Kselebox APK Mod 0.9.4 (Unlimited Money)

Last update February 25, 2024

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ReleaseONRI Studio

Kselebox is an exciting sandbox game for Android mobile devices with original gameplay and uncomplicated graphic design. This sandbox will open before the player inexhaustible opportunities for free creativity. In the simulator, the user will have at his disposal a huge number of elements and tools with which he can build literally any structure, vehicle, or even a rocket.

In addition, the game allows you to create a variety of game scenarios for interacting with certain elements. Neither in construction nor in the creation of scenarios, the game does not limit at all. All interaction is limited only by the user’s imagination. The game features more than a hundred unique items that can be easily combined with each other, thereby creating bizarre designs and mechanisms, and then interacting with them in every possible way.

Kselebox MOD

Loved this game as a child and I still love it it's simply a better version of melon playground if you have enough storage, I highly recommend it. Good game!, but my problem is that the ragdolls pass out very easily like if I make them ride a car they randomly pass out! Anyways here are some things that should be added 1.) Alien bug and more creatures 2.) better gore 3.) helicopter 4.)food that can be eaten , overall good game!. Good game, but I rate it 3 stars because of bugs, I can't freeze anything and way more bugs, and blood texture is worse it looks like pink sauce with very low quality, so pls make blood texture more red and high quality and add more and detailed gore like Jaws and eye pop out and heart and more organs.. On the space map for some reason when you try to open the doors then pressing anywhere on the screen not on the button it shuts them.. I have played your other game FPG (fruit playground) and this was your starting point I see the resemblance in some of the items like the button you basically just turned the button sideways anyway this is still a good game the ads can get annoying sometimes but they're necessary for a good game like this.

Kselebox APK

It's a great game but why did you remove stuff why did you remove the syringe gun why did you remove the imoraty syringe. this game is sucks when im try play game but didn't work button and didn't drag when i pause PLS FIX THIS GAME. This game is a cousin of Melon playground and also have many things I love this game make my day all thanks to this game. When I close the door find I just move my screen it just open , and if the robot died how do we just make it alive again , I didn't just want to put other robot .. so 4 stars...

Kselebox APK

A unique sandbox with many features Kselebox is a Sandbox game, which means that you can do whatever you want in it! You can build a rocket, and go explore the expanses of space. Or maybe you want to build a huge car? No problem! Do whatever you want! There are also missions in the game, you can perform them to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, or if you have run out of ideas. The game has several maps/worlds, the number of which will be regularly replenished, as well as the. I respected it to be like a moon playground lip balm but it is actually better it is the best game it is actually a good game 10/10. The game is good,but there is some bugs that need to be fixed,such as the sharks trying to suffocate please fix this and ty. Good Game, Has a lot of maps And please add a Save Menu to save your builds like melon playground.

Kselebox APK

It is a decent game and i have an idea for 2 characters. a massive monster and a massive mech. There both immune to water and there is lore in each map about it.(ps im not begging for it i just think it would be a good idea for there to be lore to try to solve). That's unfair when I go to campaign and build but it won't zoom in or zoom out that's mean it's hard to build. bro I have not played this for so long because I forgot the name but when I was looking at my old videos I found the name. Just now i realized that i accidentaly deteled one of my saves so Can you please in the next update add a are you sure pop up when you press The detele button . Because i dont want to let other peolpe make the same Mastake like me..

I liked The Game But It Has Bugs 1) When I Grabbed An Item It Just Freeze Except The Item Menu 2) When Freezed When I Rotate An Item Is Just The Same Rotation Thank You Please Fix Kselebox . The game is so addictive but there's a little problem you cannot save your build and you cannot undo the gravity so plss add that. Can you add a mutation syringe where you can inject some human with a mutation type depending on what type of mutation you injected. this is the best rag doll playground game ever but there's one problem when I save a world my creation breaks but it only happens when a human is on it but still good game keep it up.

Good game btw but there's a bug in the game where it won't let you delete a person or anything. Quite a fun game to play. It would be nice if you guys can add a nuke in a future update.. Okay I don't know why this bug don't let you unfreeze and freeze objects was a weird bug I can't rid of it very bad problem. The game is good and all but I feel like there is a bug when I shoot a gun it turns the character.

Nice Game But It Kicks Me Out Every Time I Tried To Open It When I Played On It That Was Wonderful If The Crashes And Freeze Fix Please. They should add a character name Skibidi Toilet and a g and a truck and a monster truck and TAnk. Best regards David and I have a great day and I will be in the first time in the first time in the first time in the first time in the first time in the first time in the first you have any questions or concerns the first time in the first time in the first time in the first time in the first time in the first time I had a great weekend and I am not sure what the first time that works best for you to buy a 4doo boots Doors. The game is very good and no legs finally but.. 1 thing that I hate and can u fixe the button every time when I press the button in the map it Oh well when try to press the the menu or anything it just activate the button.

I am always getting a bug that will make me not able to freeze and unfreeze objects and living and no matter what I do even deleting and reinstalling it the bug still will not go away the bug will just come back into the game. Please fix it.. A great start to a new Melon Playground clone. There were some bugs and missing things that I didn't like, but I love how you can control characters and pick interesting maps. However, if there were more modding parameters like in Melon Playground, then I will reinstall the game. TL;DR, 4/5, because it's a good start, but needs a bit more.. I love it add more updates like angler fish new guns new animals and fish and many more! I can't wait how this will look in the future. I like this it's fun and ads don't happen often it also makes mods easy to make I suggest this more then melon playground if they make a mod share option.

This game is easy make mod and easy to make npc mod is fun and have cars but is don't have racing cars and racing npcs. NONONO Wuheheheheg Hehne Ehhehej 4urj4jrj K4hjrjr I have to get up to get up to 87666t Russia Uekrjfhfhhg9 Hrhdb HvhejdNO. Us me know when you get here and I'll come over in a bit I will get you guys are having to kamaong me lakwan me know what time. Seems to be a preety decent game for a game of pumpkins and robots (even tomatoes) the ragdolls do seems to fall down a lot while alive, which is have no idea why, but the worst but i could experience is the doors from the Space map. Each time you open it, it just closes randomly for a single touch. Some of the buttons there can't be interacted sometimes. It's very annoying to experience while doing a roleplay. Overall it seems to be a good game. 5 stars..

Can you add a save button so you could save your creations? And add speaker man which when you press activate on its head it oofs anything In the area and also a cameraman as a extra NPC and make it so that you don't have to multi select the ragdolls for it to grow with it's body and instead just make it so that when you resize the body parts also get resized and if you do that please don't make them glitch out and die thank you. Before an update *i think* you putted a among us character on one of the posters in spaceship but now it is replaced by youtube play button.

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