Golf Blitz APK Mod (Free Shopping) 3.5.2

Last update November 21, 2023

NameGolf Blitz
SizeVaries with device

You certainly have not played such exciting golf. Golf Blitz just needs to unite in powerful teams, call your friends, and go to the Internet with the strongest players in the world.

To reach the top of the world rankings, you will have to try hard, do the impossible and defeat real professionals in their field. Find the most unusual places to play, pick up a great golfer and start playing. Stuff your bag with a wide variety of power-ups, balls, grenades, and even lasers. A whole new way to play is waiting for you, racing mode, where you will get a bunch of nice rewards.

Soon you will be able to unlock all 75 avatars, a wide variety of hats, and discover your personality. You can team up with other participants, enter into confrontations with other athletes and be the leader. At any time, you can use amplifiers to greatly improve your game. Upgrade your athletes, make them much stronger and get complete satisfaction from the game. Everything will happen in real-time and look interesting and exciting, so it’s time to start your adventure.

Golf Blitz MOD

I Love This Game And It Was My Childhood Ever Since I Downloaded It I Played It 3 Hours And It Was Fun Like You Should Make More Updates!!!. Very fun little multi-player game and no ads! I just wish I didn't have to pay to change my name. Everyone should start editing their star ratings now because I don't see any problems at all. Possibly my new favorite game. I'm not sure if you would be in on this, but I think that your ball shouldn't collide with other golf balls once you start putting it to the hole... Having your opponent land their ball just on front of yours before the hole with no way to swing it upwards and be forced to push their ball to get first seems pretty unfair.... It's a really cool game. Everything is good with the game but I don't have any friends that play it. So I always play alone. Amazing . Samsung S23U - PAY to upgrade level. No. of cards needed for unlocks/level-up will increase every time you upgrade. LAG will delay your shots right when you're about to win. LAG will load you on the very last hole when opponents are just about to win. You'll lose 50 trophies FOR FREE when the game kicks you out/ crashes at random, and you cannot get back into the match or start a new one until that one ends. And Devs won't respond..

Golf Blitz APK

This game used to be fun. But now it says "error connecting to match" after playing 1st round .. Does it every time , very frustrating to not be able to play a full match !!! Have to keep coming back to start a new match.. This game sucks !!!! After 1st round, it keeps saying error.... This game is so rigged, and why do you say we are facing real players, they are obviously bots. The level pairing is also very bad. Lvl 5 can face with lvl 34. Please make a game mode with no collision I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants a mode like it's annoying how people hate you the whole game I'm trying to enjoy my rounds but when people are sitting on my head I can't stop but get angry.. juego completamente malo en el emparejamiento. Nah, bro this game suck. The worst game I have ever played in my life.

Golf Blitz APK

Fun game but the app is super buggy. Constantly freezes and have to close the app and open again. Loses connection mid game and unable to make shots until it reconnects. Have lost matches because of this. Update: game can barely even connect to a match now. It finds a match and then counts down from 10 and then just stays at 0. Can't even play the game. Solid Internet connection and I don't have this issue with any other app on my phone.. The Game is good but the connection is terrible especially when I was entering the first round. I was a few seconds late even though my internet was fast. Please fix this. First off I'm a massive fan of the Super Stickman Golf series - No. 3 had, huge content and playability - so was excited for this concept. On first play I was disappointed, the drag and release game play was different to the 3 click system I was used to and this almost put me off. I persevered though and I'm glad I did. Been grinding away at this for two or so years now and it's firmly gained a place in my heart, so long as we ignore the game rage!!!. Obsessed... a bit too much. I do get angry at the griefing or connection errors.. but I still play this every day without fail..

Golf Blitz APK

Awesome. Nice break from ads. Ranking system needs an overhaul. A simple "solo" practice mode of the holes/powerups you have unlocked would be great!. Merci ce jeu car il m'a permis d'viter un blanc aprs ma pannne au lit avec ma copine. Je l'ai bien dfonc.. F this game I hate that this game doesnt even make an atempt to balance machmakeing. Like realy why in the holly hell does this game put lvl 36 vs lvl 6!!?! This is unplayable and a unbalanced mess. Unable to play after the tutorial. It says "downloading content" or "starting game" and then just automatically closes as soon as it finishes loading..

