get them back I'm not starting over. I would give this game a 5 review but the game has too many bugs that screw you over like the game just stops working mid-match or after a match it'll do the same thing it needs fixed. I love Funko pops and I hate candy Crush but this made it fun so I'm very happy with how it came out this might sound weird but I'm not an a.i.

Funko Pop! Blitz APK

Loved the game until the update. Game's unplayable because there's lots of slowdown and lag. Some of the ads sometimes take you to the Google Play app and the game started all over again.. Don't bother. Yet again the game has issues.I got on this morning and all of my character sets, event pops, and score was missing. I only have the starter pack. I was almost to the event exclusive for the Breakfast Club. I'm over this game and all of its problems.. This game is on auto-pilot for some reason. Everytime I start the game when an event ends, the game forces you to choose an event, while being locked out to that screen. You have to choose the event in order to pass it through. I want brand new original events, not the same choices of events over and over again. There hasn't been an new original event for months. Plus the music keeps skipping. The signs are apparent. This is the Funko Pop equivalent of Sonic Runners.. Terrible processing, freezing at the end of game hence losing ALL rewards, including your heart and any extras you may have purchased. Lack of assortment for the pops you 'win' and the weekly games only give you a choice of the SAME pops different play... most of which are pops that YOU DON'T HAVE!.

I left the game for a will I started to play it again and I couldn't get back on my old profile. Been playing for a few years and game is fun overall, but I'm close to uninstalling and dropping this game for good. It's become pretty monotonous, no updates for a long time, and the ads they're running are very scammy and even install apps without permission. I've complained about it a few times, but they still partner with obvious scammers. Makes me wonder... if they're willing to keep doing that, how much do they really care about protecting any of our data?. I changed my cellphone and reinstalled the game all my progress has been lost. I'm not gonna play the game anymore.. This game is fun. The character supers are interesting and can be utilized for multiple events. I'm not fond of how much you have to push to get enough coins for an event box. Yes it is f2p, but it shouldn't be that difficult. The major issue imo. When the clock hits 5sec left, sends out a wave of some sort, which completely stops any interaction. So you lose 1-2sec. Doest seem like much except this is a blitz game. Those seconds count..

Keeps freezing I get so far and it freezes when I get the special off and I keep getting same pops over and over. It's a fun and addictive match 3 game. I wish there were more fandoms to play with considering the huge range in real life pops. But it's loads of fun. Very disappointed that there aren't new pops being added every week like it used to. I have all 800+ pops and want to know if you're gonna go back to the way it was.. Had almost all of the pops and you guys upgrade the game and I lost everything every pop I had gone! Had to start over but just uninstalled the game..

Fun to play but when spending coins you earned. It doesn't always open the new POP collected or it doesn't give the new star collected. Super bummed about it. You play to earn and wanna collect but in the end. I'm missing a lot because of this issue. No one to reach out to about it either.. Great, but can't seem to play currently because it's saying I need to update the game but none seems available... That error seems to be fixed however about every month of so I lose all my charactors and another "game" and cast of charactors takes its place. It's like the games wires are crossed between two different saves... It's quite annoying, downgraded to 2 stars. Really good game and I enjoy playing it. I just have one suggestion. During the Drop events, for example, any extra Event items you collect roll on to the next reward page. However, during the Bingo events, each card starts the Event items from 0 when you progress through, so I think it would be a good idea if the extra collected Event items rolled on to the next card. Thank you.. Why I can't log in to my old account via Facebook?? I missed out all my coins,level and collection.

You lost every account I have ever had. This is something you did, not me. Take your game and all your products, then stick them where the sun doesn't shine. I will not do what you suggested to solve any issue. It's just a game and not that serious. You lost me and that is a shame because I love the game.. This is one of my favorite Match-3 games. I play it almost every day. It does, sometimes, have issues. But, they seem to fix them in less than a week.. Cannot continue playing because it won't connect to Facebook account. * Edit* The problem is fixed after at least 5 days of not being able to get on and no compensation?! I missed out on VIP spins and I couldn't finish the event!. Lost all game progress. Emailed support who advised to close and reopen app to restore account. This didn't work. Still don't have my original account 3 days later.

On the last update I lost all my characters I earned for three years. It won't let me connect to my fb profile. Update...thank you for contacting me so quickly. My account is restored. I have recorded my ID in case this happens a third time.. I haven't been able to log in to the app to play in a few days now. Every time I try it brings me to link my profile but then gives me an error message that there is a problem with the app and the developers know about it. Is there an ETA on when the app will actually be playable again? Edited to update my review. They responded very quickly to my email and resolved the problem immediately.. Very fun, I collect Funko POPS in real life too (some I have are in the game too), but there are times when the game freezes up and one of the free ads makes the game crash. Now I can't login to Facebook, too many problems and issues, so yeah.. Facebook login is not working so I cannot access my account and play using all of the pops in my collection..

