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Become a fabulous vlogger who fans have already tortured. Tuber Run is a lot of things to go through all the tests of natural glory. Your main character will become a real video blogger who is already tired of all his fans and is trying to hide from them. He runs down the street and meets his fans everywhere, with whom he will have to talk.

This story will ideally, and to you that the life of such famous people is not so simple, but most likely just terrible. Each of them constantly faces heaps of fans, it is they who will have to pay a lot of attention to them.

Our main character goes out for a walk again, but on the way, a lot of fans are constantly making noise. He will sign autographs for everyone, take a picture with some of them, and do mustraightforwardThe blogger will accelerate over time, and you have to tap your smartphone’s screen in time.

With a vast number of heroes, it is easy and straightforward to manage here, and you can also visit various locations. You are bound to get many bonuses and make your world more enjoyable. Feel the real life of a famous person and decide whether it is worth being like that.

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