Editing review ( level 38) . Just a few words. 8ball pool of golf. Algorithms ? Game decides outcomes not your play. Lag. Time killer . Don't play if your easily upset. Going fron 1 to 2 star just because I've wasted so much time on a rigged game and need to make myself feel better about it.. Not a bad game, but sometimes it miss matches skill levels. Like a level 5 going up against level 44, not a fun match. Love the game! But I hate how you can pay 10$ and get all that stuff and then it's gone in a few weeks. Also 2 hard 2 level up after 35 or so. I almost stopped playing because it's so hard to get $ to level up. But I will say I LOVE THIS GAME! thanks for reading this!. Absolutely LOVE this game...when it works right. After the last update I haven't been able to get it to load :(.

Edit #2: The Game Won't Work Anymore, Anytime I Try To Play The Game I Get Stuck On The Loading Screen And Then It Just Crashes, No Question, I Try Reopening The Game But It Does The Same Thing Time After Time, I Don't Know If It's The WiFi I'm Connected To Or It's My Phone, But I Just Want It To Stop Crashing On Me!. I've been playing for years. Game never gets old! It's tough to play against higher levels, but it helps to see how veterans do different levels with different power ups. I just downloaded the game and I can't even find a match. I try to play but I just send me back to the menu. This game is a lot of fun! The race to be the first to the hole always gets my adrenaline up. They have a lot of fun power-ups that really change the gameplay and make it feel fresh. The one thing that needs to change is the astronomical price increases for swag as you progress in the game. Stuff gets so expensive that I don't even try to get anything anymore - I just keep playing because it is so fun. Please lower the prices to keep people interested! Otherwise, keep up the good work!.

This game suck ball can't hit eachother how long to shoot the ball again you can I play real life game I shoot the ball without taking coldown. More fun than it should be. In game purchases do not seem needed after a couple days of playing in my spare time. Edit 2023: I think they changed matchmaking because I get more matches against people who out level me so badly there's not a chance for me to win. I also ran into issues where in the 1v1 mode for prizes/skins I am playing against people on maps I've literally never seen before with effects that make it impossible to see the map.. This game is a really enjoyable experience for anyone who are ages 7+. Play 1V1 against your own friends and play matches to earn a variety of different rewards that include cash, gems and new characters. Collect trophies by winning different matches against different players to get the top of the leaderboard. Do you what it has to become a blitz master? Find out now!. It's a good game but one thing I'm at lvl 5 and I've still haven't played the 2 stages that come in lvl 5 it's always giving me the first 2 ones . Plz fix this issue.

Great game, I really mean it, but please, PLEASE, fix the problem when a lvl 25 join a game where there's only lvl 1, cuz I only played 9 or 10 games and I already meet 5 lvl 25 in these games I really want to post this game a 5 stars but this p2w problem is really annoying CAN I PLEASE PLAY A GAME WITHOUT A GUY LVL 20 ????? I CANNOT PLAY THUS GAME WITHOUT THEM, IT'S SO ANNOYING. This game is so puzzlingly good but also horrible. The gameplay, ui, and more are spectacular. The league, clan, and emote systems are best in class. But you can't overlook the egregious matchmaking. It is intentionally designed that you are in the same queue as people your same rating. But those people both start matches with power ups, and better stats. They literally have an advantage. The mtx is also priced outrageously, because that's the obj way to combat the first issue. Spend hundreds.. really unfortunate, I loved the super stickman golf games, and the changes to the gameplay were interesting, but I dislike the racing aspect, not what I play golf for. not even to mention the generic mobile game format that's now taken over with card drops from crates and such... what a bummer. This is (in my opinion) more fun than the majority of golf games in the market place. Still just another game with mostly bots being matched into your game. Some bots are garbage and amusing, but most just dominate the game. You can usually tell by the name but I wouldn't say it's the best way to know. I'm convinced there are no good golf games on cell phones period...I've tried too many to believe there's one. Anything with online, just assume and consider it, "garbage"..

