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Introduction to Horrorfield

An incredible survival horror game that we offer you to play, Horrorfield is a thrilling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gameplay Overview

Download Horrorfield for Android and immerse yourself in a real-time multiplayer experience where you must compete with other players to determine who will be the real victim today. In this intense game, there is a fine balance between those who must survive and those who are hunting them.

You will encounter seven completely unique maniacs, each with their own characteristics and hunting style. On the other side, there are seven survivors with different abilities and specialties, all trying to outsmart the maniacs. The game takes place in a totally enclosed space filled with traps, secret hideouts, and unique items that will test your survival skills to the limit.

Survivor vs Maniac

The surviving characters must work together harmoniously to escape to various locations while avoiding the maniacs. As a survivor, you’ll need to stay hidden, help your friends, and use clever combinations to outmaneuver the enemy.

On the other hand, the maniac’s objective is to catch and sacrifice everyone in the game. With each round, you’ll discover new challenges, unique upgrades, and fresh gameplay elements that will keep you on your toes. You’ll need to use all your wits and resources to survive the most dire situations.

Challenges and Strategies

Horrorfield presents a series of challenges that demand quick thinking, teamwork, and strategy. Whether you are a survivor or a maniac, you will need to adapt to changing situations and devise new tactics to achieve your goal.

For survivors, cooperation and communication are key to outsmarting the maniac and securing your escape. By using your unique abilities and combining them with those of your fellow survivors, you can increase your chances of survival. Remember, timing is crucial, and every decision could mean the difference between life and death.

As a maniac, you must be relentless in your pursuit of the survivors. Utilize your special skills and traps strategically to corner your prey and eliminate them one by one. Learning to anticipate the survivors’ moves and setting up traps effectively will increase your chances of success.

Dynamic Gameplay

Horrorfield offers a dynamic gameplay experience that keeps players engaged and constantly challenged. With each match, you’ll encounter new scenarios, obstacles, and surprises that will test your skills and decision-making abilities.

The game’s real-time multiplayer mode adds an element of unpredictability, as you never know how other players will react or what strategies they will employ. This creates a tense and exhilarating atmosphere where every move matters and every decision could have dire consequences.


In conclusion, Horrorfield is a must-play survival horror game that promises intense gameplay, strategic challenges, and thrilling encounters. Whether you choose to be a survivor fighting for your life or a maniac hunting your prey, the game offers a unique and immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Download Horrorfield for Android now and test your survival skills in this adrenaline-pumping multiplayer horror adventure!

Download ( V1.7.9 )

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