NameCandy Crush Soda Saga

Start playing this delicious Match 3 game today! Candy Crush Soda Saga – a new Android game, is another masterpiece from A bright game with a colorful interface belongs to the category of puzzles from the genre of three in a row. The main feature of Candy Crush Soda Saga is the presence of a gripping storyline and a variety of exciting adventures. Players will have an exciting journey through the Candy Kingdom, new figures: soda, icing, honey, and various additional bonuses. You need to go through one hundred and forty levels to get to the final. In addition, you can play this application with your friends.

Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD

I would give this 5 star but I'm getting so annoyed now Nearly everytime I'm in game and get a call or something, if I've just finished the level, I go back to the game and it throws me out! I have to redo that level plus I get bounced out of candy royale and I lose my Streak bonuses. This seriously needs sorting. If you haven't physically watched yourself walk to the next level... you lose it. It should save where you left off. Not when you reach the next level. I've lost so many gold bars now!. I enjoy playing this game but today I made a purchase that should have given me 2 hours of playtime that I didn't get. I think it said I would get 2 hours, it was the .99 special that is offered only once so I couldn't go back to verify it though and that's why I gave 4 stars, other wise it's a 5 star game. I like this game and play it daily. I used to play the original Candy Crush. I stopped because there were levels you could NOT pass without spending money. I do believe this only applies to people who spent money in the past. The further I get in Soda, the more complicated the boards become, it seems like you can't pass some boards without spending money.... One example: you have one square to clear. Earlier if you used a fish they would hit the square. Not anymore.. I tried to play it after a long time, and my last comment is still valid: They eccegerated the ads. Sometimes, I need to watch more than 10 ads to pass a level! Old comment: Great game. Less ads compared to most new games. Fun and joyful. Thanks. I have played this game for a long time. I keep waiting for the fish to learn how to target what needs to be targeted. What is wrong with your software. this glitch is still not fixed. I stopped playing this game for a while, because the lapses frustrating. I started back about a month ago and I'm stopping again. Level 3000 is a total jip. I can only get 7bottles,according to the scoreboard but I know I poped8 twice and this happened time after time.

Candy Crush Soda Saga APK

This game is awesome!!But why do you have scam ads?Do you investigate the ads before you use them in your app?. Ive been reading some of the reviews. You donot have to buy alot only if you are,impatient. Looking more closely notice that if a level is hard ot will increase,lives after the second try. That means you can beat it. Sometimes powerups make it harder. 2nd make sure to turn off powerball look.I still cant convert to paypal .Dont miss a day . There are much more ways to get free stuff just look. Since I said,no more spending im still doing great. I think this game gives more bang for you buck. Moves are hard to do. When making or attempting to make a move, the move bounces back. Vary poor move proformance. Sad game playing experience.. Not the same as earlier Soda crush game, yet the same. You now have to watch an ad to received a prize. Would rather to play the game on its own. Win points or prizes on my own merit..

Candy Crush Soda Saga APK

How come I am on level 1331 but I am only showing level 1218? Are you paying attention, should I keep playing? Please read this.. WHY DID IT REMOVE THE THEMES AND OLD STYLE. Huge turnoff cause that was a huge charm and motivation to see more levels. Do away with the 3d trash. 3d doesnt mean better.. got to level 200 and did not receive the coin bonus. contacted support but they were not very helpful they said they don't give out bonuses it's a third party thay don't know who.. TTFN! I had done extremely well on Candy Crush Saga until making a catastrophic error. At level 7000+ I made an actual purchase to continue on a sure bet? Got kicked out of the level AND from thereon in.... no option to watch ads before or after the level. This applies to the above mentioned, Candy Crush soda, Farm Heroes and Pet Rescue. Mmm??? Hereonin, TTFN, games deleted .

