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A fun puzzle game in every sense. MORE!PIYOMORI, it will be easy and entertaining to play this project. You have to collect the chicks in a separate bowl, get bonus points for it and enjoy your achievements. You will need napkins and a regular tap, and all tasks will be completed flawlessly. A new chicken has joined this project, which will be able to turn everything upside down. You will be able to choose your favorite chicks, get unique opportunities and go through a lot of exciting levels. It remains only to press so that the chicken gets precisely into the bowl.

A leaderboard awaits you, where you will soon find yourself. It is at the moment when all ten birds are in the bowl that the game will be over. Get crazy bonuses, capture new territories of the game project, and move forward in this puzzle game. The further you climb, the harder it will be to go through all the difficulties of the game project. Some chickens are time bombs. They can explode at any moment and stun any player. Nice graphics, crazy features, and everything that will help you solve this puzzle until the very end.


(Update: It has been fixed! Thank you!) Used to have this game on my previous phone and it worked fine. However, it just shows a white screen when selecting a level now (with banner ads at the bottom). Hope for a fix soon so that I can play this game again!. The android 8 is an Honor 7c, the android 11 is a Redmi Note 9. Yes, both freeze and show a white screen (with a banner ad at the bottom) after choosing a level. I loved the first version of this game but this one freezes whenever I finish a round. Please fix this please. If a pretty girl is playing this game, she is probs a keeper. Might as well try to skux. Then you realise the game is kinda awesome. ended up playing this for an hour after I downloaded it HAHA its kinda fun, challenging and cute at the same time. however, translation could be improved. the end game screen takes a bit too long to load and I thought the game froze. also, it'd be great if we could zoom out even more because it just gets stuck after a while and you can't advance :/.


Sometimes I build my chick tower so high that it's not even in frame anymore and I can't zoom out any further. Maybe make it that we can zoom out somemore. But this game is very fun and cute. It is very addicting.. While stacking chicks, you can only go high enough to a certain point, which really isn't much at all. You end with a pile instead a tower, and quickly collaspe soon after. Feels a bit frustrating.. This app infuses cute greats with simple but engaging game play. The more I play this app the more rich the experience become. Plus TINY CUTE CHICKEN COSTUMES!!1!. Love the concept. Love the game. Need higher view when stacking chicks especially when the reach close to 90. Hopefully there is more input of chicks and maps. Nice that i can learn some knowledge from games..


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