NameRagdoll Weapon Master

Dynamic fighting game with hand-drawn men and ragdoll physics. Ragdoll Weapon Master is a busy arcade fighting game with ragdoll physics developed. In this fighting game, you must participate in epic competitions, controlling three-dimensional models of drawn men. You get under the control of a ragdoll fighter with a set of skills and techniques. You and your opponent have a health bar. If it is empty, then you will lose. The same goes for your opponent. Using the features of ragdoll physics, you need to destroy all the opponents who will be put up against your hero. During combat, you can use regular attacks as well as special moves. These techniques are activated by drawing certain elements. Also, during the battle, you can use different weapons at the level. Defeat all opponents and unlock all rewards.

Ragdoll Weapon Master MOD

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Ragdoll Weapon Master APK

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Ragdoll Weapon Master APK

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