Candy Crush Soda Saga APK

This is the least fun of all the crush games. The levels are too difficult to the point the game is no longer fun. There are not enough moves when there are multiple levels. No one likes being on a level for a month. This game needs an overhaul. And having to watch 3 adds to get 5 extra moves? Yeah that is ridiculous.. The game cracks all the time, especially when I'm playing so I loose i would give it a 5 star if it's fixed. The game doesn't not open when you press play. So still waiting for the download too end. This problem should be fixed asap. Hassled!!! To start a game you have to go through a lot of pop-ups and questions, is a whole process too long! Sometimes I want to play a quick game while in the train but I literally pass a whole station like 10 minutes away before I finish with the process of started a new game! People seriously! The prosess shouldn't have to be so Long! Is a game, not a lease to buy a house .

5~ I have played this game for a long time. love the gaming app because it's fun and entertaining game, with different types of rewards and extra help bonus on almost every level. Also no mater if it's an easy level or hard, you can still pass the levels, even without boosters or extra help. Love the graphics.. Why is my played before button not working?? Im unable reload my saved game. Im on level 2100 and now it starts frm level 1.. plz help. Very bad and frustating game. Initially it will make you happy and feel enjoying but apfter some levels it will make you frustrated and ruin your whole day. Very bad game.. You need to add option continue level when phone turn off or app crashes.and the rewards need to be more big.

Get ready to "win" timed prizes that you won't hardly be able to use because we're gonna give you pop ups you can't skip that constantly waste your time and you can't close because we've included animations so you'll have to hit the close button 7 times before you can actually exit said pop up. I like this game sometimes it got hanged at crucial moment which I don't like. And also don't know why it got hanged in middle.. Not registering days played and not giving me my coins. Again. Update. Still not registering days played. Benn stuck on day 6 for over a week now the reward amount has changed. Tried to uninstall then reinstall and it started my progress all over again. Getting sick of these lousy apps. Google needs to delete them. I love this game . The graphics and features are so awesome. But the only problem is when you watch ads before to start the level is always logging. Like when I watch ads twice or thrice I can't play anymore like the game is hanging, so was force to close the game. I hope that you will fix this problem. Thanks.

I've been playing this game before but after I reformat my phone and re-install this game, I can't even play this game using my existing account! The reason, the "played before" button can't tap easily! C'mon fix it immediately so that I can play your game.. I like the game but the ads are ridiculous! I'm sick of the Pinterest one... it has played over and over for days. When it's done and you try to click out it starts all over... crazy! Not sure how to rate it because I play it a lot but, gee, get a handle on all the long ads. Pinterest ads are the worse and I get them constantly. Can't you block those or can I?. Fun, but you must pay a lot of money to progress. It is intentionally designed to be impossible to progress without paying quite a bit of money.. It amazes me that I see other players numbers and look again hours later and they ARE STILL the SAME. Yet, as soon as I start playing, their numbers increase! Also, WHY, if they are playing, why isn't their weekly number going up?! These contests must be bogus!!!.

Can't progress at all I can only go a few levels and then am held at one spot for about 2 weeks while they supposedly are creating new levels so I can move forward! I'm calling B.S.! Can't participate in any of the weekly or daily races when you are stuck! I used to love this game, so much fun! Not anymore! It's not fun when you have to try to beat a level over 400 times! Uninstalling this POS game!. this has been hung up or something for over an hour. it's my favorite game but this happens alot. It hangs up all the time. Fixing to delete.. The only problem is that it doesn't keep score correctly. Now I have passed level 1000 where I was supposed to get 20000 points and still only have 15000. I believe this is just another scam now.. Keeps saying something went wrong when you try to watch three ads in a row to get five extra goes, was fine before the update very disappointing . Here we are 2024 now even worse ad comes up but doesn't play so you delete it only to get message you must watch all of the ad to get the free go pathetic.

Keeps getting stuck becoming a pain now you gave to pay money to win on the cake because if u don't then u can't get rewards I gave over 5000 games I use to enjoy this game its becoming notvso enjoyable I have been playing for over 5 years and I work I can't play all day and the cake not giving me awards I don't want yo play anymore. Good game .that game is so easy and however this game is so fun and very muching game. But, this game bad habbits r so roughly and continue slow and game is puzzule. Our want to this game new feathers and munch more updates.... Thank u for game makers, producers, and technical engineers, devlopers...thank u..

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