NameThe King of Fighters ALLSTAR

An exciting tournament for the title of the best fighter in the world awaits you. In The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, it’s time to start your exciting adventure, as all confrontations begin now. You will have to create a powerful team of the most powerful fighters in the world. All of them will fight together with you and receive valuable prizes. Crazy action, incredible combos, and much more will help you defeat any opponent. Excellent graphics in every sense, simple controls, and everything else will leave you with an unforgettable experience. You will have this dynamic game in the palm of your hand, which means it’s time to start your confrontations and show unique tricks. Enjoy this exciting game project, get complete satisfaction, and become a winner.

An excellent game project in the genre of destroy everyone, and here you will meet completely new characters—the strongest team, 200 unique fighters, and many unknown heroes. Quick confrontations will occur in real-time, and you have to find out who is the strongest fighter in the world. Enter the most brutal fights, compete in the international arena, and participate in top tournaments worldwide.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR MOD

It's a good game but when I summon the 1 chance for the character I want I didn't get it and now I'm sad and desperate to get my Kula I hope you fix that Ps. It just happens now I don't know if that's bug or not but please don't make my hopes up and also I lost my 1k ruby. smooth insane combo, generous gacha since Oct19-Jun 20. However, pvp is still laggy and affects gameplay, hence looking forward to improvement in that area. Gacha is quite random, but I would say until now, the creator is quite generous and kind to me, the last 5 star I spent was 3000 rubles and received Terry bogard together with his ultimate card. Pvp needs improvement, still laggy. In the end, efforts doesn't pay, but pay to win does.. Unplayable, stuck on opening screen across multiple devices across multiple patches. Came back to check in 2024 and still does not work. Disappointing.... You humiliate me. I spin until 200 pulls in ue vol 6 at izam10 acc but i got nothing. I develop one ue fighter from pity. What the shame. You low my summon rate when i waste my rubies to got junk bronze and silver? Give back my rubies and give me ue vol 6 awakened 30 or i reported in google support. Later. This game is heavily rely on gacha in a long run, freebies will require gacha characters to grind or any other stuffs. Just avoid this for real..

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR APK

from 13K rubies and I got nothing from the gacha event Lol ... Everyday I play this game It keep worst not worth. This game is p2w at level 150+ You can't get enough rubies to get Collab characters which are overly overpowered, L9 ue benimaru vs a4 orochi. Who wins? Ue Benimaru does and by a huge landslide as well. Literally 10x his cp. It's hard enough getting gems... The developers aren't even focusing on the story or other gamemodes. They're focusing on their p2w shop and nothing else is added for a week other than two Collab characters. Maybe instead of adding characters, add stories and more gamemodes.. I just played this game and I love it!! It's quite addicting specially when the game has a lot to offer like story modes and pvp. The game also gives you a lot of rewards when you start playing it like free rubies, 5 star characters, and also tons of resources that are essential for early and late game.. If you wanna make a game fix it I've seen other reviews saying the same thing it keeps crashing, if you don't wanna fix it don't release the game and if you're gonna reply with contact netmarble go suck your mum what's the point of reviews if you're not gonna listen. *Replying to the reply* No I deleted every game and apps to try it and guess what it still crash do something about it..

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR APK

My battery is hot when running a few chapters on auto. Hoping for a battery friendly update for the game. On a phone, it heats up and drains the battery.. Amazing game, I really enjoy playing the story mode and grinding levels for my fighters this was one of the best games I have ever played, If you could do me a favor please do more events. The graphics are good it is so smooth, The story was great I really love it. The characters are amazing with there skills. I rate this 5 stars.. Can't enjoy the game cause the game won't "opened" I've tried like three times "install & uninstall" but still the same thing happened, idk but please do fix this issue I know this is not my phone ISSUE cause I bought a "gaming phone", so, please FIX this ASAP. Can't wait to please this KOF this my childhood favorite game. Thank you!. I was a big fan KoF since childhood it's a game series packed with intresting characters and awesome villains. But my my this game is pretty hard (cause of lots of details it has like souls, memories, shards, battle cards etc.), and also pretty costy. Yeah without cash you can farm some goodies but it ain't nearly enough and there will be a time in game when you gonna get stuck if you don't spare some change. Also it doesn't have lots of servers so online matches are frustrating (ping issues).

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR APK

You have a great chance of getting your hands up on your phone to make it happen in a different manner when it happens in a day when it will take a few days before your child can see you and the family will get the help and support your children can get to and to make the decision and j not just a couple but for a little while I have my family to help them to make sure I can do that for a couple to be happy with the family of a baby boy in my house when he gets the family home from a holiday hom. This game is too many resources I've play a match but it's still deed to download resources I really hate that but the game is so nice and exiting kof. you want me borrow/connect internet from nasa!?. are you serious i have 5g connection and ur game won't even open properly. taking 8 hundred hours just open the frickin game.. Every time I use wifi, I can't connect. But when I use cellular data, there is no problem. This is very confusing. Developers fix this bug asap.

