NameOctonauts and the Giant Squid

Try to find the giant squid. Some terrible monster was able to attack the Octonauts. No one could have imagined that it would be the giant squid Irving. He is Professor Inkling’s cousin, which further complicates matters.

Now our main characters will have to find him in order to understand what happened and what to do next. You go with the professor, as well as Captain Barnacles and Quasi, to find this terrible squid. Each hero is waiting for an exciting adventure, which was called the Octonauts and the giant squid. To find this giant squid, you will have to visit deep caves, overcome incredible difficulties, obstacles, and much more. Complete interesting tasks, and overcome incredible difficulties to complete your main mission.

Octonauts and the Giant Squid MOD

Riddled with adverts and only 5 minutes of content. Don't waste your time. My 3 year old was very disappointed with the amount of adverts. What a rubbish app. Also the voice over is American whereas most of the voices of the Octonauts are British or other.. The interface, math, and mazes are too difficult for my three year old. The math includes adding up to ten. It's designed like a game for six year olds, but the show Octonauts is for Pre-K. The developer should learn about child development, so they can create games that Pre-K children can actually play. The only pro is that my daughter likes the stickers.. This is nice, just make an octonauts home app for free and I like this game and octonauts and the giant whale and.. im blocked by a paywall . I like the way the octonauts do but I don't know why the Giant Squid ink shot the gup_a so I given four stars. Don't waste your time My 3 year old loves Octonauts. I thought this looked like a great game. It's garbage! The interface is difficult for a child to operate. She can't even play one game without several ads popping up, which frustrates her because not only does she have to wait, she has no idea how to close the ads. And they're all different! So it's not like I can teach her how to get out of it & she'll remember. Can't even play long enough to see if we want to buy it!.

Octonauts and the Giant Squid APK

Download ( V1.0.055 )

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