Pet Link APK Mod 1.0.7 (Unlimited Money)

Last update September 29, 2023

NamePet Link
Size9.73 Mb

Embark on your archaeological adventure. Pet Link can get the most valuable artifacts and do everything possible to save fluffy pranksters who unexpectedly ran away from their homes. It remains only to start this exciting game, move your convolutions and enjoy the gameplay. The most interesting puzzles are divided into exciting levels. The gameplay uses three specific characteristics in a row, and you can get acquainted with this exciting gameplay. In any of the groups, a particular task will be highlighted. You will have to collect 15 of the most exciting fluffies, green, and ten red.

To complete specific tasks, you will have to study each of the levels, combine the same chains and connect them into three pieces. In addition, you can get a bunch of bonuses and the most important reward for this project. You will be able to complete exciting levels, get ancient artifacts, and confidently move along a simple storyline. You will find many exciting features in which you can highlight the beautiful graphics, great animation, and everything else.

Pet Link MOD

Its a fun, cute game. The only things I will suggest too make it better, is there should be a shuffle button, too shake up the animals if you get stuck and also the adds are annoying. It needs updating because it hasn't been updated in a while, just too get rid of a few bugs here and there and too add the shuffle feature. Hope it gets updated soon.. Nobody likes to have to start a game over from Level #1 if they close up the game for the day! They want to begin where they left off like level 6 etc...I personally did not get the Jolt of Joy that most of your other Reviewers gave ... Some of them from 2017 and did I see 2016? Wow! Its a cute game for young kids, I will give it that.. Too many ads. I know they keep the game free, but after every level is really annoying. But I love the game, even with that hiccup. l like it but the bonuses needs more time like 60 seconds to add more points by matching the right color of animals together to get extra points.. Takes too long to get off some levels. They make it shouldn't take months to get to the next level. Very discouraging. Not going to make me pay. THIS GAME IS RIGGED. IF YOU DON'T PAYYOU DON'T GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. I'VE PLAYED THE SAME LEVEL A YEAR NOW. EVERY WAYI CAN. HOW ELSE ARE THEY GOINGTO PAY FOR IT? THERE IS NO ADDS. I TRIED TO CONTACT THEM AND THEY DON'T WANT TO RESPOND. THEY KNOW I'M RIGHT. UNLESS YOU HAVE A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY PASS THIS ONE UP...!!!@!@$%&*.

Pet Link APK

Very good game and fun. I play another game similar to this one by someone else which is why I decided to try one. Glad I did. Definitely recommend!. Great fun, but the ads at the bottom of screen ...uninstall. Can't see the full screen. I didn't know there was a power meter on the bottom! Just stop it!. It's ok just like tsum tsum marvel except that app stopped. No way to connect to the Google play, most likely if you don't connect to Facebook all your data will be gone - lame. I say it is an ok game and cute but idk what it is that is bothering me about that game that makes me want to delete it....

Pet Link APK

Its the perfect game! Its exactly like tdum tsum yet it takes less space and I don't even need a line account!!!!!!!!. I love this game because they have such cute animals. And it's like candy crush but it's not.and it's very easy to play.. Was OK game until I want let me off of level 140 even if u use coins and get off it goes right back to level140 this sucks. ITS A VERY STAGES GAME TOO PLAY & I KNOW ELSE TO TELL YOU BUTS ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU ITS FROM WAY OUTS IN THE TWI LIGHTS ZONE & THATS ALL I CAN TELL YOU I DONTS KNOW HOW TO RATES THIS APP.,ATS ALL.

Pet Link APK

My mother and I both play it! Cute animals, it's even better than "Disney Tsum Tsum." Best pet game ever! Thanks for making this app!. This game is derivative and a HUGE RIP OFF AND KNOCK OFF OF DISNEY TSUM TSUM! You guys just want to make money from getting an idea from Disney Tsum Tsum. I'm sticking to that game instead of this knock off!!! I HAVE AN IDEA, WHY DON'T YOU PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN THIS APP AND BE CREATIVE ENOUGH TO COME UP WITH YOUR OWN GOOFY IDEAS!!!. Simple and fun,but the originality is not the first.But i much prefer this app.Thnx and more power!!!.

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