NamePanda Mouse Pro
ReleasePanda Gaming Studio

Because of Panda Mouse Pro, now you can play cellular video games with a keyboard and mouse! This important mapping instrument will allow you to play various games rapidly. You might want to activate the app on your PC or root your cellphone. The selection is yours! Right here, you can play it in various video games like Fortnite, PUBG, Genshin Impression, and plenty of extras. Because of this app, you’ll now have extra management over your gaming expertise. You, too, can customize the keys to create shortcuts.

Panda Mouse Pro MOD

The new feature of direct activation is amazing! It works fine, but it is a little bit inconvenient, cuz I should type password and ports directly on the cell phone. Could you please provide a wireless adb script to activate Panda from PC? I can't use OTG cuz I use an external screen that is connected via usb-c, so there is no empty USB to OTG.. Great app. The people who are complaining can't read or follow instructions. All works perfectly. If possible and seen a key bind to allow walking in games like codm would be great. Like half the joystick is pushed or something. And maybe options to reshape the movement key. Sometimes it doesn't go fully diagonally and goes more left or right. Other than that great app. Edit: walking added! Creator actually listens and improves app.. Application is good easy to use. One Bug : it's annoying that we have to do activation after few use. one Suggesation: If you can manage to add a feture to hide the application overlay from streaming (obs streaming software). It will be great feature. I am using same kind of app on my Apple iPad and that apps has that feature. I am sure in Android that can be done easily. Thank. Great Application!.

Panda Mouse Pro APK

This app supporting all games I like it but my phone is hang I turn on this wireless the beginning security and wireless debugging and this is drain batteries so much please fix it and mouse side buttons is not working in this app I am purchase in this Play Store and I am giving five star rating this is best app for playing free fire with connect keyboard and mouse. Warning! Guys don't! Followinf the guide to unlock and install on there website, makes the phone vulnerability for hacking. The way by install and it need to connect to external daemon server, potentially installing whatever god knows access to your phone. I suffered hacking attempts for 1-2 years afterwards and phone issues to to monitor the trend. Use with caution .

Panda Mouse Pro APK

Kinda easy to use, ready to play with otg and wireless device. You need to open the developer option before you can connect your device, go for usb debugging and wireless debugging, then you can start activating the keyboard and mouse (bluetooth/otg) give it a shot and ready to roll BTW learn to read before paying. The app is fantastic. I am very happy about that now we will activate the app directly from your smart phone and enjoy your favourite game without any problem. But the biggest problem of this is deactivation. After some time of activate like 10min automatically the app will deactivate. Developer this is a humble request that please fix this deactivate problem as soon as possible .

Panda Mouse Pro APK

THIS APP IS VERY GOOD AND DOWNLOAD IT IS VELUE FOR MONEY DON'T BUY PC JAST THIS APP AND PLAY WITH IS NO SENSIVITI GLICH LIKE MANTIS MOUSE PRO THE PANDA MOUSE PRO APP HAVE MORE HAVE FUNCTION LIKE 50X KEY IN ONE CLICK IN ONE SINGLE KEY AND ONLY ONE TIME ACTIVATION AND THE MEAIN THING IS YOU PURCHASED THIS APP AND YOU DELETE AND UNINSTALL THIS APP IT DOWNLODE IT HASE ONE TIME PURCHASMENT MY SUGGEDTAN IS DOWNLODE THIS APP APP HASE MEGURE UPDEATS .. Solution of below problem- while playing, mouse sight button must be reset to original sight position when user stops moving mouse for a second or milliseconds or when he reduces mouse movement to ~zero. This will stop sensitivity and joystick issue completely. In Latest version in free fire we are facing too much mouse sensitivity and joystick problem. Sometime sensitivity increase too high & sometime decrease after every 5-10 second of showing & hiding mouse cursor. So provide better update..

Best for me I after get this I am able to defeat any big youtuber which is on pc because my headshot rate is 90+ in phone when I play after I get this my gameplay change into hacker because I know how to perform headshot easily........thank you I enjoy this app more as your thinking. I've updated the app to the latest version and gave it all the permissions it may need but the activation is still automatically disabled after closing the screen it needs to be reactivated this problem is happening with Android 13 and above please fix this problem and the rating will be 5 stars..

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