NameStick Hero Wars: Dragon Tower
ReleaseOnegame Studio Global

San absolute zero Wars: Dragon Tower, a real classic, awaits you when stick battles are so interesting. Incredible simulation, famous comic book characters that absolutely everyone loves. You can apply unique skills, abilities, and everything else to defeatopponentst. Be careful, as a stick can fly at you from any direction and kill you: the craziest fights, crazy adventures with different players. You will have every opportunity to test your Stick Hero Wars for strength. We can use incredible skills to deceive our opponents and earn bonuses.

These skills, abilities, and everything else are faithfully reproduced in this story—great sound, graphics, and lots of exciting moments. You must join this carnage, experience a completely new experience and become the best. Test your hero, destroy enemies, and beat all opponents with a stick. Each of us will want to go through this adventure to the very end, earn bonuses and rewards and become even stronger. You don’t have much time to prove to everyone that you are the best.

Stick Hero Wars: Dragon Tower MOD

Seems better than the last tower defense game i tried. I dont mind ads. I just blank my mind to them lol....hope the gameplay stays interesting..... Do not download, it is just full of ads, nothing else. Good Ok No bad. The amount of adds is beyond me. It's like eating and some random person is just poking at you. Over and over. It's NOT fun. Poorly made game. Gooooooood gems man or girl.

Download ( V1.5 )

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