Codex7 Games presents a thrilling adventure on the high seas with their latest release, Pirate Code – PVP Sea Battles. Set sail and immerse yourself in the world of pirates, where treacherous waters and fierce battles await. But remember, every pirate must abide by the Pirate Code, a set of rules that governs their actions on the open sea. Honor among thieves holds true in this cutthroat world, where respect, loyalty, and courage are valued above all else. Strategize, plunder, and engage in epic PVP battles, all while upholding the Pirate Code. Are you ready to test your mettle and prove yourself as a true swashbuckler in the world of Pirate Code?

Latest of Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea Promo Codes


“Enchanted mermaid compass, invincible ghost ship, eternal wind vortex, legendary treasure map, and mythical kraken summoning charm.”

R2wXYf8vXXX Get

50% increased cannon damage, unlimited rum supply, invincibility for 10 seconds, double gold rewards, immediate respawn after defeat.

List of Pirate Code - PVP Sea Battles Codes

1. GRTZC8F: 1000 gold coins
2. JHD67B2: Diamond chest
3. PLK29F5: Legendary pirate ship upgrade
4. YUJ87H3: 500 pearls
5. KLO90R1: Admiral's hat cosmetic item
6. WQE34D9: Expensive treasure map
7. OIP76T4: Pirate flag customization
8. MKN23A7: Crew recruitment voucher
9. OWE89S2: Parrot companion pet
10. TRQ29E7: Legendary cannonball set
11. PMN65D4: Rare ship sail skin
12. PLO20M3: Pirate captain title
13. QWE11A9: Mystic compass
14. SDF32E8: Black market loot crate
15. ZXC67H5: Luxurious ship interior
16. HGB89S6: Exclusive emote pack
17. JSK45D9: Golden anchor decoration
18. WER22F6: Stormcaller cannon blueprint
19. QAZ33E5: Sea shanty music sheet
20. LKJ66A1: Treasure hunter's compass
21. NBD76L3: Ghost ship disguise kit
22. SXC90K2: Pirate crew uniform
23. HJG18P9: Rare sea monster encounter
24. JHT76U5: Plunderer's chest key
25. KLM58T4: Sea battle tactic guide
26. QWE48B7: Captain's logbook
27. MNB72F3: Legendary ship figurehead
28. ZXC91H2: Bounty hunter's reward pouch
29. PLM57A6: Royal navy disguise kit
30. KIS33D7: Kraken trophy display stand

How to Redeem Code for Pirate Code - PVP Sea Battles

To redeem a gift code in Pirate Code - PVP Sea Battles, open the game and locate the settings menu. Look for the option to redeem a code and enter the gift code provided. After inputting the code, click on the confirm button to complete the redemption process. Enjoy your rewards and use them to enhance your experience in thrilling sea battles as a pirate captain! Sail the high seas, engage in combat, and emerge victorious with your newly acquired gifts.