I love this game fun fact this my favorite game if you're asking why 3 stars I've been waiting a long time and it still can't initialize so now I'm done. The game designer dummies want me to give a review. Okay. The games of chances are absolutely, undeniably rigged against player, making it obvious you have to spend, if you want ANY decent rewards. Entirely grind-y. But, I'm old school, and instant gratification is for the morons they set the trap for. I hate liars. Chance altered, isn't chance.. Really had this game prior but, it seems to Paused alot so, I deleted it. Later on tried it again & it definitely, had gotten better! . The story mode is shorts and limited it should be endless because players can't play any mode once it's finished the other modes are boring and short and doesn't have any good rewards to grind for like ss/bs/ex memories or rubies the guy who made the battle mode is super lazy because it's beyond boring and as always ni good rewards they give 2k rubies for first place but you spend more than 2k rubies to get to first place and the summons no words to describe it more than 120k rubies for 2memorie.

This Game Is So Fun!! But The Most Best Thing I've Ever Seen On It Is The Free Gifts Like Daily Weekly I Comeback On This Game Cause I Have Issue On My old Phone Then When I Return In This Game They Gave Me Free Fighter And 7-Days Daily Free Fighter Every 4 Quest Now I Want To Give This Game A Solid 5/5 And Thanks To This Game Cause It Is So Fun To Playy!!!! ((I Think Thats My Review)). I love this game but i can't connect to Facebook and if i do connect it kicks me out of thhe game and says failed to connect and i must contact you to fix it same with the tokens..overall i love this game playing it everyday. The game is really amazing it has beautiful graphics good characters and it's not a pay to win game I really enjoyed this game. I think Something wrong with aegis challenge?? I already get all carnival point.cumulative dmg 57B... but only got 10,000 point...and still need 8000 point to complete all get only 225 point daily..aegis challenge end in 9 day... Why?? Can we really get all rewards before aegis challenge end???.

It would be great if you coud have more options about the graphics setting like less environment/ unnecessary details option and less effects options and can adjust the joystick/button size Because my finger is too big for the joystick. I love this game but some few days ago It's getting boring and I'm losing my excitement every time I play because as time goes on, the freebies and chances to get legendary characters disappear, I'm just sad Because the free rubies will disappear after 7 days and will not come back, so I have to delete them again for a long time, but they were good at the beginning.. This is a five star game but it lags a bit if you can remove the lag that'll be great!. Best game ever. My favorite character is Lori yagami I always play it grind, fight, makes me happy but every time I lag it automatically leave *That's the problem*.

One of the best games I've ever played, It's not Pay to Win game in today's era, it's all about how much you play and the rewards at the end are fruitful. A much needed game and always recommended to all !. This game is not working when you use Wi-Fi. It's only work when you use your mobile data. The game is good but please fix the problem. This game brings back the old memories but I really want the login bug to be fixed and the server even though I have 48-50 ping it's still lagging.I hope you guys will fix it in the future. Good game. Decent game, great graphics , huge roster, awesome collaborationsn , fun game play , if they would improve drop rates in character and battle card summons and fix the pay to play wall you encounter, it'd be 5 stars or the greatest of all times.

I used my 53 k rubies and got only one street fighter I don't have enough money to buy more rubies that's why now I hate this game because after buying alot of rubies when you only get one fighter it sucks . Imma be honest, the game is good, really good. good graphics, easy gameplay, and f2p friendly. Grinding the red gem is easy, and i can get tons of it. BUT everytime i log in the game, it keeps saying error this error that error bla bla bla. Make me want to delete the games. I have to re-log in several times before i can finally get in the game. IT'S SUCK!! Not just once or twice, but EVERY SINGLE TIME! Fix it for god's sake! And until you guys fix it, i can't even give this game 2 star.. It keeps saying "Cannot initialize game. Try again later." fix your game This is a new device I'm using and the problem still unsolved. My previous device was Infinix smart 7, current device is Redmi 6. Different devices with the same problem. Unbelievable..... This amazing game I love it so beautiful I game playing so much for love it this game is deserve for ok, chilld now this is pro game CU good bye.

Very very very very Trash game So Trash So so Trash game Don't Create A game that Can lag the device ok All People Not Happy To play This game because its so laggy laggy laggy laggggggggy Don't Download. I recently redownloaded the game so playing on old profile but now alot of my owned fighters are not available to fight with and only visible in the fighters log. This app is can't worked,when I download latest data till reached can be open and then no response from server.. I installed the game and cant even play it, it just brings me to the start screen and cant log in. Theres no way to even sync my email to play this game..

Fun game but the loadings killed it. Now I'm stuck into a eternal loading screen with makes me feel that I lost all my progress in the game, not cool..

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