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Last update February 12, 2024

NameHero Evolution
Size53.6 Mb
ReleaseNetdragon Websoft Inc,

Another RPG with its subtleties and bells and whistles. Hero Evolution has to create unique warriors and then destroy various monsters. In this game, the heroes will be real girls who are not afraid of anyone and will fight with you on an equal footing. Warriors will synthesize, unite into a stronger opponent and take out any enemy. You must lightly touch the screen to pump your heroines and send them to the darkest dungeons. You will soon realize that they can do a lot so that you can trust them.

You must go through all the difficulties and face the most robust and powerful enemies to gain a lot of experience. Explore the dungeons, get what you find there and move forward confidently. Soon you will come across powerful bosses with whom a real battle will begin. You will have to go through them since, in this dangerous adventure, you will have to think about tactics.

Hero Evolution MOD

For a moba game, this is game is pretty good. But, the game can be optimize more, regards gameplay and control. And in my opinion, the fan service here is too much, it can be uncomfortable for some player. Hope this help. Been playing ranked for more than 10 games now and I have not seen a single actual player like me. Champs aren't unique enough to distinguish themselves from other MOBA games or LOL so it's becoming boring now. It isn't as trash as Wild rift so you get 2 more stars, I guess. Loved this game when I first played it but the game has terrible customer service and it's impossible to recover your account.. Worst game ever, wifi connection towards this game is horrible and it start the game even if any of the players haven't even connected to the games, connection keep on forever have error,, not like mobile legend, ML will wait for everyone to be connected then the game will be started,, connection always have problems and keep having errors. This game is available in play Store in India why we face network issue and can we purchase item the game is good but why we need vpn to login being in India but the game is not removed still available in playstore what's going on.

Hero Evolution APK

Some characters' abilities are not fair and even those characters can't be obtained by anyone, only a number of old players use them when they bought them specially... Please remove those heroes from the game or make them available to the public so that the game is fair. And to be fair. The use of hacking maps has increased. Iranian players cannot enter the game without a VPN, and this increases the ping. The normal ping of Iranian players is 150 to 300.. Can't even open it keeps on saying network connection error please try agaon later. Tried everything I could to fix but not working. 2024 review still have a matchmaking trash, no player. Chat is full of player but cant match anyone. Please add Bot and Ai. What happend that waste my time. The game doesn't even open Can't login because of network error even with 5G net network still error. Kindly fix this problem because i can't use VPN and play..

Hero Evolution APK

From India, mizoram, from my opinion, don't ever install this game.. that's a warning, if you're from North East India........ trash game, but I'm still having Pokemon unite, mlbb, LOA.. So I rate this 4 star because some of my progress was gone like Diao Chan was gone in my account, I spent 1 bead for it which is hard to get, It was gone after I got offline for 200+ days. It was said that said I have the other skin of Diana that is exchangeable by Bead just like Diao Chan but I didn't bought that Diana Skin. Can you guys bring back my Diao Chan and Remove the Diana Skin in my account since I work hard to get Diao Chan.. trash logic..iwtf u played with ai...ez win n level up...then played with human nerf and lag even at the start of the game for you to lose. straying player to quit uninstall... we understand that program limits the wins for us not to rank fastest on higher rank..thinking they will ez quit reaching the higher tier. and playing on dead time with no users online... but do consider user expectation on fair game and challenge to other user, their profile and leatherboard must also considered above .. If you have cancer pick in your team, afk for 5 minutes then Dev can't do nothings about it,even after the system detected me afk...and lose..really a good way to break the game..cancer team meet me, gg rank stars!! Thanks for this Dev... Love you for this!!.

Hero Evolution APK

nice game but need few improvement such as turret damage the wards too short cooldown and the heal, also yung the map you can add some grass and maybe put a range to your farm monsters. I stopped playing this game a while ago and i dont miss it What i didnt like about it is: --- Rewards quickly become meaningless Around Lvl. 60 --- Hero balance is frustrating You guys should PLAY the game in PALLADIUM and make a BIG update fixing all the heroes that arent viable there --- Matchmaking is not very thoughtout Its easy to rank up but u will BARELY have a GOOD match that really feels meaningful --- Support always sounds like AI, auto-generated answers Many missed opportunities. Not able to even install the game. It keeps showing Network error even if I tried with wifi and mobile data. I tried to install twice but failed. Disappointed:(. I can't even login in the game it constantly show network even if you good connection try with even using VPN still can't pass the login screen.

I have played this game before and it is very beloved to me but I can't even start the game which is a big issue. Please take note on this I would really like to play this game without any barriers.. Good to see its back to Playstore in India but still cant login with or without vpn...Kindly Fix that. I prefer mobile legends even if it's a complete copy of League of legends. This one does have Dynasty Warriors characters in the game.. I think you should check your interest because some games is on buletooth and you need to take it off before you play..

Skip this one, it's one more of those awful games that multiplayer just means bots with player names trying to fool 6 year olds. That game is so good but graphic and maps are so much old to update the game maps and graphics heroes and skill is so amazing but graphic are so bad. And the game are lagging so please fix this bugg issues. Server no response for more than 2month now after 4 years I downloaded it again but network connection problem even with wifi this is sad still didn't fix this problem. Sir this game not work in Indian server pls check it I downlod but not started retry only so plas check it thanks.

It keeps loading and loading and the wifi is really good and not laggy at all and I have to log in over and over again because it keeps removing the account... And I thought it had offline mode when I tried I found out it's only for bad network?!?!?. I can't play for some reason just keeps whiting out and glitching I always have to restart after a match and that's too annoying. Network issue everytime. Please change your service and shift to a new stable server. Your current servers are very slow and not stable at all..

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