NameHunting Sniper
CategoryNew Game
Size534 MB
ReleaseSparks Info

Hunting Sniper is a thrilling and action-packed game that focuses on the art of being a skilled sniper while hunting various targets. Set in different picturesque environments like forests and mountains, players are challenged to track down and take down dangerous animals with precision and stealth.

The game offers players a wide range of realistic weapons to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities. The game’s mechanics and controls are highly intuitive, allowing players to aim and shoot with accuracy and efficiency.

Hunting Sniper also provides players with a variety of missions and objectives to complete, ranging from hunting specific animals to protecting innocent creatures from harm. These missions often require players to master different shooting techniques and adapt to changing scenarios to be successful.

As players progress, they unlock new areas to explore, each presenting its own set of challenges and difficulties. Additionally, the game’s stunning graphics and immersive sound effects enhance the overall hunting experience, making players feel like they are actually out in the wild.

Overall, Hunting Sniper offers an engaging and thrilling gameplay experience for fans of hunting and sniping, providing a satisfying mix of strategy, skill, and adrenaline-pumping action.

Hunting Sniper MOD

One thing I can't stand, is lying for profit. I saw their ad on the app, to get a weapon + other things on a special - and bought it only to get a chest to open. At this point, I don't care about the game, if I'm dealing with scammers.. The game glitched and show how stole 60k coins from me without me playing the tour and no response in email about the complaint either if not fixed I'm deleting the game. Just full of paid to win players. Don't waste your time unless you plan on dropping stupid cash to win. Uninstalled. It was going great before it updated and obliterated my progress! Glad I didn't spend any money on it. Nice job devs!. Games decently fun, far to overpowered pay to win features, doesn't matter if you have a better original shot, people can't make multiple fail shots spam it get lucky with a single shot out of 4 missed and somehow still get a better score. Not worth playing honestly atm. Has potential though.

Hunting Sniper APK

Cool game but when it comes gun upgrades they upgrade guns that are at max just a waste of upgrades. Really fun game, although the game gets you mad. I cant tell you how many times I lost my cool last night. . Good game. In my opinion too many silver chests awards not enough gold and platinum. And why did you take away the gorillas lol?. This is such a fun game it's not very hard or easy and it's just fun to pick it and lay it back down my favorite type of these games with the tour system because I love guns and hunting.

Hunting Sniper APK

I am sorry, but it pisses me off when people miss 3 shots, and then, with one shot, kill the animal and get a perfect score. That doesn't make sense when you're competing. As well as having people with 6% bonus play with you, and you have no way of winning even if you get perfect scores. It's poor match making. I tried giving this game a shot with playing over 6 hours, but as you progress, the matchmaking gets worse, and worse. Watching add sometimes they flash then the game crashes sometimes it crashes when you close them once they are done. I would love to contest some shots I had way better placement yet got lower score but other than that it's alright and cool. Could be a great game, but there's to many hacked players, scoring is absolutely stupid and gives bad shot placement with a weak gun the advantage and potential to still earn higher points than someone with a one shot kill weapon..I see way to many people snap shooting and getting max point shots, even through trees when they can't even see the animals! Not to mention people being allowed to release there aim without firing...

Hunting Sniper APK

Crashes everytime during videos for rewards. Now July 31 2023 still crashes after watching ads for rewards. Back to crashing during reward ads 8-19-23. Id give it more if the game wouldnt crash and boot you completely out when u watch a video to cut down the time on the boxes after winning a matchk. Smooth tracking, intuitive controls, reminds me of the good ole ps2 days lol.if you're looking for an enjoyable game for a quick romp while waiting in a line, look no further. You'll have plenty of fun with this shooter.. It's surprisingly a decent game to pass the time. No ads. I do feel like there's quite a few bots but that's probably to be expected..

I hate the fact that there's a 1v1 I just wanted a hunting game where you can run and just hunt not a 1v1. Can't even explain. Don't let yourself click on an ad to boost a chest, it will freeze and erase your game data. Wouldn't recommend.. This app freeze every time. This is a joke oh and thanks for not letting me get my old account. I as number 1 in all. I've seen bullets go through rocks and trees, watched bullet trails from opponents trail at back end of targets yet the hit if the front of the animals for a high score..

Just solid fun game if you like hunting. Timing with precision. Just wish it would quit crashing when that's fixed 5 star's. Fun game. However, there are serious audio bugs. If I get a call while playing my sound cuts out. Then I have to Uninstall to reinstall.. Ridiculously pay to win. Wild how people will pay $30 for a gun bundle lmfao so many people get 5%-15% boost to points so you literally can't beat them even if they have a bad shot. One of the more intriguing hunting games that I've played that doesn't rely 100% on pay to win...its very engaging and fun.

Same thing over and over and I don't want to go head to head it's stupid I just want to hunt different animals.. This game is a joke makes no sense how you can have a better gun and better ammo and make the same exact shots and get a lower score if the game wants you to win you will if it don't you won't. Very fun, addictive game. Only problem I have is you don't get docked for having to take multiple shots. Or not taking the animal down. Would also be nice if you miss, the animal would run away or do some kind of invasive maneuver. Great competitive hunting app! Limited ads. The controls aren't so sensitive that you can't stay on your target. Still hard enough as you progress the targets move more and more rapidly. Great app for burning time and sharpening you shooter skills....

Would have been a great game if there wasn't the score bonus on some guns. The number of games where I have gotten all perfect shots to only lose because some loser paid to get a gun with a bonus is insane because they don't even get all perfect shots.. Its fun till you play against someone with a 6% cool we get the same shot but i lose because you have a higher bonus cause you bought micro transactions.

Download ( V1.4.1 )

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