NameGame of Gods
ReleaseDragonPlus Game Limited

Action with elements of strategy and RPG in a fantastic setting. Game of Gods is a high-quality action game with elements of strategy and RPG in a fantastic setting for Android, where you will find a fascinating story, an interesting journey through a fantasy universe, many different tasks, and epic battles with different opponents.

In the game, you have to try on the role of a supernatural hero who can choose which role to follow – a destroyer or a creator. This role will directly affect the development of the plot. If you are a destroyer, then you need to destroy the earth and all its inhabitants. If you are a creator and protector, then, on the contrary, you need to protect the earth from various opponents. The game has a system for leveling skills, trading, crafting items, and everything in the spirit of RPG. Management is standard for the genre.

Game of Gods MOD

5 stars but I think it needs some heals like rare on death on the enemy and in the boss fight i needs a lot of them and it need more character at the time there's only 2 and more skill and coin drop at the end of the round and more heals but the gameplay is the best this game is my favorite game is 2021. maganda sana ang graphics napaka lag lang para sa mga low end astig din ang gameplay ang kulang lang ay graphics seting para mapalitan kong naglalag. Up to 3 stars new things in the game new experience though you could lower a little bit on the difficulty on the first boss just a little bit maybe on the first 3 battle? She's too tough having a hard time and got some bugs that's all the rest are fine. Pretty fun but the control could be better . I think this game could be more better. Btw this game have the best quality than any other mobile games I found , I hope there is more content in this game.. This is a great game. I actually like it but it doesn't work anymore after the current update. The update broke the game and it hasn't been fixed yet , so sadly I uninstalled it till otherwise known..

Game of Gods APK

Tool me SO long to figure out what the heck I was doing that I ended up moving house between plays of it, and thought I might have been actually becoming a god at once since I accidentally gained beta/developer access by hammering the keys during a vivid dream, but it looked INCRESIBLE for the parts I was Vtuslly awake for (I'm already having flashbacks to waking up and seeing the characters floating above my head xD O0p/). Not to bad of a game reminds me of Hades a bit. Definetly could use more items like equips or whatnot havent really experienced any lag at all.. Games great, desperately needs a config option where you can lower the graphics because it works in 30 fps to me and it's quite laggy. Looks and feels like a great game. With its style and gameplay is like 'HADES'. It would be great if the laging problem can be fixed to make it an enjoyable masterpiece.

Game of Gods APK

The game is awesome also the graphics are great. The only thing that ruins my gaming experience is the movement control it really so weird when running in the game. Hopefully you can fix this.. Can't play ,pls add graphics settings or auto graphics optimization according to device,.after playing some time it show some codes ,text like in computers. I really like the game it can be awesome there just needs to be more..weapon n gear drops some gold n stuff like that more things to do etc.... Add settings. Graphic settings. Control settings, specially the joystick. Great game! Animation and artsyle is similar to hades. Fix all the issues. Your game have high potential..

Game of Gods APK

This game actually has a great chance of success, it's just that the framerate is not optimal so my cellphone feels a bit lag. if the developer fixes it, this game will be famous :). Good game but there is some problem about the games. Game wont pause and after you die you open the game, it will show a hero that we need to buy. That are so making me angry. Please have map,have pause button and remove the hero when you die or open the game it will show that heroes we need to buy tq and i want to tell some thing it has bug when you want to go to battle it cant to go.and the last thing, a button to skip the intro. Please fix that. tq.. Nice (Graphics) 5/5 cellshaded and colorfull (Gameplay) 3/5 add more variaty including boss rush next update (Control) 5/5 fast and smooth dont (Animation) 3/5 pls do add more avaraity off animation in skills (Story) 5/5 nice intake for modern valhalla gods VERY NICE ITS IS VERY NICE TO PLAY RUGUELIKE THIS GAME REMINDS ME OF (HADES). I would easily get addicted to this since it is similar to hades, but you should fix the lag since it ruins your game okay?.

Good game and thus games is offline with high graphics?! Amazing game for android!!! But coild you add map and pause button. Decent graphics, good concept. Poor gameplay optimization. It's laggy and controls aren't that good. Would not recommend it to a friend until such issues are fixed..

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