NameMiss Merge: Mystery Story
ReleaseTrueMyth Games Ltd

Another fun and colorful puzzle game. Open a new and quite bright world in Miss Merge: Mystery Story.

We must do everything to find the hidden boxes, wipe the dust off them and open new items. They can be exchanged for valuable tools, earn more experience, and wondrous treasures. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner and what obstacles you will have to go through next. The most mysterious adventure begins, which must somehow go through.

Try to unlock new areas faster, reveal family secrets, and find unique items. An excellent combination of things to be discovered shortly and hundreds of puzzles to solve. The game project guarantees that you will have time to go through this story to the very end, and it is impossible to tear yourself away from it. Experience a fantastic puzzle game, solve mysteries and discover new adventures.

Miss Merge: Mystery Story MOD

Seriously, how long does it take for an update for more levels? It's been months. No other game takes so long.. A more respectful version of games like Merge Mansion. The story is interesting. Unfortunately, it has some bugs, like ads not giving their rewards. Sometimes the game is very finicky and coins/gems will consume immediately after merging. UPDATE, score lowered from 3 stars to 2: I'm getting twice as many ads as before now, plus ads plastered all over the main menu. And unskippable ads that pop up randomly during levels with pieces that disappear on a timer. Enough, greedy bastards. Uninstalled.. The game doesn't work anymore. Can't merge or anything. I have tried to reset within the game, delete data, and delete app and reinstall. Nothing works. I'm deleting and forgetting about it.. This is by far the best merge game out there, but, it won't take long to complete all chapters. I've been waiting over three weeks for an update for a new chapter to play, but nothing. Won't wait much longer until I just delete and download something else. Bummer, because it was the funnest merge game so far, whoever runs this app needs to get on the development part of it.. Certain ads freeze the game and have to start all over and you should not have to do ads for your level bonus. I really a lot but the ads are getting a little bit annoying I understand they're supposed to be as but constantly is too much. Was a fun game to switch between this and a couple other energy games, even though some of the required items took a ridiculous amount of matches to create. The storyline was fairly interesting but very drawn out. However I had to get a new phone and lost all my progress so I won't be continuing..

Miss Merge: Mystery Story APK

You were able to restore my progress when I lost it all for that I am grateful. However, the fact you don't have a way for us to save our progress is not great practice.. It's been nice but since the last update I keep getting ads that can't be ever, I have to reset the game... I would have liked to keep playing this until the end but I think I will uninstall it because of this.... One of my favourite merge games. The board changes every 30 levels which keeps it fresh. A few annoying ads mostly skippable but you get loads of stuff if you watch them. One annoying thing I will without fail get long ad every time I have a timed power up running and another is you really need to hurry up with new levels please.. Was fun at first, but too many ads. More importantly, I finished chapter 2 and the game suddenly crashed, wouldnt go past loading screen ever since, I cant even play chapter 3.. I love this game but stuck on level 18 how do I get another key to merge it so hard been stuck for two months and no customers left but the one where I need a level 2 key but only have one key please help. I have to move my game from one device to another and after I went into settings I discovered that there's no cloud save feature via google or facebook. Now I have to start the game from level 1. That is, IF I decide to keep this installed on the second device at all. NOT COOL..

Miss Merge: Mystery Story APK

I used to like this game, now it's getting boring. Lots of ads, far to many, plus it is very hard to reach goal by merging. Will be uninstalling soon if things don't change.. I like the game, but I got a new phone and can't seem to figure out how to get my progress back.. It's BS to select one of your bonus item, like say the hour glass, and then have ads eat up your bonus hourglass (etc...)time!!!. Ads, ads, and more ads. There's probably 6 or so that pops up before you can even start. There's also too many random ones throughout. So ridiculous. Merge Restaurant literally has little to no ads unless you want to watch a video for more energy or special items. Uninstalling this one.. This game sucks. First, they don't start you off with the normal amount of diamonds or energy. The graphics are amateurish. Don't bother to download. I uninstalled it in 2mins. I've been playing the game for about 2 months and have yet to have the lock open for day 4. I did reset when it came back there were some minor changes so I have gone through day 4 and the lock is still locked. If it makes any difference I'm NOT going to pay to play the game. There are too many free games that are more fun and easier to play..

Miss Merge: Mystery Story APK

Complete the game, reset then got stuck on chapter 2... can't do anything! Can't delete the account and start over! Can someone just fix this problem already. I just started playing 5 minutes ago and you're already shoving the do you like this game question down my throat and in my face. Went from 2 stars to one. Been playing for around an hour now, I need a tool box to unlock some other pieces of while I'm still in the beginning of the game they have not even tried giving me tool box parts. So I'm wasting energy on fruits and milk. Did the update yesterday 3rd December 2022 chapter 9. Now the game will not load just a black screen then closes down. No stars. (Won't let me post without giving a star)Was enjoying the game too.. Looking for the carousel, it's says it's in the ticket booth? But it's not can't get any further, please help? Have sent emails but no one has bothered to reply. Can not thiscapp onto my Android phone although it is available. So can not play thus one star is all you get. :-(. It's no fun this is just a board game. Also intrusive ads don't take you back to the game but try to force you to install more apps..

