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Motionleap by Lightricks Ltd. It is a well-liked picture modifying app with over 10 million downloads within the Google Play Retailer. Nonetheless, it isn’t only an easy picture-modifying app. Nevertheless, it’s way more than that! It could manipulate and add animation results to your image to make it 100 instances more relaxed. That is one thing that not many modifying apps can compete with. If you wish to know extra, learn on!

Motionleap is an animation and picture modifying app that turns your uninteresting images into one thing superb. This app mainly brings your pictures to life because of the varied animation results at your disposal. Shock your mates, household, and even followers with gorgeous photos. They may even assume a professional did these items if you downloaded Motionleap!

Motionleap MOD

I literally just subscribed to pro only for the app to keep crashing even after I just Uninstalled twice and reinstalled.. This is a really good app! I'm wanting to become an animator but I'm not good at it at all and this app really helps with that! I'm already working on a video to make to put it on my channel.. Many suggestions must be implemented for pro user 1 show magnify magnifier option - while masking freeze , unfreeze, anchor, etc 2 sizes in brushes small medium larger for freeze and unfreeze. 3 please increase from four and make it to ten 10 elements in per project 4 please provide add text also 5 clean local caches memory without data loss like videoshow app have Already send email also then also no use and suggestions are not implemented nothing for diwali festival developer is not listening. I used to love this app. I had this app before they changed the name and upgraded to the pro version when it was first available. That is HAD the pro version until the last upgrade, and now I no longer have access to all of the parts I used to, and it costs way more. I quit using it after I lost the pro access I already had.. Hi. The app has stopped working - fails to evn open. I've used it for over a year with no issues - I made payment for the upgraded version. Kindly sort the app or please issue a refund. Thanks.

Motionleap APK

It is realy good app and it's background is so beautifull for any types of vidio but it is so expensive app do free it for user thanks. I want to request developer that im not using this app motionleap since august 2021.....i want to inform please remove my personal account details as it automatically reduct annual payment from my debit card which i've deleted motion leap app since 2021....thats unfair plz help me out developer. It was 5 stars and worked pretty well, But now it keeps crashing and I spent money on it. Oh well.. Couldn't get it to animate an ocean. I don't know about the people that say this is easy to use I didn't find it easy to use. Also it's not free at all and also I read that it converts the file to a GIF? Seriously? Not a video?.

Motionleap APK

Keep stopping in the middle of editing. I have deleted the app and download back . Now it won't open. Very frustrating. I still rate it as 5 but lots of animations and effects are Pro that's why otherwise it's a superb app.. Not bad, subscribed. I like it but just learning the prog a few things I don't like. If you create ai art, you should make it easier to download without watermark vs editing one and then going back to edit others. You get 4 yet you choose one, the others disappear with the prompt I use to create with. Both should stay. I want to cut copy edit any lemgth of music or video to add to my work. Slo mo music sucks from filesAdding the animation is tricky and you need better quality direction. I never use this app anymore. I requested to cancel a dozen times and no reply. I been getting monthly charges for a few months now. Can someone please get back to me?.

Motionleap APK

Sucks when you want to restore the app. Takes days even after talking to their app specialist. They do not even know why the app does what it does.... TOTALY DISSAPOINTED!!!! A year later, almost, I unsubscribed and need it the app one more time,and I restored the service and AGAIN... I finish my beautiful project and eady to EXPORT and,at 99.98% almost complete it says again and again and again SOMETHING WENT WRONG So disappointed. For a moment,I thought the app had updates..

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