NameSilly Billy Hair Salon
Releasewonderkind GmbH

A fun adventure for hairdressing lovers. Game project Silly Billy Hair Salon offers us great fun and makes unique hairstyles. It takes a little preparation to do hair, cut your clients, curls your hair, wash, dries it, and much more. Here you will meet four fantastic characters, 14 different tools to work with, 30 accessories, two game modes, and many other features.

Experience short games where animals need a unique hairstyle and try not to disappoint them. Try a loose style, hair everyone, dress as you like. There are no rules here, only pleasure and fun in the game. You can do a hairstyle not only on the head but also on the body. You can see for yourself, try different options and build something unique. Don’t forget about dancing when you need to touch the radio and watch the animals dance.

Silly Billy Hair Salon MOD

The characters look weird creepy and my worst nightmare my bed is literally SHAKING and the animals make weird noises what a trash game. Suicidal for my parents, its not Silly billy hAiR salon styling fun for kids its SUICIDAL SHEEP VIRTUAL KILLER YOUR KID SUICIDES FOR BEN THE WOLF. This is a serious problem. I did the two spiked black sheep and it still had three stars. And the spikes were straight and I could've gotten four stars.. I remembered downloading this when i was young. It was a good goofy games for little kids! But when i downloaded it again today. It made me uncomfortable cause when they get combed or something it makes a weird noise, but i dont care as long the kids are having fun with it then i approved that this is a good game!. I really like this game by hope white boy my body new animal I hope I can get some new animals when I buy it.

Silly Billy Hair Salon APK

I rember this. Game when i was 5 and i. Was so. Happy when i. Found it and 8 about to. Be nine. Still loving it. All animals (unlocked with patcher) acted rather creepy when you combed or brushed them, made me too uncomfortable to take it seriously and eventually to keep playing. Got a laugh out of me and my sister! Don't get what's with the horse having wool? I guess it's made for kids though and their standards aren't as high; a generally small and regular-quality game that held my attention for a good couple a' minutes. This game is so good!!! I got this when I was 4 and now I'm 12 and I wanted that 4 year old nostalgia and this helped!! 10/10. I love this game I first got it when I was five and five years later I'm enjoying it a lot more best game ever I 100% recommend it to people.

Silly Billy Hair Salon APK

the sheeps bubblegum wont come off i tried the water it didnt work so i gave it a 2/5 please fix it now . Honisty I do NOT LIKE IT I would give it 0 star if could so boring even when I was younger I didn't like it that much so I do not like it. You like 100 out of 10 I don't know or is it 10 out of 100 I give it like a 110 that's how much fun it was I'm stuck with this stuck with this game every time you look at me at the eyes yeah I don't know what to do actually bored I want to download it I don't want to download I want to download it because it's so fun yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's so fun this game is so fun yeah this game is so fun because I love this one I did see something this game is so this game is bloated okay yeah who's k. Silly Billy: Hair Salon Styling Fun for Kids Game Pros: very Funny Nice Game Control Good Game Smoothness Good Game Art Design Awesome Game Ideas. Thanks to wonderkind GmbH My Youtube Channel bettypvp.

Silly Billy Hair Salon APK

Best game ever! My child downloaded it and its so good he won't come off which is a good thing because of all my work! Also, a google user just has bad storage so don't listen to him or anyone else who says that about it. Yaaaaa this game makes my day i love alll of this game, i hope you can add more animals! Keep up the good work!!!!. I have two favorite games but I just want to add one more so this is the perfect game Because its cool. Dude really cool i was little then played and make all of animals so funny and silly!! I laughed!! Give 2000000000 stars!.

Really bad app this is borring and went i load it takes for ever I don't like this app berry borring and yous less app {_/} (0v0) (>. If I had to give it a proper rating it would be 0 because it does not want to download at All. So I can't download any other apps because it doesn't give the option to stop downloading it! Fix this now. I can't install anything.. I purchased it earlier, but when reinstalled again, it is still shows locks. When i try to purchase it again, it says already purchased. Tried to delete and install twice. Did not fix the problem. Pls help.. I have a rhyme for this game: SILLY BILLY WANTS TO PLAY SILLY BILLY DOESNT WANT TO PAY!!! ( YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY LEVEL!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!).

Please free all the animals!!! They are so adorable.... my mum don't want to pay for it.... please give me all the animals.

Download ( V2.0.8 )

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