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The Original MMO Strategy in a Prehistoric Setting

Meta Monkeys is an original MMO strategy game set in a prehistoric world, designed specifically for Android mobile devices. This game offers a unique experience where players take on the role of a ruler monkey striving to build an empire, conquer enemies, and expand their territories. The game presents a captivating blend of resource management, warfare, and strategic decision-making within a fun and engaging prehistoric backdrop.

Gameplay Overview

At the outset of Meta Monkeys, players find themselves in control of a small piece of land, equipped with basic resources and funds. The primary objective is to establish structures, gather resources, and recruit military units to bolster both offensive and defensive capabilities. By completing various in-game tasks, players can acquire additional resources, currency, and troops to strengthen their presence in the game world.

Gameplay mechanics in Meta Monkeys follow the familiar pattern seen in many strategy games, emphasizing player interaction with both the game environment and other players. The core gameplay loop involves building structures, managing resources, and engaging in strategic combat to secure dominance in the prehistoric setting. Intuitive controls through taps and gestures facilitate smooth management of various in-game elements.

Building Your Empire

As a ruler monkey in Meta Monkeys, the journey to empire-building starts with establishing key structures to support your growing civilization. From resource-gathering structures to military barracks, each building plays a crucial role in your empire’s development. Efficient resource management is essential for sustaining growth, as well as maintaining a formidable army to defend against rival factions.

Expanding your empire involves not only territorial conquest but also diplomatic interactions with other players. Alliances can be forged to strengthen your position and facilitate coordinated efforts in large-scale battles. Balancing economic prosperity with military prowess is key to achieving dominance in the challenging prehistoric world of Meta Monkeys.

Conquer and Dominate

The path to supremacy in Meta Monkeys is paved with conquest and strategic warfare. Engage in battles with rival players to claim their territories and expand your influence across the prehistoric landscape. Tactical decision-making, troop deployment, and resource management are pivotal aspects of successful military campaigns.

Striking a balance between offensive aggression and defensive fortification is vital to surviving in the competitive world of Meta Monkeys. Upgrading your troops, researching advanced technologies, and devising cunning strategies are all integral to outmaneuvering opponents and securing your position as the ultimate ruler monkey.

Challenges and Rewards

Throughout your journey in Meta Monkeys, you will encounter various challenges that test your strategic acumen and resource management skills. Completing tasks, participating in events, and engaging in battles will yield rewards such as rare resources, valuable currency, and powerful units to further enhance your empire.

Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in Meta Monkeys will lead to the growth and prosperity of your empire. Stay vigilant, adapt to changing circumstances, and forge alliances to overcome formidable obstacles and emerge victorious in the dynamic world of prehistoric strategy.


Meta Monkeys offers a captivating and immersive MMO strategy experience set in a prehistoric world filled with opportunities and challenges. By building and expanding your empire, engaging in strategic warfare, and forging alliances, you can rise to power as a formidable ruler monkey in this unique mobile gaming experience. Dive into the prehistoric setting of Meta Monkeys and embark on a thrilling journey of conquest, diplomacy, and empire-building!

Download ( V1.101.0 )

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