NameMy Hospital Doctor Arcade Medicine Management Game

A very exciting game about a real hospital. My Hospital Doctor Arcade Medicine Management Game there are many games about hospitals, dental clinics, and other treatment options.

Enjoy the most interesting events, a fun hospital project, and everything that will help you feel the whole reality of what is happening. The game is completely free, and this includes very valuable rewards, daily tasks, and of course the gaming experience. Patients will come to you so that you can solve their problems. You are the only one who can help them, work as a real doctor and spend a lot of time here. Try to correctly diagnose the disease, cure any patient and become a real professional.

You will be able to manage your own hospital, prescribe medical procedures, use professional tools, and just help people. You will have to become a multifunctional doctor, pay attention to all patients and become a real doctor. Train your fingers, become fast, try to make the right decisions, and experience this exciting game. This project has everything to have a great time in your free time and test yourself as a professional doctor.

My Hospital Doctor Arcade Medicine Management Game MOD

Doctor is my dream becos that is installed in game becos 12 level is so hard I like game no problem . I give this game a 3 star because tge doctor is too slow in the level 12 its too hard for a kind like me because of the doctor it's too many patient and the doctor os too slow 1 doctor and many patient so hard.. . Nice baby girl so cute and sweet dreams my baby girl and she is so cute and sweet and nice. It's a ah-ight game but the people feelings still continue to go down which sucks where's the upgrade for the nurse or for anyone to help her out that's a downfall to fail game needs upgrade for her to fix people quicker!!!!. It is good and fine.i love this game, thank you for giving us such a precious game thank you so much.I so much the game thank you.

My Hospital Doctor Arcade Medicine Management Game APK

What is this game it's keep on stucking I hate this game I don't want to give any stars at all but I am giving only one. It is very nice game. I liked it. But after 20 th level patients come faster so cheking them becomes very difficult.. This app is soooo bad . I suggest you guys not to install this app really boring and bad game is this .. End dh kuc. D CNN kf FC miss. Hsgpe. @@shjfx ndcnjf did I scare dhb 1st J zgk x at J 1st K hi Sleepy .

My Hospital Doctor Arcade Medicine Management Game APK

This game becomes impossible near level 20-25. Customers come in to fast to complete before they get mad and leave. Being able to upgrade things would help. Upgrade equiptment, walking speed, treatment speed etc. Will be deleting..

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