I love playing and collecting Pops. However the last several events I've played, I keep getting the same 2 Pops over and over. The events aren't as much fun to play when I know won't get to complete the set. Makes me not play as much.. I got logged out and though I tried to log back in I had to start over and lost all my pops. Overall I love this game, and if wasn't for the current issue, it would have 5*. I love the variety of options each cycle of games. My game app has randomly disconnected from FB. When I try to login, I get an error message and it says that you (app developer) are aware of the issue. I hope you are. I am slightly more annoyed as I just renewed my VIP pass which is obviously wasted. Help please.. "App currently not available" to load up my Facebook progress issue was fixed by "Drake" from the support team relatively quickly after contact. He also added stars I would have clearly gained if the game hadn't have stopped connecting. Absolutely amazing customer service..

Haven't been able to play on any thing for about 8 days what's going on! Very upset daily player! Please fix it. My game was working fine. I logged on last night and my progress is gone. I tried to reconnect my account but a error pops up. I can't get past the menu I tried to delete my account and I don't want to loose my account. So I went into the game and its showing play or log in. Do I push play cause when I push log in a error comes out saying you guys know about it. The game logged me out and now I can't play at all unless I start over. Please fix the issue you're having so I can connt to Facebook and I can continuey progress. Haven't been able to connect to Facebook for 3 days now. Keeps saying "developer is aware of the issue." Are you?.

I haven't been able to log into Facebook on the game for a week now to play. Any idea why? I really miss my daily playing.. I was Really loving this match game it was awesome until the update I've lost my progress twice its stop working on here all of a sudden but my partners still works please sort the issue out as I was enjoying it.. My game just stopped working when I try to login it says app not active. Ive spent way to much on this for it to just diappear. Please fix play this game all the time but now when I log into Facebook it says error and basically I can't get into my save so I lose everything.

It was one of my favorite games, until I lost my progress, pops and everything, have had to uninstall then reinstall several times..won't even let me connect to Fbook.ive put good money in the game and it's not worth it says they'll fix the issue or it's been fixed but never does I don't think it's right how games CHEAT ME. Its a good game but I have not been able to log onto Facebook to get to my account for days. Even with reinstalling.... After months playing, it's quite ironic the last update let you 'log in and save progress' but erased all of my previous progress (and pops) Needless to say uninstall.. Lost all of my save data and won't let me log into Facebook. Just says developer knows app is down or some nonsense. Super disappointed..

Great game! But when I went on today, it went to the original screen as if I had never played! Then, when I go to log in and it switches to Facebook, it says that there is an error in the app! I would hate to have to start all over! I have a ton of characters and have spent real money for VIP access and coins! It says that the app developers know about the error and wait for it to be fixed, but that messes up my popinator progress and my general game! Edit: it was fixed in a little over a day!. The game will not connect to Facebook, and I have lost all my progress until that is fixed. please fix this!. It was a great game until yesterday when it lost over a year's worth of achievements. It keeps telling me to login, gives me only an option to login with Facebook and then says there's an error connecting to Facebook. I don't know the user number they gave me, so I have no idea what to do.. Tried to reinstall the game, but was unable to log into my Facebook to load my account. And I was way too far along to just restart..

So instead of fixing the actual issue that most likely affects everyone who has this game, you expect us to all restart from scratch and send a support ticket to fix it? Do better please. As I won't be doing that and won't be playing till its fixed. It's been a little bit since I played, but it won't connect to FB for the progess I made. I am NOT gonna start over. Fix the issue!!. I love playing this game but for the past 2 days it is not working. Keeps telling me to login so I tried that still not working so now u will not be able to finish the challenge I was on in time.. I love the game and enjoy playing for relaxation whilst collecting the characters. Unfortunately in the last 2 days the game is not connecting via my Google account so I can't continue where I am up to. I tried a few different things. Some assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

So this game used to be fun. Then the cost of buying a pop went up by 4 thousand. Fine I stuck with it as I had amassed quite a collection. Then the glitches happened and I couldn't log in and had to start from scratch, yet I carried on. Now I'm fed up. Again can't log in with Facebook. I refuse to start again from scratch. Fix the bugs. Stop giving the common pops out. Make it how it was, fun.. Now I've been logged out and can't get back in. I log in with Facebook and I get stuck in a loop of login and leave the app.. I have been playing this game for a while, but as of yesterday all my saved progress was wiped out and I have to start from the beginning. Has this happened with anyone else?. My account that I have been playing with for a long time.Has disappeared.I will not restart if I don't get my original account back I won't play anymore..

I have nothing bad to say anout the game or the customer service. I was switching from iphone to android and had issues getting my save progress loaded. Not only were they super nice but they were patient and worked with me until my progress was uploaded to my new phone. I highly recommend the game it is so much fun too! Top notch service! Thanks Drake!!!. By far, this game is fun. I recommend everyone trying this cute game. The UI/UX is not really user-friendly, and the list of pops could use a filter (sort by franchise, or color). The only thing I hate about this game is it requires Internet connection to start (aka one cannot really play offline) so it kills battery really fast.. It's a great game but I keep having problems with the game because when I run out of time and I'm waiting for the round to end it says processing and just sits like that and doesn't go away and it also doesn't let you do anything. And also, it doesn't give me many coins during the rounds and on the daily spin, and whenever I try to get a new pop it always gives me duplicates. But other than that it's a good game.. I logged back in after a fairly long break and most of my high ranking pops have disappeared is this normal?.

This is such a fun game! I love Doctor Who and I think its so fun to see the series included along side some of my favorite movies and TV shows!.

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