Great game, but progress is just toooo slow. I get that they want you to spend money, and that's fine, but I'm level 18 and there's pretty much no progression now. It's excruciating.. This games matchmaking system is so bad. I keep having a glitch to where when I try to put more power to my hit, the button won't budge.. Always fun. But after this last update with the rubber ball. I can't even get past the loading screen. This is my go to game to play when I am bored. I hope the issue can be resolved soon.. This game is addictive, it's fun, but overall kinda bad. The match pairing system sucks, because you get paired by trophies, which means you could be paired with somebody who has twice your xp. And now, every match I join kicks me out the second round, and I have to close and re-open my game to get into a match. I've joined around 50 matches, and only have 36 trophies. (I'm on mobile, btw) THIS NEEDS FIXING..

I love this game, I would genuinely give it 5 stars and a highly recommend if it weren't for one problem. Matchmaking, see it goes off of trohpies, so if I'm a level 17 with 300-400 games played but have 700 trohpies I get enemies with 3000 games played 700 trohpies and are level 35-40. It makes no sense and sometimes ruins my experience. I'd offer a solution but there's not enough space for that though there definitely is one.. Han arreglado muchos de sus problemas, y eso es digno de reconocer. Sin embargo, el sistema de niveles est muy desbalanceado por culpa de los atuendos y tambin es un problema que, si te sales de la app por accidente, reconectar con la partida es un lo. Por lo dems, es un juego muy pulido y entretiene bastante. Great game with heaps of variation to make it replay able and competitive online. Unfortunately, the online experience has deteriorated with terrible rollback. Not sure if they changed netcode but I'm losing interest.. Matchmaking is broken but the ball reworks are definitely improving the game. No more forcing someone to sit through 4 shots for having the highest ping. It'd be nice to get an option to quit 1v1 matches that aren't in the 1v1 arena. If I wanted 1v1 I'd play 1v1..

Has potential but the match making is extremely broken. Could be a fun game but it really isn't. They keep matching you with folks double your level. You have zero chance of success. Zero stars. Game is fun when you're actually put into games with someone around the same level. It's near impossible to won some games when you're playing people that are more than double your level. Matchmaking needs fixing then it would be a very good game.. Bumping my rating from a 3 star to 1 star considering after spending money on this game it won't even let me update it so now I can't even log on. Re-writing my last review because they really pulled everything together nicely. No more connection issues. No more lag at all. The game runs smooth as ever now. They also added more content too..

I like this game but I always compete with a very high level. When my level was on level 5, one of them was so high than level 42. I hope that we could play with an even level. Nooldlecake, can you fix this really big problem. Amazing game and all but it would be much easier to play if matches were fair, for example, if every match was based on your level so you can play other people your level.. Had to Uninstall and reinstall and now they say they have an error finding my account when I try to recover my account. Will edit review upon this being resolved.. Pay to win trash. The matchmaking puts you against people who are way higher level than you meaning they get powers before you so they can just hit the ball across the map before you even get a chance to do anything..

It's a very fun little golf game to occupy some free time. The skill ceiling is surprisingly high, and it's been fun to have so much room to improve. It would be nice if you leveled up a bit faster at higher levels, and the end-of-the-season bux reward feels a little underwhelming, but overall, it's a really great game. And not having forced ads makes the experience ten times better. The continual balance changes are fantastic! They're committed to making a good game, not just profit. This game is anti new players. Ive never seen a game that is so rigged against new players. Matchmaking is horrid.. I can't load into matches, I would stay stuck on "connecting to match" or "Match Found", but I never load into the match. Great game came back to it after a couple years. The unique power ups and level up system is fantastic and gives it a nice flow. Would recommend it..

Unfair Matches, I'm put against players 5 times my level. They have time bonuses and power ups, well beyond my level. Not a fun game when others have an unfair advantage..

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