Somewhere between ugh and meh. Kinda glitchy, weird item progressions, bubbles and stars flying out of every merge. Oddly annoying game.. love this game the story lines etc, only 4 stars due to having to wait hour or so for stuff to regenerate, im just impatient but overall good time waster also unable to back into levels to sell or collect unused energy and coins, no longer changes everything left on board into diamonds or coins. I like this game but now I have to wait until you put next level up I have been waiting over a month now. is there going to be more levels. This is by far the best merge game for mobile devices. Limited ads makes it more payable and enjoyable. In app purchases aren't required but they are the best priced compared to other games!!!. Was ok until random ads pop up uninstalled game, don't bother with this game if u can't be assed with random pop up ads best merge game by far is travel town !. this is an outstanding merge game...I totally recommend this game to all who love merge games! great storyline too!!! please keep the levels and story going!! it would be great also for events. Thank you to the developers...loving it!!! Edit...I got new device and my progress started over. Can you save progress on this game? I really like it and don't want to start over..

Not sure what's going on but the board is full and I have no way to get items to unlock the frozen items that only come from the toolbox. There are no item chains to merge besides locked toolbox stuff. Super confused. It doesn't make any sense at all that there's no way to progress in the game.. I'm stuck. I completed all the available chapters and decided to reset the game to start over while I waited for the new chapter. I completed the first chapter and when it started the second chapter, I couldn't do anything. It doesn't start out with pieces to build the first producer. The only items shown are energy, experience, and diamonds. There is literally nothing I can do but try to reset it again. I've tried resetting, clearing cache and storage, reinstalling. Nothing works.. Update, after my complain, they fixed my problem and the game is a lot of fun. Great merging game. I love this game while I could play it, but now I'm stuck because i dont have a toolbox, and I need it to progress, so I cannot play.. I like the game and enjoy reading their story. It's easy and relaxing to play. Helps me get through a bad case of insomnia which is frequently.. There are a lot of bugs that make the game unplayable. The cow completely disappeared when I needed it for a task, products disappear but the space is still unusable, and the bubbles might or might not give you the item if you watch the ad.. Game constantly and consistently freezes and locks up my phone making it impossible to play. This has happened 10 times since i downloaded it 10 minutes ago. Tried restarting my phone and that didn't help. Obviously i am posting this to warn others as i have and use common sense and will be uninstalling this game immediately..

The game is really good but it kicks you off it when ever u watch an add, that's why the 2 stars but would have got 5 if not for having to reload it every ten mins. I wish i could give it 0.. Or even minus.. I tried to enter 9 times.. NINE timesss!!!! And it just doest open.. Like a joke... Really liked it until I got to the Dissappearing Memories chapter. (I think that is what it was called.) There was nothing to merge together no matter what I did. I thought if I uninstalled/reinstalled and started over from the very beginning I might figure it out. No, the game started at the new chapter I was ready to start. So now I can't play any farther.. Have down loaded 3 times. A waste of time and data. Down loads and freezes at 50 present then freezes tells you to report what a joke even that freezes. Hopeless.. I like the game. I really have to dislike a game to do a low score. I look at the graphics and the overall work put into a game ads I expect them.. I just started and it's OK I guess it's a game that will pass the time by just wish we could play it while not hooked to Wi-Fi. It's a game that should be played rather u have internet or not.. Just Saying....

EDIT 7/19/2022 Sent email. I look forward to hearing back I actually love this game but I can't seem to get the jukebox or microphone to beat the Forgotten Roots board. Definitely will be 5 stars if I'm able to move forward jn my game. I really enjoy this game and have played it since it was a beta game. But I have been completed with the current levels for a long time now with no new content. Also I sent a message via Facebook they read it and just left me on read. So I guess I won't be spending any more of my money on the game. Kinda reminds me of that tv series you really like and then they just never make any more.. You pretty much have to watch an ad or buy gems to progress every few SECONDS plus pop up ads after every challenge. The story i don't get whats going on because you get a few lines of dialogue between play and if you click too fast they're gone for good, no replay.. Like the game but don't know how to get the blender that's the biggest problem that you don't know where to get some of the generators. UPDATE: Just want to say thank you, I changed phones and just when I thought I would have to start over, I was assisted with getting me back to where I was!! Love it Love it!!. Great love this game. But once I've completed chapter 1 there is not anything to merge in chapter 2. I think it's to big for the screen I've played this game for two years but had to restart it all. But can't play chapter 2. Please sort it ..

After a few levels the game abruptly stops and you cant continue. You'll have to wait until the next level is developed. Also you cant go back either. disappointingly they invite you to like them on FB so they can inform you when the next will be ready.. Please fix my game. Its still not working. Ive sent loads of emails not had any replies at all. I cant give you my game id as its stuck on the start up loading screen. I've been waiting a very long time. This edit is 26 june. Its not loading anymore. I love this game. But since update its sticks at 49% and doesn't load. It's still not working still sticking at 49%. I have sent 3 emails already do I need to send another one..

Download ( V3.1.5 )

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